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Lee Ann Tong-aan Nov 2017
“If you’re given a chance to have a power, what would it be, and why?”

I often hear this. May it be for fun, or even a question asked to a candidate in a pageant. I am no beauty queen nor a prankster, but like anyone else, I would give my so cliché answer.

If given the chance, I want that power to travel back in time – to revisit my childhood. Yes, I want to be a child again, even for just a week! Yep, being carefree, feeling no worries of what tomorrow will bring, you know, just living in spontaneity. Eating my chocolate-flavoured ice cream until my tooth aches and still be satisfied and crave for it. Running in the fields dancing with the flowers with the sound of the rushing wind, playing hide and seek until the sun gets down and you hear your mama shouting at the top of her lungs calling for your name. And going to bed with a smile plastered on my face for a day well spent. And in the next day, I don’t have to worry if I woke up late, for sure, grandma prepared a brunch for me. No worries of being late to run errands for what’s important is meeting with your neighbour friends to go for an adventure again – collecting meaningful bruises and beautiful scars.

You see, I miss being a child. We were so eager to be an adult, with the thought that if you become one, you could have more freedom to do all the things you wish to do. But no, it’s the other way around. The moment you realized you’re an adult, the greater responsibility you need to carry. As we mature, so as the duty expected from us.

Ohh. How I wish to go back in the ‘90s.
Lee Ann Tong-aan Oct 2014
You are the calm at the center of my storm
When the cold winds blow
You're the fire that keeps me warm

When this world gets me down
I will rest inside Your arms
You are the calm at the center of my storm
#calm #peace #Jesus #love #faith
Lee Ann Tong-aan Oct 2014
We are made unclean
by the choices we make
Not by the circumstances
imposed upon us!
Thanks to a friend who brought my confidence back, Guedan! ;)
Lee Ann Tong-aan Oct 2014
Every single time
When I think bout you
Even the dark night skies
Get a colorful hue ♥

#missing #someone #goodnight
Lee Ann Tong-aan Oct 2014
Never did
                      came first!
#reality #life #notetoself
Lee Ann Tong-aan Oct 2017
Letters dancing on my head
Words tickle my tongue
Ideas resonates from my heart
Passion stirs from my hand.
Oh! It's been 3 years since I published my last piece. The feeling excites me that I'm back on it again!
Lee Ann Tong-aan Oct 2017
Lying under such myriad of stars
She rose and started pouring her heart out thru poetry
She expresses her soul in a piece of paper
While everyone in the world is sleeping, she is there
Always been there, writing and wringing.
Yes, it's what she does to ease and calm her soul.

— The End —