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If you feel you have no reason to forgive someone,
Consider this one - forgive because you deserve peace of mind.
Holding a grudge is like making your worst enemy the center of your life,
Don't give such authority to anyone,
A grudge only hurts you,so what's the point of holding it?
Its like holding a really sharp edged knife hoping it'll slice your enemys fingers when in the actual sense its slicing your own.
We all wish grudges could hurt the ones we hold them against but sadly they only hurt us.
I can write a book about you
When you don't even know my favorite color, it's blue
The same feeling I get when I am missing you
I don't know why but also when I am *with you
The day you entered my world
You erased every painful things in it
You've made me the happiest girl
We are the author of our own story
Filled with sweets, rainbows, and butterflies

Until one day,
You wanted to erase yourself from my life
I don't think I could ever do that
Because since the first day
You have become my life - *my world
So please come back.
I know you was there
When I cried
When I was alone
When I was slowly falling apart
I know you was there
What I don't know is
Why you didn't came to save me
Oh God, why?
black butterfly Aug 2015
We could have saved our relationship
If you didn't walked away that day
We could have been happy
If you didn't gave up
We could have make a perfect couple
If only you didn't change your mind
We could have been everything
If you have chosen us over something
You could have saved me
If you just said you still love me

**But you never did
  Aug 2015 black butterfly
you're heavy.
let me sleep.
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