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niamh Sep 15
Did you hold her hand tightly
As you walked through the woods?
Waiting for the day to end
So we might join you.
The filtered sunlight
Warms your ageless skin;
So warm
Skin so cold.
Your voice echoes within my heart
And hurts my jealous ears.
A snapping branch of reality
Coaxing tears from the secret place.
The forest is vast
But the trees are not endless.
I will meet you at sunset.
And wonder at you once more.
And wander with you once more.
niamh Apr 13
Did you hear the poem
I wrote about you?

Roses wrapped with thorns
and coal on your smile.

The sweet caress
of a stinging slap.
Beautiful words
smothered with barbed wire.


With whom am I speaking today?

How didn’t you hear
my poem?

I shouted it
in my loudest whisper
niamh Oct 2017
Only the loneliest
And so,
they are never alone.
niamh Aug 2017
There was darkness
and there was light,
much as the morning
bows down
to the night.
And I knew not
which one I sought,
but I knew which had me
in their sight
niamh Jun 2017
I walk these
streets of bones
wherein you lie.

I scour the
broken stones
neath a broken sky.

I lay my
pitiful flowers
with a silent cry.

My broken stone heart
with a feather beat
that has yet to die.
niamh May 2017
The winds of truth
carrying honest lies.
Cataracts on young eyes,
old beliefs.
Promises freely given
with a high price.
Purses filled
and bellies emptied.
Think for yourself,
the eternal command.
The sheep flock,
the dogs bark,
the hens peck,
and the pigs get fatter.

Ever fatter.

And the fields,
through which we ran,
become graveyards.
niamh May 2017
I scratch my skin,
My memories flake
towards the ground.
My weeping hands
reach out
to catch failure.
I search
with desperate eyes,
with a screaming heart.
Treacherous mind -
you stole his smile.
It fades,
a drumbeat
echoing to nothing.
You stole him.
Leave my memories be.
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