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  Dec 2015 Lane Bohman
Lane Bohman Dec 2015
Baby did you know
you're driving me wild?

Lunatic style.
Think insane asylum.
Lane Bohman Nov 2015
Make sure when I see you,
  (Keep one eye on the door.)
To dust off the welcome mat,
 (and clean out those closets thorough)

(Never know who may be watching,)
  Appearances so clean.
(Call it luck, or chance, or fate,)
  I call it conspiracy.
Lane Bohman Oct 2015
Let us pretend that we'll make it out alive,
Stuck in the middle, show some decency or pride
but not both
Your reputation is at stake.

Head is pounding, sound is ringing in your ear.
Deaf to the music, but the dissonance is so clear.
How do you plea?
Lane Bohman Sep 2015
A moment frozen in time;
Sublime and reclining
Speckled clouds in the sky.

A moment to reflect on
My minds eye divining

My mood weaves the meadows
in which I do graze,

Breeze on my face,

The echo
of natures innocence resounding.

What is this place?
Why is it so hard to reach?
Still to my bones.
So aware
so aware of it all.

This altered conscious hears my plea.

**A warm, deep breath
for my soul,
resetting life's toll on me.
lol marijuana
Lane Bohman Sep 2015
Running through the acres

Chasing dreams

Searching for the ransom
of this long
lost me
Id die to find.

Took myself for granted
and now
here I stand.
Sold my soul for "sustenance",
The kind I never had.

My brother told me
"Boy, how did you get so tall?
I've seen those devils licking
at your heels,

I'm surprised you walk it off.

(B-but I'm trying,) I try!
Working oh so hard
But I never make excuses
For the things I've done.
Never ran away, I never run.

Why should I
have to cover my face?

Sins that my father bore
don't ride my back

or haunt this place.

I long for the solace
of the evergreen.

of innocence lost.
Where law don't live
and "wild" means "free".

I are who I am
cause all the places I've been.
I are who I am,
*I wouldn't give it *
for the world.
Lane Bohman Sep 2015
Get down tonight

Got lights and music

Lost my mind

Don't care, wont use it.
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