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it’s dripping from my lips
running down, as I look up at you
meeting your lion eyes
I push it down further,
feeling your warmth captivate me
I close my eyes
taking you in in every single way
abuse my innocence
I surrender my frame,
so play me like your game
making your own rules as you go
you are who I submit my name
walking into your room,
the color in our eyes blurring with ****
the stares of a king
looking at his gold
overflowing with a treasure unknown
spread before him, helpless
pleading for a form of mercy
and sweet, sweet release
this fire it churns deep inside,
burning up all through my spine
dry tears they fall down
and from my head slips my crown
your precious little treasure
bought with silver and gold,
I promise to be on my knees
bowing before your power
listening to every order given to me

I have the honor to be
your obedient servant
- b.kaye


— The End —