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  Sep 2014 Keycel Robin
Travis lee
Caged I crawl,
Within the filth of society,
Labelled a freak by those who call others blind,
But how does that give them vision?

If you see me as different,
Then obviously I'm a threat,
So you must contain me and chain me,
You call me weak, yet you think you're strong?

But over time,
You cage too many of us,
We are the new society,
With labels we wrote ourselves,
And this inevitable insanity,
Will now only be endured by you,

Because you're normal,
And we're blind,

But we can see you,
And we'll cage you.
  Sep 2014 Keycel Robin
Tyler Durden
Do you ever think of us?
Or are we a lost cause
That I'm still fighting for?
Keycel Robin Sep 2014
Take me in.
Drink me in.
With every ounce of light on me.
Once adored you,
Once breathe for you,
Once loved you.
Writhing in agony.
Broken in pieces.
With every you in each fragments.
Lasting memories.
Keycel Robin Sep 2014
Isn't it strange that when you look at the stars and you know that they've already bitten the dust. And you realize that you're staring into something that is long gone.

You, my star, is long gone.
A walk through the park.
  Sep 2014 Keycel Robin
Jwala Kay
She fell in love with his words.
It was the wrong way.
Wrong way like
Falling the worse way.
Like Head first,
where neck click,
blood rush,
bones crash
and Heart attempts
to give you hope
one last time.
  Sep 2014 Keycel Robin
kylie formella
my mother asked me why i was crying in my sleep
and i brushed it off as no big deal;
just a bad dream.
truth be told, it was you i dreamed of,
and i was crying because i had woken up.
when i opened my eyes i lost your touch.
i lost your eyes,
watching mine.
i lost your smile.
waking up, I lost it all.
now I'll spend all day hoping you'll call,
at the end of the day i'll just fall
onto my bed which holds memories of you
and there's nothing i can do.
but sit and wait for you
and drift to sleep in the hopes you'll come back.
i can hear my heart break i can hear it crack.
"he's never ever ever ever ever coming back"
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