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kylie formella Apr 2016
what constitutes a cheater?
because when i promised myself to you,
i meant every part
i meant even my mind, too
i meant i'd never have that kind of touch
that kind of love
to anybody else,
i promised it'd be only you i dreamed of
so why, oh why, do i feel like I've been lied to
because i thought you promised too
i thought you only wanted my touch
but instead, you wanted two
kylie formella Apr 2016
if you asked me how it hurts,
i'd answer simply
that it doesn't
that nothing is wrong and I am
perfectly fine
but in actuality
I am a walking chasm
a deep gaping hole
that nobody wants to fall into
and those who love me
must feel so much shame
that they have to
take care of this mess
and if you asked me how it hurts
if you really wanted to know
i'd tell you
it hurts like smiling all day, laughing,
and coming home and attempting
to cry myself to sleep
and when that doesn't work, ill
let the drugs do the job
it hurts like waking up in the middle of the night
willing God
or whoever
to please, please not wake me up in the morning
it hurts in my chest, I guess that's why they call it
so don't ask me how it hurts
if you don't want to hear
that it hurts so bad, i think i might
kylie formella Mar 2016
he is sleeping and I know how
he is grumpy if he is tired
I know when he wakes up
he'll be confused and vulnerable
I know his eyes might hurt if he forgot to
take out his contacts
i know he won't be ready to wake
even if he promised
"just five more minutes"
i know he'll be ready for a smoke as soon
as he opens his eyes
so ill wake him up with a kiss
and a joint
kylie formella Mar 2016
and he holds me, wraps his arms
around my body
pushing into me
showing me who's it is
he knows what I want
out of breath
"yes please"
open-mouthed kisses
making love
kylie formella Mar 2016
I don't think that people go to cemeteries
to pay their respects
I think they go
because they need to pretend
body is sleeping, only resting
6 feet under
I think that they need the grass to hold on to
So they feel they're not falling
off the Earth
They need to lay the flowers down,
as an apology
"I'm sorry
I have to forget about you."
kylie formella Mar 2016
I am an apology
I am a promise
that I will do better next time
I am aching
I am sorry
Sometimes I feel
that I'd rather not wake up
I feel that
I don't need to be a mistake
any longer
kylie formella Mar 2016
I kiss goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
to the good times
Goodbye sun,
It's been fun and I don't think
you're ever coming up again
this isn't a suicide letter
because I only mean that everything
is already gone
and it's never
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