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Tyler Durden Feb 2020
Why do I feel this way if it wasn’t meant to be more? Why is there a connection if you just decide to leave after a week?
Remember kissing on the floor?
Laughing with your tongue in your cheek?
Did you meet someone new?
I guess good taste in music isn’t enough to fall in love.
I really thought it might work this time between me and you.
Tyler Durden Jan 2020
Hey, do you remember how the honeysuckle tasted in December?
Spring and winter.
I still think about those words that you whisper ,
My hair, in your fingers
Hey, Are you home right now?
I know it’s late but I know somehow

We could

Run in the backyard,
Laughing as we sit on your trampoline
Stay with me until we both fall asleep
Dream of tomorrow, unaware of how it comes so quickly

Hey, do you remember?
How the honeysuckle tasted in December?
Tyler Durden Jan 2020
starry eyed, oh, girl
I catch my breath, to look at you
summer kissed,
winter dream
Adrift, In your colors,
peaches and cream
starry eyes snowy nights
slow drives your hands in mine
you’ve never felt so right
Tyler Durden Dec 2019
Slow breaths on my neck
Have never felt so familiar
A hallway of mirrors
I’ve seen her before
like relapsing on the floor
I wanted to write your something lovely
but I’m so scared of this lack of apathy
Tyler Durden Dec 2019
I wrote notes in my favorite book for you
But you moved away, one day in June
You waited for me to say goodbye
I could only recall that this was both happy and sad but maybe that’s fine?
I drove to see you and oh how you’ve missed home
The solace in your eye the monochrome gaze
They’ve all changed
Our friends, your home, the difference in the cold
The cover was torn my from favorite book
I still read those lines and think of you
oh how I’ve told you so many times that I’ve loved you
Tyler Durden Nov 2019
i take another sip of lies you fed me like the salinity filling my lungs
But your lies they taste good
Like the whispers in my ears
All the doubts and the fears
It felt like years
I still think about it
A constant cycle of empty promises
Like saltwater in my lungs
But I keep coming back for more
Replenish and regret
I try to forget
You, brunette
Oxygen debt
Deficient of you I need more
Like saltwater in my lungs
Tyler Durden Nov 2019
I found your earrings on my window sill
I’m not sure how long they’ve been there or
If you know they’re missing
I’m too scared to move them
So I just pretend not to see

She found your earrings on my window sill
I didn’t know what to say
It’s been months and I can’t even utter your name
Still you lie on the window sill

Winter came and found your earrings by the window
Cold and harsh
That’s what I loved about you
I wonder what you loved about me
Did you love these earrings?
Do you think of them
Do you think of me?
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