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Tyler Durden Jan 2018
[ ] I missed the familiar taste of your lips on mine, like the exciting nostalgia of looking out at the peach tinted sun kissed glow of the mountains we both love. It’s just like it used to be but so much more. You pull me in I know you feel it too.
Tyler Durden Dec 2017
Will this ever be anything more?
Can you be mine and can I be yours
The look in yours eyes tonight has me craving more
Take my hand I’m waiting for you
You kiss me that way I hope it’s true
Just use me for more than the warmth
I leave your bed to go back north
Tyler Durden Nov 2017
Breathe you in,
Like Winter’s first snow
Almost like it’s always been,
This way, even though
It feels so new and yet so routine
Like the warm glow of nicotine
Tyler Durden Nov 2017
I thought I loved the East Coast until I saw your eyes look back at me under the moonlight slipping through the window.
I thought I loved the East Coast until we were pressed together, laughing, trying to fit on your twin mattress.
I thought I loved the East Coast until I felt your breath on my neck at four in the morning.
I long for the Pacific and for you to take me there.
Tyler Durden Sep 2016
Have you ever met someone that makes you want to create art? Just create. Write music. Create a film. Someone so beautiful you can't hold it in and the only way to express it is through painting the perfect masterpiece? But the perfect masterpiece is her, the ultimate piece of art. Not just any art, the awe inspiring combination of sounds and colors that hit you at your core, inspiring the never ending cycle of creating inadequate art to reflect your perception of her perfection only to fail to articulate any ounce of her beauty.
I'll keep trying until I get it right
Tyler Durden Aug 2016
You're the cure to this melancholy nostalgia that has followed me through life.
Nothing is as bad as I remember and everything does get better.
We can face this together.
Tyler Durden Aug 2016
Hold on to the people who make life less scary
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