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<You're not *****, you're hungry
and the flesh you taste is not the one you choose

It's a darkness and a light
A salve and an open wound
Bodies mix and twist

You don't want to be ******
You want to be satiated

And if your sheets could talk, darling
They tell of the loneliest *******

Paint yourself blue and bleed out
Sensual sins succulent like honey
Licked lips waiting for more

Darling there's never enough

>If sheets could talk, they would whisper sins.
Your voice of calm magnetic enigma, yet, your body screams for more.
You pull me, twist me, wrap around me, riding me.

Lonliest ******* of a saint waiting to be loved.
Instead, ******* the wrong, and bleeding with pain.

Love me, she says. Hurt me, she says. choke me.
Sensual, and so seductive. You pull me in.
Daddy... She screams

There's never enough, she just wants more, she pleads with a hungry heart, because he can't love her like she wants him to, so sin, succulent like honey, is what she needs to choose.
A collab written by me and Jack Jenkins
A beautiful piece
Me >
Jack <
Dogs forever will love you
Cats barely will tolerate you

One might ask when dating... before getting serious in things... Are you a dog or a cat person?  

©  2019 Jim Davis
You are just so toxic to me
of that I surly know...
But try as I might, I simply can't
ever seem to let you go.
Your lips are laced with venom
killing me with your wicked kiss...
Burning a path straight to my heart
but the taste, I just can't resist.
Your eyes hypnotize like voodoo
trapping me in a trance...
Utterly powerless against their magic,
never did I stand a chance.
Your hands are lined with kryptonite
weakning me with one touch...
Never has something so paralyzing
made me crave it so much.
Loving you is straight poison,
the ****** to my vein...
So very hazardous to my health
but the ultimate high to my brain.
a year
in its entirety
since my heart
turned to glass
like a silver comet
to drown in the sea
sunk to the depths
as if it were a message
placed in a bottle
it's gone
just a shadow of what was
a single vein
a string
nothing more
just numbered days
that i should have let go of
a long time ago...
//On ex girlfriend//
I found this buried in my drafts from over a year ago. Figured might as well post it even though it is old.
There are no words

To fully describe

The tranquility

That has found

A home

At the centre of

My heart…

It is a mystifying


A perception that

Plunges me

Into the abyss

Of an alternate


I am snaking

Through the

Core centres

Of my physical

Shrine which

Blends with

Open galaxies

Of a no mind


Gifting me

With the wisdom

From a far more

Advance understanding

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