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Oct 25 · 28
Content within
A raw topic
Some people think a person ends theirs cause they want to stop it
No just numb the pain
They want to live again
They want to feel happy content
Not filled with pain and torment
How does that look to you
A family
A fabulous career
A lovely house
Some times it's just having the will to get up
To keep living each day
To not let the coaxing demons win to not give in to their adamant sway
We can all struggle but I don't think sometimes some realise what achievement means to them
The inner battles they slay
The darkness they face
I don't think the end is the answer
Cause I don't think they is an end just more lessons in its place
Though I think we need to understand
We all crave peace

I hope we find it in life
I hope those gone from this one
have found it too
Content within
Oct 4 · 54
In - strum - meant
Play the chord
How's that sound
Is it in tune now
Pluck the string
Is it harmoniously resonating
Is there a healthy tone
A happy flow
Or does the note fall a little flat
A bit off key
Match the response to the melodic frequency
Sep 27 · 65
can turn to
It always amazes me how love can turn to pain in such a short
space of time
Sep 27 · 147
Self work
Seems like in relationships it just teaches me where I need to work on self worth
As when I love another outside me
I'm only left feeling incomplete
Though I hurt less
I've taken so much more than I can bare
I let you into my life again
I gave you a chance to do it all differently
I gave you compassion and understanding for your difficult time
I made you laugh
I made meditations to help clear your mind and heal your heart
But you didn't want to know
Bit by bit truth came to unravel
The lying eyes you've been hiding behind
Playing with my heart my love my health my life for a second time
I've been feeling like I'm on a merry go round
A rollercoaster ride
And I feel sick now
I've watched as you vented your anger towards another and still tried to see your side
And now you show me all your actions been a lie
You wanted her
The one you went to after you broke my heart the first time
The years I spent healing myself
And when I'm just getting better you think it's ok to come in and just say hi
And pick me up when I made peace with the goodbye
Now everyone is bad in your eyes
When I was struggling need a supportive line
You told me you still want her
Am I just a play thing with no shine
Not to me I'm not
Worth so much more than you will ever know
Sep 21 · 53
Extract the light
Lightworker path sounds like a positive laugh
How we spread our gift of joy and sunshine
It's merriment is overlooked
Worker of the light has lived in the dark night
Over and over again
Death of self and friend
Only insight and pen
To share the tale of wisdom spent
To never want another to bleed in Hell
To pass the torch to trauma tormented cell
I'm apparently strong enough to live this
That I keep telling my self and all is well
Sep 21 · 83
The awakening
It came through pierced veils
Dark night
Broken heart
Pray to God
And now I feel alone

When we should feel connected
watch them in their slumber
Sep 21 · 45
Hoping to heal
My love for you is unconditional
Even through the pain
I'm not sure love ever came from you to me
I'll have to move on
If this is not ment to be
I'll still love you all the same
Sep 4 · 187
Pushed into the cracks the budding little plant
Expanding in the soil
Contracting to the ant
Filling from the hollow
Darkness creeps around
And within that darkness
Aug 27 · 84
Poetry of You & Me
I think of you and I smile
My heart warms up inside
Eyes shine
You are beautiful inside and out
I hope we can laugh and love together every day
Life would then reflect such sweet symphony and the beauty would be all I see
Rivers flowing in harmony
You & Me
Aug 3 · 251
Sunlight and shadow
Step into the sunlight
They said
It was all in your head
The shadow is always trailed behind
Attached to once time
Jul 17 · 58
To be in Love
When you shine a light on the darkness you see it all becomes
Our layers

The past always tries to pull us back
Not to say we may not have to look
Though it reads over and over again and writes our present
The future is not certain
We can hold faith in this moment
rest in Divine love
Jul 17 · 48
In nature to nurture
What do we have in common
A desire for connection
Of self
Or each other
A sense of purpose
A safe happy contented home
A place to be at peace and harmony
In love
In mind body and soul
Jul 3 · 74
That I know
I don't feel worthy of my self yet
I know that
Jul 3 · 58
Just you
Views you should be like this or like that
Maybe you should be like you
Dress for your own company
But will they take me seriously
Or place projections on me
I'm sure some will
They do
Jul 3 · 173
Each night
Each night
I dream I'm dying so when it comes to death I'll be more prepared
Jun 14 · 50
Conscious Climb
The mud crumbling as each step imprint upon its land
Turning round to see where it falls
As long as it doesn't hit anyone else on the way down
Though I'm sure another will reach that height
Meeting themselves on the way
Feeling then viewing the same pain
Wondering is this the right pave
Can I just stay
Rest awhile
Or do I deceive myself with over-staying or even grasping up
What is left
What do we gain
Each other reflects through thine own eyes
Jun 8 · 73
On the scales
My guilt eats at me each day
It's ok
I deserve it
But others don't
So I'll have to change
Jun 8 · 84
Work it out ...
They say it's not good to live in the past
But sometimes the past wants to come up to talk
We will work things out
Jun 8 · 57
Bullied my whole life
I still get bullied
Strangers online
The thing is you are no stranger to me
I've even been one of you
You are in pain
In fear
You find your strength from trying to throw another down
You deserve love too
Though you might not receive that right now
You still do
Jun 8 · 86
We run around a lot
Are you still desiring to be free of all desire
Are you still killing your ego with pride that your ego is dying
Are you still chasing after your own tail
Jun 8 · 78
I do it to myself I do
I'm a seeker that's what we do
I'm not even sure I do it for the thrill
It's a part of me
Maybe it always was
Always will
Jun 8 · 66
Carry & Scatter
The middle road
Walking the line
Losing the balance on the bends
The one side has its past place
The other a shimmering glaze
Though I've been told not all that glitters is gold
So I walk the middle line and try to see in both directions
Though the movement is slow
I walk and crawl as I go
I hope I still grow
As I work my way
to each cross road
I carry on with my
bread crumbs load
Each conversation reflects a part of me
A healing trigger an insecurity a vulnerability an adaptability
A lesson for us
For them
For me
A universe
A game of reverie
The space
The words
The moment
The movement
The inbetween
The projection
The projector
The screen
A dream
To scream
Shedding light and dark is bright
To view us as we've been
What we've held
What we've seen
The pages turning are deafening
When will it end..
A happily ever after
Jun 7 · 53
Setting the foundation
The boundaries in place
Working out the blocks

To build a home of faith and grace
Jun 7 · 125
Sky Light
A bed of comfort made for us
Snuggled cosy
Full of love
Hearts touch
Stars shine
Light above
Gazing down on our divine snug
Jun 4 · 36
Into the dreams of the night
Syncing apparitions appetite
All the perceived projections come to light
All the masks are stained
Playing the small game
of little gain
Even the hiding is seen
Smokescreen fiend
May 30 · 70
Heart felt
My heart stills hurts
I can pretend all I want
But it still
May 30 · 48
Light switch
I heard that if you go into complete darkness you will illuminate the light

The light goes out and my room speaks

Some times I keep my light on
May 30 · 74
Far beyond
Some people's deep
Goes far beyond
May 30 · 49
I'm not so sure
How do we live without making mistakes
Can we?
May 30 · 37
Memories like a sieve
Subconscious layers built from youth
The child never formed the bond with the world
Though tried as they grew
The observations were enough to get through
Though they wanted more
Conversations to pour into
To find out there's always something you never knew or do as should be done
The eyes are correct to another
Speech was just a way to criticize
Feelings out of place
Rode with the starving mind
To find the thirsty kind
Longing to sip
Struggle to give
Filling the holes into myself
Spaces inside to live

The silence has always been welcome
May 30 · 89
Inside view
To see the world as yourself is not always a view to cherish
You can't always force yourself to see the beauty
When the inside screams
It paints the screen
You just want it to fade away
May 30 · 204
And here we sit
I've been sitting
My fears
My shadows
My insecurities
My projections
My demons
My anxiety
My feelings of shame
My thoughts of guilt and blame
My worries
My mortality
My unworthy causality
My judgement
My vulnerability
My mistrust

And here we sit
Upon the carpet
May 27 · 67
Waves of the deep
Ebbing and flowing as a wave
Falling and rising to brief peak
Splintering and shattering to the sea
The deep suction seep
channeled veins
Rippling its song unto
the next line
May 27 · 119
Nowhere to run
Dancing with my reflections
I'd rather not see
Though I need to open my eyes
May 22 · 78
Medium wave
I feel the darkness
I feel the light
I find myself torn between the two
Parts of both run through
Merging to taste both sides
To feel as We do
Strainer container
We all hold our truth
May 22 · 37
Do we know
The broken pieces
The bits of clay that hold the water as it spins away
Does it need to be fixed
Or can we cherish it as it is
The parts fit a mold of another shape or can make a mosaic to create the pictures face
What do you see

Does it change the picture
Does cherishing the broken make them whole
May 22 · 60
All I see
How can what I see be real
How can the I be the only truth
My awareness is a reflection of me and my mood
It changes as it
May 13 · 72
Sentimental nature
When the suffering comes it hurts
The heart feels tight
The head muddled and fuzzy
The mind irritated
The body pained and numbing
The ears hear all too well the spluttering conversations and monkeys chatters swell
The mouth bumbling lines that don't quite feel right
The spirit knows
The lesson and the emotions will be shared in time
Combine our dear sentiments
May 8 · 86
Drop off
We are the leaves falling off the tree
We are dying
To be reborn
May 8 · 82
Dying to Live
I feel her dying and that's ok
Not sure if I'm grieving for the emotions the past or her
I'm happy to let parts of her that no longer serve die
I'm happy to keep the caring sensitive kind parts to her but I feel I'll be content to let the worrisome, insecure, fearful, undervalued, disrespecting parts of her die
I see my future and it's not her who belongs
She lives with wings
Anxiety helps to comfort me
But it doesn't really
It feels real it hurts like hell
It's a ******* liar as well
Made up of all the broken eggshell
Trying to keep us safe
Protected in our cracked encasing
Peeping out to see the danger and our victim
Thoughts brought up by the chicken crap we let drip in
Deformity hatching
Letting us try to fly with clipped wings
We birthed it from our own hollow and others hollow opinions
Fed by lies and fear based skies
Raining down on our sodden wings
Puppeteer puller of strings
Numb it with some pills
Feel it still
Still ill
Throw them away and watch the rain
May 7 · 75
Treating my self
I've done it all to my self so many times
I hurt my self
How many times do I have to come to realise
I want to let it go
I want to treat my self with these kinder eyes
Hold my self in love
May 7 · 213
Tuning Fork
Why do I waste my time
Why do I settle for less than my worth
Do I even know my worth
I know each is worthy but then it takes its toll
The bell rings another round of disharmony
I'm left to
it's tune
May 7 · 64
Piece to Peace
I long for the day my heart is in peace and not in pieces
I want it to heal and not feel
in pain
This home is beautiful
a few cracks
Apparently your home can be your state of consciousness
I could see that
My last home was hell
I could see that too
May 5 · 51
Synoptic Senses
How can you love all beings
How can you be at one with all
It starts small
You see subtleties in how you both talk walk then squawk
Can't pretend to be at one with all
I still fall and have a way to go
Though I feel the depth the dark the light the sorrow
What are your dreams for tomorrow
Our nightmares can pip them hollow
Some days have turned to night
They can only hope for sunlight
Some nights are cold
Chilly to hold
Visions can frighten
Or to make us bold
Perhaps both
To see the symmetry and the diversity
The complexity the mimicry
Some days can be sooo warm
Loving caring giving
Some forlorn
Can't seem to keep the warmth
It's makes them stuffy and irritable
They try to keep dry but the tears they cry ...
Weeping from each eye
Wanting so much to rise and thrive
Blissful place
Longing inside
To see more is to feel more
Is it a chore
Or some thing to adore
We don't stop though
We ask for more
May 5 · 38
The energies come in
You feel them penetrating
Coming up to surface
Coming up to clear
The resentment
The anger
The pain
The anxiety
The fear
It's not a feeling I want to feel
Must feel you do
Feel to feel how you no longer want to feel
And again you view
To heal
Apr 26 · 68
It was all in my head
You said it was all in my head
After your head thumped into mine
It was all in my head
When you kicked me in the bed
Telling me my body took too much space up
It was all in my head
When I lay on the floor next to my own bed
You had the space
I didn't have any cover
It was all in my head
When you swore I had slept with another
It was all in my head when you examined the situation an internal examination
Apparently I failed the test
It was all in my head
When you told me how ****** up I was
Then I questioned the words
You said no such thing
I was being absurd
It was all in my head
When my contacts of friendship was broken the card snapped in half
No call to them anymore
It was in my head
When the pills I took you said
It wasn't enough
You need more to **** you
It was in my head when I wanted to die
Years pass by
And I heal
You come from under that rock to shake it up
After all
It was all in my head
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