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2.2k · Apr 2017
Pleasure for the eyes
The passion was so intense the spark stayed alight and burnt bright even when they were not together
They wanted one another so deeply
And they knew when they were next to meet
He would lay with her holding her in his strong embrace gripping hold of her wrists as she writhed around in sheer pleasure
Kissing her mouth like it was the first kiss she had ever tasted
Looking into her soul through his beautiful piercing blue grey eyes
Feeling his way into her
Meeting of mind and body
In that moment time was irrelevant
It was as though they had forever...
1.3k · Oct 2018
Shiva & Shakti
Men and Women
Were made to be different
We must bring them together
To reconnect
Embracing differences, understanding differences, working together, bringing balance, connectivity, harmony
946 · Sep 2017
Shapes the mind
Geometric shapes the mind
Aligning with the light
813 · Oct 2017
Sufferer for life
Lived it alone days and days on end
Came through a lot
The suicide attempts
Learnt to pick self back up
Time and time again
You'll still encounter those that don't understand
It's in your head not a broken arm
Can find moments to break out
However bottom line of dragging heavy grief and doubt
Like a stone that wants to sink and drown no matter if any joy tries to save
Gotta keep on
Can't have rest days
Always something to do
Emotional maze to work through
When all you want to do is be alone recuperate or shout
Nothing satisfies me as much as
Signs of universal love
Gifts posted from above
Mailed to my heart
That and
740 · Jan 2018
A new world
A new world
A lighter world
A world full of love
A world with happiness and smiles
and lots of carefree fun
Free spirits coming
into one
Taking back their lives from the warmth and healing of the sun
688 · Sep 2017
One way trip
Must we travel
so far
to feel a love
687 · Nov 2018
Tiger Tiger
Tiger Tiger your strips are fierce

There glow of amber the black mark pierce

Your courage copious you circle the fears

Then time is right

You strike

Devour obstacles sears

Walk your path with majesty willpower grace fortitude for all is

not as it instantly appears
637 · Oct 2018
Conquering your heart
Can we talk with words of open honesty
Hold ourselves in compassion and loyalty
Gaze into each others souls and feel equality
Love the spirit of us and the humanity
Undress our hearts and respect our humility
Balance strengths and vulnerability
Honor the feminine and the masculinity
Being a friend in times of worst enemy
Reaching a hand if we slip into stormy sea
Facing the trials and adversity
Dancing with the tune of passions lease
Riding through the hurricane as it whips around you or me
Sitting with the pain and making a cup of tea
Kissing the eye that sees comforting with security
Understanding this is how we live not blindly
Each day we have it's light and dark to greet
Working together humming life's harmony
Bathing our wounds and making room acceptingly
Sharing wisdom and experiences collectively
Allowing for space to grow or grieve
Not condemning in our hour of need
A willingness to just be
As is the love of you and me
615 · Apr 2019
On slippery Ground
I'm losing myself and that's ok
I was ment to be lost
To find my feet again
585 · Oct 2017
Dark lipstick
I've got myself a new shade
A deep and dark colour
They mix well together
Come closer
I won't bite
Let my lips smother
But only if you want
I wouldn't want you to choke up!
Perceptions askew, world torn apart
What was once in the light, now in dark
I can feel the anguish, the pain, the dispair
The sunken looks of disdain brought on by misery,
hearts and hopes in need of repair
Stand my ground and let it be...
The time will come for them to see
It's not my place to change their view
Compassionate stance when my colour turns blue
I am lifted up to another height inner seeking of others with same horizon in sight
The point of view is a changin'
566 · Oct 2018
Be the right one
The right one
will bring
550 · Jan 2018
Time for change
There's time for change
there's time to stand in your own power
546 · Jun 2018
It's the poetry I live
These words that line the page
I've breathed bled and felt
Cut myself open on the edges
Built up with the highs
Set words from chapters of spirit that only truly knows
Shelled out from the hollows
Pulled out from the veins
pits and gallows
soft summer
Meaning has come from places I wouldn't want to rewrite again
The poetry more than just a verse it's the healing to live
with this pen
541 · May 2017
Subconscious shifts
In between slumber and wakefulness
lies a place that surrounds us
It seeps into your skin and pours out eruptive
changing everything in it's path
Burning and firing the vessel from within
Heat rising til the sweat drips over sticky
steamed up skin

Released when day breaks  

Cooling in Sun rays
520 · Mar 2019
I never knew
I never knew it was possible
to have a broken heart on top of
a broken heart
Until I felt it
Words they hold me
Grip and bruise
Times they have scold me
Times felt abused
It's all in your head
You're messed up
They are well respected you're mistaken confused
Voices to torment
All down to you
We know them so well
What you trying to prove
A dear friend to us
It wouldn't
It could of been you
From a time no one believed me
506 · May 2017
Being with pain
Sit with the pain
Feel the pain
Breathe with it and into it
Let the elements of earth water fire and air flow with it
And the suffering will return to this
Nothing is lasting
-It will change
Open up to space
How it allows the feeling to be
To expand
Be boundless
To suffer and accept
To just breathe
Openness to the true nature of life
485 · Jun 2017
Unconventional family
The people with whom I share my life are not the conventional norm
The broken up relationships remain as friends and family
expected to walk away some have stuck by me
The friends I have never met but share a care and love
The blood family that don't see eye to eye but manage to somehow rise above
The ones I choose to be around although views aren't always shared
The animals who've brought such bountiful joy
My dog Orko my dearest beautiful baby boy
I am grateful for all I have and all I know
These people and pets very important to me
I try not take for granted
Pardon me at times though
I'm human and I make mistakes
I try to learn and grow
I love the ones I have around
and this I want to show
453 · Dec 2017
Winter field
Carpet lawn of frosty glaze
Blanketing the greener daze
Fog smog layer fumes to sky
Chill flows in and out
Quiet are the pastures and peaking mount
Rest and retreat...
..on the mind
To keep the warmth held deep inside
Holding on to promises of spring
For now shall embrace
Dusty sprinkled
438 · Nov 2017
What love really is
It makes no sense
The fall immense
No other understand the feelings that's felt
Even you at times want to climb out
Gripping towards anything lighter in life
Pulls you back every time
This love kills
It's not thrills and happy pills
However you roam love pulls you home
All the hurt has had to be replaced
Each day you learn to forgive stay present not chase
Let be what is
Is their heart your only resting place
For all
At night the moon shines bright
In day the sun lights the way
To follow after one
or begin to see the sky
What will beam?
What's to burn and die?
434 · Apr 2017
Different ending?..
Same story
Push Push PUSH em away...
want them to come closer but use my defences to push them back
Fearful to insecurities of what I may lack I test and try but hide something inside
Now I'm seeing a clearer bigger picture
I'm hoping for a smoother ride with cleaner fresher air with a loving caring companion at my side who can understand that my feelings and desires are truly there.
434 · Feb 2018
Angels gift
Immense love and bliss filled my heart
An angels kiss
434 · Jul 2018
Paths of healing
Starting the journey up the hill
Kicking the rocks
               out the way
Wow what a view they say
All this everything
Oh this is easier I'm on the flat
Oh I didn't see that bend up ahead
where will it end
Round and round we go
I feel I'm going
Heart pulsating think I'll have a heart attack
Stop wait
Remember it's not easy to look past but you couldn't not start you would stay stuck
Higher and Higher
The weight feels
I can see what was
holding me with lack  
Take it in
old skin
there were lessons in the pack
should this be
I need to find my way
going to 'crack'
There's a cave up now I'm scared can I
No I've taken each step
Into the
black lair
I don't feel alone no more
but this isn't the company I want to greet
Tingling sense
on my feet
Creepy feelin'
But go I must
Stepping towards
421 · Aug 2017
Waves descend wash out this grain of body
Take me with you on your journey
Among the tangled reeds there is life
An abundance of life in your sea
Oceans of depth and tranquility
Creatures dive deep
Unknown species not all can see
Crashing upon rocks you take away loose debris
Swallowing it in your mouth
Spitting it out to come clean
There is so much to sea

A vast current to flow
with time
Let's jump into paradise
A garden of luscious eden
Where pleasure is so nice
Living without compromise

No need to roll the dice as fate is matched
Clear skies of blue earth over you
The verdant vines swing in time
Harmonics flute chime wind sublime
Sounds of nature Godly sign
To pair on wings of a dove
For heaven is in our eyes
In our breast
Hearts to shine align above

Guide me to this heavily place
That has put such a smile on your face
I want to feel the same glow
Running in your bloodstream
Like a river flow

Stream of fire folding in its lava
Mouths current to bed into the sea
Waves crash over me
Lost in your rising rip tide completely
Power to reign free
Bodies twine want to meet
Climbing around and within
Lacing racing twisting pulsing tree

I'd make sure to stir up
The hidden flairs/bliss you hide
Raging your pulse in fire and
Taking you higher
in ecstasy exhilaration ride
Non-stop, in letting
your lava boil, beyond control
As I dig deep into your soul
Thankyou Jobira! Really enjoyed writing together :-D
408 · Mar 2018
You are
Drip it all out!..
Let it drain you!  
Let the debris drop!
Clear water free flow from air to earth pipe
It is now my duty to completely drain you
393 · Nov 2017
Call for lost souls
Ding Ding Ding!
All aboard!
Call for lost souls!
We will be departed at oo.oo hours
Travelling through
Nowhere in particular
Nowhere inbetween
Nowhere special
Stopping to meet with the dark shadow figure of death
Where you will be reawakened to all less seen
Hop on!!!
392 · Jul 2018
Dangerous hearts
Dangerous hearts have bled too much or not enough
Their pain and suffering or lack of
passes to the next if they seethe through bitterness
We have all been hurt and have bled but should consciously seek not to pump our blood stains into the next
We have though
Learning curve to forgive ourselves and them
We may never forget but what good does it do to feed the loop of regret over and over again
Our actions have effect
We give and get what we beget
391 · Sep 2017
Break, Up!
Sometimes we've got to break down
So we can stand back up!
391 · Mar 2019
Message in the vision
Suddenly awoke
Dream remains in my memory, this vision that spoke only shared a significance of animals
In dreams dogs and kittens
Wake to a bird on a perch bright yellow in colour so vivid so sharp could almost touch it
Swung from the wall back and forth from its perch three times
Fourth transformed into a tropical fish black with bright yellow mark curling towards it's tail
Head was in awe visions many times before but so alive it could of been there
Head kept saying bird was a parrot
No I told myself not a parrot
I recognize
- a cockatiel
Yes a cockatiel
Part of the parrot family apparently
Message in the vision
From the heart
380 · Oct 2018
Moment of silence
The world spinning
Everyone moving
Noise distracting
Thoughts grooving
Always something to do
Something needs improving
All coming at a rush
Our senses long for a little

Take your mind to natures hill tops
Encompass an airy flush
Eyes turn
Find the _ space
Be as it
Drifting .....

377 · Jul 2018
Head to toe
I am safe and secure
Passionate and creative
Harmonious and worthy
Loving and compassionate
Feel the air in my lungs
The beat in my heart
Sing the song
from my throat
See with my eyes wide open
Know the light
true being
377 · May 2017
Too many questions fill my mind
Too many answers seek to find
What will be known
What won't reveal
What is truth
What am I to feel?
Are perspectives personal, fabricated, become part of something more, something to join at a point? Is this all normal? Is this all real?
367 · Dec 2017
Crimson kiss
Crimson kiss
Bow to cupids hit  
Make your mark
Pulling closer
In your hold
Air smoulders
Feathered touches
Angels heart dance
Beauty magnifies
Skies wonders
to soften
abrasive thunders
Gentle whispers
Glorious technicolor
363 · Jan 2018
Together we'll walk
Together we'll walk in fields of gold
Dive into
To wake unto it's slumber
362 · Jan 2018
Sweet chilli sauce
Pour it on
It's a must on any course
It's just like me
You see
A bit of sweet with a fiery heat
Don't let that put you off
It's a mild tasting tangy sauce :)
338 · Oct 2018
Butterfly dreams
Sometimes I write poetry in my sleep
I wake up
And it's gone

Other times
I've caught it
And the dream lives on..
335 · Jun 2017
Eye of the beholder
heavy souls

Sleep they need
.       .      .
.         .

they                       .
330 · Mar 2018
Transistors and valves
Opening the channels
through the grid
Pumping up the pressure
earthing ever
Signals from
the heart
Electric from the touch
Amplify the senses
Compounded form the rush
323 · Dec 2017
A smile can travel :-)))
Each Sunday this lady walks by me
We both exchange smiles and a few pleasant words
This morning a surprise awaited
Both said hello addressed the cold then out comes a card and a present
A Christmas card to wish good cheer and a little box with chocolates inside
Little did she know I had not had a great night before and the presents unexpected so sweet so lovely made such an impact
I thanked her wholeheartedly then walked on in my tracks
As tears fell down from my eyes
You never know how far a smile can travel :-)
322 · May 2017
Sitting with the dark
Consumed from the inside out
Wrapped up in a smokey black mass
It holds me
Controls me
Keeps me out of soft touch
Just gonna have to let it embrace
Save some face
It will change
Once it crumbles into
Worrying about your little world falling apart
314 · Apr 2019
Each day
Each day a new dream to dream
A new sky to live under
Another hope to gleam
Birds gliding in-between the subtlety of our minds
312 · Sep 2017
Shadow of the storm
Chaos conjuring spirits skies
Wreaking havoc from out to inside
Taking everything you've built to waste
Flinging debris in speedy haste
As the storms rage the winds howl
The shadows are in the light now
The gloom and fear consume your home
Left feeling scared and all alone
But this is something you've lived before
So you learn to stand strong
And shout GIVE ME MORE!!
Dance the spinning stomping dance
Bow and applaud
I'll step up to lead
In time I will be...
The shadow
310 · Mar 2019
Shadow Shine
There's a rainbow next to my shadow
It's still raining
I have an umbrella and a loyal companion at my side
The colourful rays still shine
309 · May 2017
Subconscious shifts
In between slumber and wakefulness
lies a place that surrounds us
It seeps into your skin and pours out eruptive
changing everything in it's path
Burning and firing the vessel from within
Heat rising til the sweat drips over sticky
steamed up skin

Released when day breaks  

Cooling in Sun rays
Clinging crawling to the walls
Spreading as it's shadow veils this view
from next
Grieving muffled harrow
Blinding growing sight
Trying to shield the light
The light is seen
heavy machine
My eyes don't seem to see them crawling around
Raising look out over
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