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 Sep 2015 jt
 Sep 2015 jt
Let the crushing waves
wash the abrasive sand from our eyes

Let the infinite blue
replenish our breaths for deeper dives

Let these words fall free
and fill the silence between us

Let the beats of our hearts
set the pace for our lives
 Sep 2015 jt
Justin S Wampler
I've been collecting
all the butterflies you give me
in a big mason jar
that I keep beside
the overflowing bottle
where all my emotions are

And sometimes
when that bottle bursts
and pain just floods me
I open up that jar
where my butterflies are
and I set them free
 Sep 2015 jt
mike dm
vow of space
 Sep 2015 jt
mike dm
you kissed
the fist
stuck inside my throat
and read its palm
as it
bloomed open

*if you are reading this
there still
to make space


the whorl
 Sep 2015 jt
 Sep 2015 jt
Your words drown me. In my mind they are lies, yet my heart believes it's life. Has this moment finally come, & I'm just too blind to see? Or am I just too afraid to feel? I know you were. Because were once one, & although it wasn't for long, You became something special. Yet you said "right person, wrong time". Time has passed by, & we still kept in contact. We constantly look for comfort within each other, & when you come around I feel like the world stops, & it's just us. You take me to an unforgettable place, in which I feel safe. I'm not sure if you feel the same. But what I am sure of is that every time I look at you, I see love in your eyes. & I keep my feelings a side most of the time because my love is patient. & I will be willing to wait to hug, laugh, smile, & kiss you, each & every day.
 Sep 2015 jt
my demon is me
 Sep 2015 jt
How do you explain to somebody who can't listen?
I was just drowning in a pool of sadness
that wasn't in your back garden.

And whilst you're concentrating on expanding
I'm only forced to shrink.
Do you know what it feels like to shrink?
My mind has malformed, distorted and mutilated from my body.
I am no longer, but a figure.
An unnatural abomination that threatened your existence.
I am unadulterated; reverberating,
creating noises through your bones that no man would choose to face.

My demon is me for I am hatred
and I stick around in your blood to convince you that I never left.
 Sep 2015 jt
Liz Hill
Months have rolled by. 
More like trudged past, like boots stuck in mud during the rain.
Your name tastes like mint and memory flavored poison on my tongue, and yet my mind wants to reminisce; remember you as "home". 
But all that you left behind from your invasion was falling brick and a shaky foundation.
I believed that I was the city that held its walls high enough to protect you from the world. 
From yourself. 
But cannon fire rings the loudest when it's fired from within. 
And even still, I find myself forgiving you. 
Not because you deserve my forgiveness, but because these broken and battered walls of my heart can no longer carry the burden of your name.
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