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SaturnKnight Jan 1
When you look back to the previous year do not dwell on the things that have gone wrong, plans that did not go as planned, people who didn't stick around for the upcoming year; your next chapter, your new journey.

When you look back and think those things have gone wrong for a reason; to make way for a blessing or to teach you a valuable lesson.

I want you to look back and think those plans did not go as planned because although that's what you wanted, it is not what you needed.

I want you to look back and think those people who walked away from you no longer served a purpose in your life.

The universe has a funny way of annually cleaning up our lives to renew it; renew ourselves, our worth, and surroundings for spiritual growth.

You've made it this far; another day, another year... you are still here.

You're stronger than you think and you'll get stronger throughout the year.

Do not give up. Your blessings are yet to come; they are very near.
Goodbye to the old. Hello to the new.
Let the past go, we no longer live there.
The only thing that matters is now.
SaturnKnight Dec 2019
You're a flower, my darling.
Let them water you.

You grab the attention of many.
It's something about your essence.

Your beauty shines so bright that even the blind can sense your presence.

Those who cherish you will not tear you away from your roots for their own selfish reasons.

They will admire you from any distance.

They'll let you grow without persistence.

They'll water you with tears; tears of pure joy.

They'll nurture you with smiles as warm as sun light.

Those moments will spread into seeds.

Those seeds will flourish into many little dreams.

Their roots intertwined with yours; making you whole.

You were once a flower, my darling.
Now you're a garden.

Look how beautifully you've grown.

You are what many see but, very few will call home.

There's no love like a honey bee; the only true love of thee.

You are so sweet yet, so bitter to those who don't appreciate your taste.

That's why the one's that understand you, love you.

You are a flower, my darling.

Beautiful and filled with thorns.

Not because you want to but, that's just the way the world was formed.

Just like the honey bee; cute and with a sting.

No one appreciates the things they cannot understand beyond what they see.

But you, my darling.
You have something no amount of money can buy.

But those who take the time will make gold with the love that you provide.

Love is always blind to those who do not see beyond the naked eye.

You're a flower, my darling.

Although you may not be able to fly.

Your essence flows throughout the sky; and in no time many of you will arise.
12:23'19 2:02a.m.
SaturnKnight Dec 2019
She was afraid of opening up.
Because those who have entered did not respect her temple.
They did not make it their home.
Instead, they made a mess and stole all of those lovely things she once wanted to share.

She sits in her home now-- what's left of it; all alone in the dark, surrounded by four walls.
The roof is missing and there are no doors.

There is no escaping this place but, it's the only place she's ever known; she now calls it home.

She sings, she dances, and she prays for better days.

As the nights approach she realizes that just like yesterday, there's no one in sight to save her.

It seems to be getting colder and the rain is starting to pour.
But, where can she go if her home no longer has doors.

She has no choice but, to contemplate her life and continue to pray.

It's getting to cold for her to breath and the water is building up.

She's frozen and unable to move; unable to swim or stay afloat.
Even if she could float, how long would she last?

Not long enough until the water evaporates.
Not long enough to make it.

She's given up.
She's disappeared before the water has.

She's given up.
No one is coming to save her.
But she cannot blame them.
Her home no longer had doors for anyone to enter. Even if it did, no one would even come to visit with the mess that's been left.

Her heart, soul and body are too cold for hands to touch. She's too cold for anyone to hold her; too cold for anyone to warm her.

With her last breath she says, "I would've been able to put up a better fight if someone was brave enough to stand by my side."

It's too late now; there is nothing left of her but, ice.
SaturnKnight Dec 2019
Tis the season to be jolly; yet, all things seem to be falling
Falling out of the sky like snowflakes on a winter night
A winter night with a cold breeze that sends shivers down our spine
It's cold, it's dark, it's dry...
The only thing that's wet is the snow that falls and melts on our faces
Just like the tears that we cry
Tis the season, there's nothing left to do but, face it
No matter how much we try; there seems to be no changes
Running fast on the snow-covered pavement
Take a look back and see the steps from where we began
Take a look at where we are now
Look how far we've made it
Keep running
Running, like it's a race
Not running out of breath and giving up on first place
You must be more careful
After all, tis the season where snow and ice will guarantee a great fall
SaturnKnight Nov 2019
It was almost Fall when we met. Around the time the hot days turned into warm evenings and cool afternoons. Before we knew it, the leaves began to change color and fall off of the trees. That's how it all started. I didn't realize the beauty that laid in front of me. The same way people don't realize the beauty of changing leaves.
As the leaves changed, so did I. My heart, my soul, my emotions; I soon began to melt into a cup of pumpkin spice. Oh, how I wish it was everything nice. I was afraid; I fell so slowly yet, unexpectedly. That fear drove us away because I realized it just a little bit too late. At that time, Winter came. I get depressed around that time anyway. So, it didn't bother me that we decided to walk away. We both needed the space.
Along came Spring. I thought about you but, my pride stood in the way; I wouldn't say a thing. Who can see you crying when you're dancing in the rain? You've always said something similar to that.. we've grown so close that now we say things that remind us of each other.
Oh, why, hello there summer. The sun came out to greet me and so did you. That's when you said you realized our love was like no other; that it is true. And as soon as we noticed we had fallen; welcoming the Fall once again. Meeting you on my favorite season is now the best thing about it all.

A reminder of how I fell for you during the Fall.
SaturnKnight Nov 2019
I'm two days late. It's passed thanksgiving. But why give thanks for all of the things life has given-- on one specific day. In that day we should be reminded that there's always something to give thanks for. Not just on that day but, every day. Yeah, things may shake you and others may break you. But life throws blessings at you even one's in disguise. You know, those kind where you think you won't make it out alive? A lesson. Each event, each word, each emotion is a destined experience in our journey. It is our response, our reaction, our faith, our strength that determines the outcome. Do not dwell, do not live in fear or regret because everything happens as it should and for a valid reason; whether we may or may not understand the meanings-- whether it feels like it tears you apart and you may never recover from those feelings. But our battles and struggles are what makes us grow stronger, better, wiser and much more. Be thankful for those obstacles you've overcame because you were stronger than them to continue even through all of the pain. The past is in the past and it no longer lives here; don't be ashamed because there's so much you have gained.
SaturnKnight Nov 2019
Rising sun, you awaken me
Peace, love and serenity
Warm to the touch; you caress me
Pulling me towards you, so gently
This feeling so amazing and fulfilling
There may be so many other meanings
But today, as every other day, you've raised me
With each day, there's many more reasons for Thanksgiving
I am living
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