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 Feb 2021 Jemimah
Lorraine day
In life there's a road we must travel
Some parts are winding and long
There's bumps n cracks that knock us off track
Sometimes there's no light and no song

There are times when this road is too steep
As we wonder just how can we climb
So we stumble along hoping we've not gone wrong
Then somehow once again we are fine

This road we're all on is a journey
There's lessons to put us to test
Only mistakes do show
What we once didn't know
So we learn then to just do our best

In life there's a road we must travel
We may think there's no end in sight
As darkness descends
No sign of friends
It's then we look for the light

Your path had already been crafted
By one who won't leave nor forsake
His hope is you'll seek to find him
As life's road leads to .....heavens gate
 Jun 2015 Jemimah
Caitlin Skye
Her dreams were tantalisingly alarming,
So wayward and distant,
That most doubted her potential to fly--
To raise herself up,
Untouched by the slander,
Of those who misjudged her wings.
She knew that some people were beautiful, vivacious spirits,
And that the rest were just the illusion of it.
The futile judgement and condescension the world projected was inept:
For she believed she could be anything.

*Anything she dreamed of.
 Jun 2015 Jemimah
Caitlin Skye
 Jun 2015 Jemimah
Caitlin Skye
There is a melody playing in my soul.
The kind that melts the heart with an intense euphoria:
Devoid of despondency and misery-
And it makes my heart sing.

Like our lungs need air,
And like the sun needs the universe,
*I need you.
 Jun 2015 Jemimah
Caitlin Skye
And she could have sworn she saw,
                 A dove soar through the clouds,
                              High above the chaos below,
                                             Making her heart sore with desire.
 Jun 2015 Jemimah
Caitlin Skye
 Jun 2015 Jemimah
Caitlin Skye
How can I confess,
The perplexity of the way you make me feel.
The way your soul indelibly connects with mine;
Or the way my thoughts devour you.

The way your words caress my insides;
The way your laugh brings warmth to my chest.
Like a fire that blazes so luminously,
You are my light.

I had once said,
That we are taught not to play with fire.
But I'd gladly get burnt,
*If it meant eternity with you.
If I could have just one wish
 Feb 2015 Jemimah
The voice
 Feb 2015 Jemimah
The voice
You gave me a reason to live
You gave me a reason to laugh
And when I could not see
You were my eyes in the darkness
 Nov 2014 Jemimah
Sydney Victoria
So, How Has Everyone Been?
 Nov 2014 Jemimah
 Nov 2014 Jemimah
One day
On a Sunday
After church crowds drain away
On a Sunday
You and I'll have bills to pay
And one day
When it's raining
You and I will stay inside
On that day
As it's hailing
We will have a place to hide
We'll be grown up
Futures sewn up
As we stitch each other's lives
Two children
Ever dreaming
As a husband and a wife
Sunny Sundays
Of running down the halls
Ever happy
As we lay there
Keeping secrets from the walls
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