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Jemimah Jan 2015
everything was new

and then we,
were trapped -
not in hatred,
or spite

but indifference.

please wonder.
Jemimah Oct 2014
True beauty is not in contest
Not in conquest, striving to win
True beauty is being content
And not needing to be seen
not a competition, a composition
Jemimah Jan 2014
The day I put the words on paper
Vulnerability existed
and yet in that fragile moment,
a bliss beyond all words
Carried them far

This was me -
and i could see her there
without a mirror
This was me - and i could see
beyond the glass
Into her heart

And in that moment
only God
could see me clearer.
Jemimah Jan 2014
Around the Earth
she sings
a silent twirl

Parting curtains
with diamond stars

On endless stage
adorned with

silver threads  
into the sky

The moon
she pirouettes
upon the night

A ballerina
Jemimah Oct 2013
If you think
It's too hard

-   That's why it is -
Think about
what you think about
Jemimah Sep 2013
At the end of my rope
Give me more faith
Jemimah Sep 2013
without Your presence
today is meaningless
because the only good in me
is You
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