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4.6k · Apr 2013
Jemimah Apr 2013
A diamond
Cheaply sold
Costume jewellery
Adorning glimmering shimmering
Another neck, another ear to hang, to grasp
Tempting, flaunting, translucently haunting
I wonder still that he doesn’t question
Your advertised diamond heart
You define your worth
Don’t let him know
Don’t show
You are
Your thoughts please?? and constructive criticism on form and language, ideas, anything would be really great! thanks
3.2k · Apr 2013
sweet sound (10w)
Jemimah Apr 2013
your eyes
a manuscript of music
play for my soul
© 2013
3.2k · Jul 2013
Jemimah Jul 2013
my To-Do List fast becomes
my Should-Have-Done List
growing with awareness
of my insufficiency
and endless
need for
is beautifully
timeless - yes! I
thank you Father God
for seeing these - our timid tries
& loving still - our honest hearts.
Time outruns the sands of sanity
But eternity grounds a struggling heart
- For these light and momentary troubles -
Will  a w a k e n  the hope given us
2.6k · Jan 2014
Jemimah Jan 2014
The day I put the words on paper
Vulnerability existed
and yet in that fragile moment,
a bliss beyond all words
Carried them far

This was me -
and i could see her there
without a mirror
This was me - and i could see
beyond the glass
Into her heart

And in that moment
only God
could see me clearer.
2.3k · Jan 2014
Galaxy Ballet
Jemimah Jan 2014
Around the Earth
she sings
a silent twirl

Parting curtains
with diamond stars

On endless stage
adorned with

silver threads  
into the sky

The moon
she pirouettes
upon the night

A ballerina
2.1k · May 2013
Shadows of a Chandelier
Jemimah May 2013
Shadows of a chandelier
Beautiful mystery of dark and light
Dancing, weaving, wondering, feeling
Not seeing with glassy eyes

Light fragmented sun ray cracked
The mind casts long reels of doubt
Wonder yet confusion
Enjoyment yet delusion

How many roles to play?
Theatrical conceit
Characters as hours of a day?
Eye-catching as deceit

Illustrious – lustre – lust –  last?
Lest lukewarm fire stir
The ashes sprinkled
Memory of the present
Mourning love yet to be lost

Why hold a storm for the rainbow?
But let the sun shine
And be glorious in its God-written course
To set and rise in perfect time
1.9k · May 2013
Knead to Concentrate :?o
Jemimah May 2013
I roll out my mind
I knead to concentrate
I pound and pound and pound
Trying to smooth it straight
And once it’s even
I roll up my sleeves
And cut shapes with the cutters
Of reason and release
Now holes are left
In interesting shapes
And I roll up what’s left
To start over again

I’m on a roll
I knead to concentrate
Hopefully you understand my 'knead' :P
Just a light poem from another little part of my mind that was distracted from what it needed to concentrate on and decided to create a poem about it. as if there was nothing else it had to do. ha.
i'm glad it said to lighten up and have pun.
1.9k · Jun 2013
You Made My Day!
Jemimah Jun 2013
here we are
we made it
you woke
this morning
so thank
the Lord
gave you that chance
you always wanted
I'm wearing the smile
that You gave me
Once again
You made my day
1.4k · Jun 2013
Though We Are Not Giants
Jemimah Jun 2013
Though we are not giants
We can reach across the world,
To touch the hearts of many
To step out and be bold

Did you know, as you see the pictures
They’re really peoples’ lives?
Not just faces; these children have
Real tears and real eyes

If we all can give a little
Our change can change the world,
One step at a time
We are nearing our goal

We can all make a difference
Greatness has no age or size,
It’s only what is in your heart,
That’s truly recognised

And though we are not giants
The world’s within our grasp,
For on each others’ shoulders
We can reach each others’ hearts
This is an old poem I wrote about four years ago,
(when i was about 13/14 years old) -
Just thought I'd share it...  :)
Jemimah May 2013
oh i am
by the poison of       humanity
a prisoner of vanity
rapt in her

oh i am
to the lure of      futility
seizing shadows of the fleeting
trapped upon
oh i am
in the blazes of my     treachery
contentious human nature
will not admit
[too much is half way there
          - to where?
Please feel free to tell me what you think...

© 2013
1.3k · Jul 2013
Laugh with light
Jemimah Jul 2013
Will you let me pour my ramblings into your stream of consciousness ?
Will you follow me to the edges of my milky-way of swirling thoughts
And billion endless little sparks - such shrapnel from my life
And if I explode next to the sun like her golden child
Will you count with me and blink in unison
To miss my spontaneous combustion
When another idea catches fire
Unstable isotopes of the
Depths of my nature
Where Electrons
So excited -
- just a random tornado of thoughts -
1.3k · Jun 2013
Singing Honey
Jemimah Jun 2013
Singing honey    sucrose stream
Tidy shelving snug underneath
Nestled neatly inter-wing
Feather down cream

Mothers stroking cradle   rocks
A thousand balls of foam spill
Softly avalanche and bury
Pure angels in snow    hands

Petal sky smeared casual
Walks warmly sweetly
Silken fur raises brow
    At       the coming

Lily padded velvet pawed
Strong slender limbs graceful dancing
The Supple strength
Holds a breath for dawn

Long stalks arch backs
Purring release modesty
Pure unction weeps    complete
Smooth shell face washed in milk

A banner sail widened arms
Outstretched for breeze’s kiss
A wishing penny glides
Through water falling   leaf

Mallow clouds woolen sheep
Dandelion umbrellas    borne away
Slowly sinking Sun dyes autumn
Watercolour cascades melt

Thinly  delicately   imagined
Fragile world Mary’s peace
Doll dependent doting
Soul canopied sanctuary

Silence **speaks
this is an old poem, i just thought I'd share it.
Hope you can see the hidden message.

I will let you fancifully imagine that this means something -
it can if you want it to, or if you want to just shrug and carry on life
in a more literal world, well then, that's fine with me :)

1.3k · Jun 2013
Flawless (a short story)
Jemimah Jun 2013
The first thing I notice are the wrinkles, reflected like dark dancers, moving and bending with the contours of my face. Dully reflected in the vase they join hands and circle around my eyes, my tired lips, my forehead, nestled alongside wisps of silver grey.
Stretching out my own hands I imagine that each line holds a secret, more mysterious than fortune, more real than the future.
I refold my napkin and his, into perfect triangles.
Perhaps some wise prophet could read; not my future; my past - from these creases - and yet I wonder if such a thing could ever be interpreted, translated.
I set them in customary place beside our two bowls, dinner warm within.
I know if it ever were the story would be only half written, most of the paths find destination in those of my husband’s wiry hands.  Those strong and gentle hands – our lives intertwined with a complexity of memories, hardships, pleasures.
I straighten the cream table cloth, draped over loved and well-worn oak.
Those creases remind me of the sand dunes before we leave slow footprints, the rain-trails down our caravan window, Harold’s shirt before pressing.
I watch him return from the stove balancing our hot tea with a delicate concentration, 51 years familiar.
I wonder if his favourite red shirt actually is fading, or if it is just my eyes, or the candlelight.
He calls me darling and sets down my Earl Grey. I smile.
It does seem as though much outside our dining room is waning in its pastel thrum, and I can almost hear the resonance of grandchildren’s gadgets from here.
Just to announce my thought, the telephone rings. And again. And once more.
Technology whizzes around my ears like an unwanted fly.
He says, like he always does, that we will answer the world later, it’s not going anywhere.
He is right, as usual, and I ponder with amusement that we might be going somewhere sooner. A holiday, perhaps.
I smile and nod in gentle agreement.
Perhaps forever.
Unspoken we bow heads in perfect symmetry and he murmurs blessings, move our hands to a perfect cross.
With a sincere Sunday love, he tells me I am beautiful.
I do not reply with words, I cannot. My voice; gone with the tumour.
Reaching out to hold my hand, he turns it over in his. Rubs my ring. Like he always does.
He says he loves my wrinkles more than when I had smooth, porcelain hands.
One single tear, abashed sneaks from my eye.
He says that every one reminds him of another year together.
He converses with my eyes, and listens. Like he always does.
Our hands meld into one in the soft light.
One flawless map
my first short story!
thanks for taking the time to read... hope you enjoyed :)
1.2k · Sep 2013
Jemimah Sep 2013
my box
full of arrows
cardboard, paper
coloured, black and white
but always blurry, wordy, flaunting
stopping, pointing, shouting, whispering
telling me of paths that I could tread
one at a time I pour them out
upon my purple bed
and let them fall
wherever they
may land
Finding direction in life
is all but straight-forward...

> > University applications < <
1.2k · Aug 2013
little Breeze came twirling
Jemimah Aug 2013
the tender pink petals
made for lovely confetti
midst the fallen leaves

as little Breeze came daintily
waltzing, dancing, so sweetly
down my gentle street

blowing the flowers like candles
I heard her softly whisper, wishing...

                       won't you come
                                      and twirl with me?"
1.2k · Apr 2013
Poetic Breath
Jemimah Apr 2013
Poetry lies intermingled
Tangled recognition, interpretation
Drawn meaning like syringe
Conceptual life,
Intellectual dream.

Walking, swimming, fighting,
Forest branches weaving
Filling air, with wooden breath
Growing standing
Still and strong

Wise beards ferns green
Brown coffee time and maturity
Professor, interpreter
Language ciphening
Hourglass ideas.

Sifting sorting exalting dropping
Sliding through grasps of
Clasps of minds.
Grip and resignation
Trains and tracks
Lay directing paths for feet
That fly and touch not ground nor map

Atmosphere, time, space
Wind, water, sand
Scrunched paper words
Crushed branches pasted ingrained

Nature is poet
Words in the sky that fills our lungs
Breathing as filtered light –
We become,

Written November 2012
1.2k · Jun 2013
Are You?
Jemimah Jun 2013
We are
Dancing ribbons
Of satin gold
A light to heaven
Radiant stairs
Ladders spanning
Angelic wanderings
Promised stars

We are
A glint spark
On Eternity’s shoe
We glow with
Secret joy until we
Clap ourselves free

We are
In retreat
Yet we beckon still
To flirt with flames
Of cellophane
Which melt
Soft as flour
In our hands

We are
Sowing hopeful seeds
In tender soil
Again to plant
Such little flames
With hopes
To grow against -
The dark

We are
worth the world

we are*
1.1k · May 2013
Inconsistent Sea
Jemimah May 2013
It’s hard to traverse a stubborn sea -
So, hoping the world
Is as flat out
As me
Will sail
Off the edge of
****** inconsistency
and bid empty hopes on never


997 · May 2013
Precious Child
Jemimah May 2013
In your rhythmic ocean of warmth
You tug sweetly at the thousand threads
Of red and ochre, sunset blushes
Deep song through shallow veins
Tuning your fragile compass
By a beautifully
One day you will love

Tumbling pirouettes of quiet unawares
To the melody of your mother’s laugh
Gentle tendrils of lullaby echo within
Cradled with internal whisper
You hold a perfect thumb
A flawless white shell
To pure pink
One day you will speak

Suspended in wondrous veil
A delicate radiance of blessing
Breathing light in golden promises
A honeyed requiem for your perfect world
You sing from your beautiful sphere
Scrunched in lovely darkness,
Precious child
Your little
Will one day see

The beauty of life
Dedicated to the unborn: I pray that you may be granted to keep your precious gift of life.
978 · Jun 2013
Starting Again
Jemimah Jun 2013
My head on another desk
Grandpa’s words echo between my
Ears – somewhere – spanning tired
‘listen to your teachers’
Traffic, static mumbles somewhere
Beyond the glass walls of this
Quiet civilians desensitised
To the sound –
Reminds me – of the sound of the
Urban sea
Through a conch shell.
The carpeted walls muffle my mind –
Like earmuffs absorbing my
Words and thoughts
Jumping electron shells in an
Excited state of bored
Releasing the light of light –
Light-hearted scribblings.
I confer with an open page
He offers lines and I typeface
The space I need in solitary
Confines of the brain.
Soon I will be called – and
Questioned in expectation –
What crime have I committed?
But heavy exhalation
[I wonder how many modest
Strangers I could irritate with
Heavy breathing??  Maybe but I’ll
Try another day, alright? – awake]
Right now the sigh is in my mind
As I consciously start myself again.
966 · Aug 2013
Could I Fly Away With You?
Jemimah Aug 2013
In the sunshine corridor
of morning trees and loam
'Tween classes, and the faces
(off to learn some grey equations)

I said Good Morning
to a little bird

Who looked at me so quizzically
with little shining eyes
That I laughed at myself
for being so polite -

Til I said farewell

We parted with our purpose
I to grey and she to blue
Then I ambled off to class...
and left her to the skies
Thought I would share an interesting moment in my day with y'all :)
950 · Jun 2013
With Amazing Grace
Jemimah Jun 2013

Disregarding the cold

of Winter

they greet her

opening like little

books of Poetry

smiling petal’d pages

they open

budded curtains

and allow the Sun

To grow them -

Many flowers

Stand and hum

Amazing Grace

915 · May 2013
Holding On
Jemimah May 2013
The brass peal of encouragement fanfares me to action
And bids me to play myself the highest note as can reach
Balanced on the edge of a scale, my treble-hearted quaver
To hold my tone in purest form until, beyond my fine appeal
I may breathe again
Playing the note is a metaphor of reaching your potential,
and doing your best, and holding up an expectation.
Sometimes you think you will pass out.
873 · Sep 2013
"Bonne Nuit, Mon Amie"
Jemimah Sep 2013
all the while
the rain
was gently falling
& all the night
the stars
were simply peering
out from their
of velveted black
to watch me
surrender my thoughts
to the swirl of my
~ "Good Night, My Friend" ~
873 · May 2013
In sanity?
Jemimah May 2013
Is it possible
     to keep
both your promises
and your      s            n             t               ?
                            a             i             y
840 · Sep 2013
I Know
Jemimah Sep 2013
without Your presence
today is meaningless
because the only good in me
is You
830 · Aug 2013
Do It Scared
Jemimah Aug 2013
Courage is more than a feeling

Faith is more than a prayer

If you can't do it fearless -

                             *Do it scared.
829 · Sep 2013
Jemimah Sep 2013
when you opened your eyes
when the sun sent her song
through your window

when you blinked in the golden
flowing river
covered in blankets of cream
and stirred

when the birds tickled the sky
with their whistling
& you rolled over
like Winter, or Yesterday's tide

did you listen to the whisper
of the Spirit -
did you share the light inside you
with the sun?
I often wonder...
if you sing as I do, to the birds
and to heaven ~
and thank God for such
beautiful awakenings.
822 · May 2013
Free (cinquain)
Jemimah May 2013
petite umbrellas
flying escaping laughing
leap from my hand
790 · Jun 2013
Weather or not I blame you
Jemimah Jun 2013
Once again I’ll blame the weather
that I can’t get it all together
and wrap the tethered, skimpy shawl
of concentration around my mind
Frustration penetrates in the wind
and chafes away with hourglass Time -
who falling tactless through the illusion
tries to
                             u                Me          
                           r                                  alive.
                     ­         y
Jemimah Jul 2013
Dear Mr. Ocean -
I believe you waved at me?
        I know this is my second letter
Please find within some thoughts
              from me to you
        from white to blue

then return in kind, won't you kindly:

... We may wish for you to always be
       a soft sea
                because soft, see
        means gently, quietly, carefully
remember -
                gentlemen wave politely
    so just lull this cradled ark
    Sir, if you wish to take this further
or invite me to horizons
                  to dance

          in the near future
            (one sunset sky?)
 from crests to deep
               from sand to breeze

        my soft Sea - be gentlemanly...

Good tidings,
and all blessings,
current and all that come to be
return to me kindly, won't you please,
        Dearest Mr. Ocean -
You may
        Write to me.
Oh - how I love the duality of words...
Buoy do I enjoy it - haha :)
781 · Jun 2013
(In Memorium)
Jemimah Jun 2013
Honing crisply honour-bells
silver-charred and dusted thoughts
alight with the thousand notes
and woe-bygones
and ill-betides:
these nights of fated rue –

Called to join and to conjoin
this solemn incense scent to heaven
while shaken pyres
and innocent liars
twist mistaken tongues
in memorium to–

*Humanity's Nature.
any constructive criticism...?
your thoughts?
762 · May 2013
String (20w)
Jemimah May 2013
Sentiment never reached your eyes
I saw you smile the World's solemnity
Bound in the string of an aesthetic lie
The smile you painted there
was art on the face of a man
Pain in perfect pose
so as not to show the hurt
- yet i felt it deeper than
your words
751 · Jul 2013
Last Light (haiku)
Jemimah Jul 2013
~~~~~~~~~  ~      ~        ~          ~         ~
Through this sunset maze  
colours stain directionless  
... a beautiful Sky.
~           ~         ~       ~     ~  ~~~~~~~~~
748 · Jul 2013
Four Truths
Jemimah Jul 2013

Direction without movement gets us nowhere

Passion without power is nonexistent

Presence without change remains unproven

Worship conforms the spirit into Wonder

748 · Jun 2013
Sweet to the Eye
Jemimah Jun 2013
The moon was a perfect
On the Teflon black
She floated on the
I could taste the syrup
Upon my tongue
The beauty of afar
The loveliness
Of that you cannot hold

with your            
743 · Jul 2013
the embrace
Jemimah Jul 2013
escaping from my mind
one thousand thoughts

escaping from my lungs
some million breaths

escaping from my life
each given day

to have; to hold
to love; to cherish


is a finite embrace
let us hold on to beauty, let go of our fear
set eyes on eternity - begin heaven here

'This is the Day that the Lord Has Made; Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad in It.' ~ Psalm 118:24
712 · Jan 2015
Jemimah Jan 2015
everything was new

and then we,
were trapped -
not in hatred,
or spite

but indifference.

please wonder.
707 · May 2013
Alarming :P
Jemimah May 2013
"the amount of times i press
is Alarming in itself!*
i wonder when i'll wake up
to realise
i'm kidding myself"*

i wasn't going to post this, but mum thought i should :P
you know how it is...
705 · Apr 2013
whisper of love
Jemimah Apr 2013
We crave the approval of existence
- 'tis the most intimate longing of man
what can satisfy [this void of desire]?
     *only the whisper of God.
His Love fills the caverns of our souls
701 · Jun 2013
Jemimah Jun 2013
Rubies* sail the scarlet leaves
         Emeralds hem the greener sleeves
                   Diamonds laughing quietly strung                  
          as treasure troves                                    
                                 of                  and                  
                                         DEW               SUN
It was a beautiful morning of sunshine and winter dew,
the trees shone beautifully!
- and i was again in awe of nature :)
692 · Jun 2013
Keep. My. Eyes. Opened..
Jemimah Jun 2013
I am awake
But everything is so
Its like
I’m in a waking coma
And I shudder from cold
That I don’t think I really feel
I am shaking
My mind on vibrate
Yet still on silent
In the quiet
In the still
I am
Still here


I call to the white
Do you stay awake all night?
Please tell me how to survive
Because today has enough
Of its own
And I will just

And I’ll trust God with the rest
You see –
That’s why He’s God and I’m not
Because I can fail, I do fail
But He can never fail

That is what I know
And that is what I trust.

God, I look to you -
please keep my eyes opened


- 28.06.2013 -
The first all-nighter in all my life - for the sake of school and final years and doing my best and trusting God: a worthwhile experience - that i am not going to repeat in a hurry!
683 · Apr 2013
Wilt thou blossom?
Jemimah Apr 2013
Take the flower
from the garden
twist the stem
it will bleed bitter sap
a single perfumed
will stain one leaf
To      blossom
                                 a    w   a     y

she will hold her carbon dioxide
And scorn a blessed sun
Petals dry an elegant
I find that God has planted much truth and wisdom in nature for us to understand.
671 · Apr 2013
Jemimah Apr 2013
and probing inquires
the morning hand of purpose
to unfurl the next day
from curling leaf hid
in tight green
spin a perfect helix
to catch breath
in a web
                     light and eyes
the blue and wide
restless as tide
swift as dawn
fragile as the quiet
This is about the undiscovered, the tender probing into a new arena, the corner that we know not what holds or what will be revealed. It is dedicated to the Search.
644 · Oct 2013
Just a Thought
Jemimah Oct 2013
If you think
It's too hard

-   That's why it is -
Think about
what you think about
634 · May 2013
Sleep and Stars
Jemimah May 2013
Finally we invite sleep to eyes
that have not earned their rest.
Yet because I don’t deserve the night
does He cease to put out stars?

Royal diadems in the hand of God.
633 · Oct 2014
Jemimah Oct 2014
True beauty is not in contest
Not in conquest, striving to win
True beauty is being content
And not needing to be seen
not a competition, a composition
624 · Sep 2013
Holding Me (10w)
Jemimah Sep 2013
At the end of my rope
Give me more faith
605 · Jul 2013
Infinite Case
Jemimah Jul 2013
To dance
To wish
To hurl yourself into
     the whirlwind of a world

To inspire
To create
To experimenting mix
        these colours of the mind

To live
To die
Perchance to dream
        span time until eternity

"To be
   then still
           To be"
Any questions? :)
585 · Aug 2013
In Him
Jemimah Aug 2013
We Live
and Move
and Have

*Our Being
Acts 17:28
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