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Caitlin Skye Dec 2015
It's the sound of your voice that goes straight through me;
A lingering euphoria on my skin,
Cascading and unravelling in my bones,
Straight through to the depths of my heart and
To my very soul that is yours.
You awaken me.
Caitlin Skye Apr 2015
How can I confess,
The perplexity of the way you make me feel.
The way your soul indelibly connects with mine;
Or the way my thoughts devour you.

The way your words caress my insides;
The way your laugh brings warmth to my chest.
Like a fire that blazes so luminously,
You are my light.

I had once said,
That we are taught not to play with fire.
But I'd gladly get burnt,
*If it meant eternity with you.
If I could have just one wish
Caitlin Skye Feb 2015
And she could have sworn she saw,
                 A dove soar through the clouds,
                              High above the chaos below,
                                             Making her heart sore with desire.
Caitlin Skye Feb 2015
There is a melody playing in my soul.
The kind that melts the heart with an intense euphoria:
Devoid of despondency and misery-
And it makes my heart sing.

Like our lungs need air,
And like the sun needs the universe,
*I need you.
Caitlin Skye Jan 2015
If only I had the syllables to confess,
My heart and soul to you.
A thousand words wouldn't be enough,
To expose myself unto you.

Never before had I been beguiled,
By something so extraordinary.
Like a ray of sunshine; bewildered by the light,
Longing to touch it's gentle warmth.

And it was like the world was one dim place,
Filled with pretension and evil,
*Before I met you.
Caitlin Skye Jan 2015
Her dreams were tantalisingly alarming,
So wayward and distant,
That most doubted her potential to fly--
To raise herself up,
Untouched by the slander,
Of those who misjudged her wings.
She knew that some people were beautiful, vivacious spirits,
And that the rest were just the illusion of it.
The futile judgement and condescension the world projected was inept:
For she believed she could be anything.

*Anything she dreamed of.
Caitlin Skye Jan 2015
You* ignite the fire within me-
And it blazes red.

We are taught not to play with fire,
So I can't be liable,
**If I burn you.
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