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Sydney Rose Dec 2021
i wish i knew that
the day we met
we would not last a lifetime
so i could cherish the present
instead of reminiscing now
everything that could have been
through the ghost of you
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
caught in the middle of deciding

to wait for you
to wait for me

the old me before you
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
and as i watch the smiles
shine bright across my sight
i still remember yours
as you brightened my life
and now i must do the same
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
they come around
always they come back
yet not
at my right time
gosh i hate timing
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
there was so much i wanted to say
he was not the one
i wanted to tell it all to
Sydney Rose Nov 2021
what hurts the most
is that
i can never get back
what you have taken
from me

Sydney Rose Nov 2021
i gave a million *****
you could not give one
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