i only want him
to talk endlessly
about him to him

                  - what a girl wants
i thought about the times
we once spent endlessly
married hand & hand
but the calendar only
marked our forever
as just a few hours

i thought about the times
we once spent endlessly
separated heart & heart
& the calendar only
marked our isolation
as countless hours

i thought about the times
we once spent endlessly
thoughts mind & mind
as the calendar only
marked our shyness
as just a forever
please do not
profess the love
you claim
that has returned
to the heart of yours
for my sweet self
when i have finally
learned how to walk
independently once again
Sydney Rose Dec 2018
drinking the heartbreak away
will not solve the problems
you bury yourself in as habit

with alcohol sipping on your lips
allowing dry unspoken words to be
the only chapstick you immerse the lips
you once saturated upon your love with

making stains on your wrinkled shirt
that has been reserved longly from
the month's old ***** laundry pile
because of denial to sober yourself
with no views of bettering the life
you suffer greatly continuous in

as you take each sip to another shelf
of empty bottles & intoxicated remorse
you will not embrace the empowerment
of the unawareness of your environment

yet instead the awareness of who
caused you to sip to another
emplacement of an empty shelf
Sydney Rose Dec 2018
small yellow painted house
motorcycle parked outside
handsomely tall with brown eyes
he is the neighbor across the street

he watches me dance in the living room
recording me gracefully i am his masterpiece enchanted by the ******* of my clothing
peeking through the blinds in the evening

he sneaks late nights to visit
resting peacefully at my window
let me in for just two seconds
he pleads in begs and sorrows

he watches my every move
terrified i am most of him
does no harm to me physically
emotionally wishes for me eternity

i wish to run far away from him
yet he knows my mind & heart
cannot simply erase my life
for he is completely apart

timothy michael green
community neighbor
loving mysterious stalker
the man with a camera
Sydney Rose Dec 2018
my only regret is not knowing you weren't "the one" sooner. heartbreak could have been saved over one who cared more. the endless tears i dealt should have and could have been dripped over another love. but my weak soul was so tempted by your deceiving body that i lead on with your continuous lies. i wish i knew sooner.
Sydney Rose Dec 2018
for i am terrified
that i will not
be able to experience
a contacting rendezvous
between the sweet souls
we once glorified the world with

for i am fearful
that i will not
be able to hear
your deceiving voice
once again in my lifetime

for i hold a deep fear
that you have moved on
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