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Sydney Rose Dec 2019
maybe the cliche saying we live by
is the one i am currently dying in

perhaps you are very wrong for me
while my precious timing is just right

but i am too naive to accept
our truly false romantic affairs
because i do not want to let go
and i believe i never will in life
Sydney Rose Dec 2019
i believe poetry is one of the many
reasons i am still here living life

my blood and bones cannot rest
until i have the chance to present

every detail i need to pronounce
greatly to crowds of great masses
Sydney Rose Dec 2019
i loved you
and you loved everyone but me
because so i will never gain
that love back again i gave
therefore i release my living for you
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
want you need in life. love. lust.
will never compare to
what you deserve in life. love. lust.
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
being with the person you deserve
will never compare or fulfill the heart of
being with the person you want
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
i am getting restless
for those who have neglected my love
shame on them
i will not be there for your next call
Sydney Rose Nov 2019
bring me a star
shooting through the sky
to dream for me a chance
to be me for me
instead of the girl for them
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