it was the only thing i ever wanted
was the only thing i ever wanted

and i was the only thing
the only thing she never wanted
you are
the one thing

i have always wanted
and never gotten

and that simply is
the one endowment

i will strive to achieve
for the rest of my life
i loved you too much
more than the earth
had to simply offer

he might have been the one
the perfect bonding given
to accommodate my life

but i willingly let him go
for another beautiful lifestyle
that i believe is better than any

nothing will change my mind
yet he is the best one for me
foolishly i let the right one go
and one day
this person
will enter
the life
and think
of this soul
an incomprehensible
form of being
and think of it
not once
not twice
but all the time
and this
will be
an everlasting
Sydney Rose Nov 10
i can kiss the skies above
see the enchanting galaxies
hear the harmonious angels
embrace the smells of love

but i cannot feel the love of him
if i have yet to discover a love
with the soul that takes my body
for i must fall deeply with myself
Sydney Rose Nov 9
dear r,

as i walked into the room, glistening with shimmering bodies that enhanced my life with smells of sweet perfume and views of perfectly structured bodies, i realized that every other girl was just trying to be you. the presence of you wasn't physical, yet mentally you were all around me in the rhythm of the tunes and the flips of the glorious shiny hair. the silence between us creates a realizing because you are all i ever wanted.
                                                          - the guy who you have never met
Sydney Rose Nov 9
for i still seek
the potential
in every aspect
of your bittersweet
sorrowful existence
uphold tremendously
for you are not my father
nor the man of my dreams
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