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Arielle Apr 29
The flames are burning all around.
Every dream, every hope burned to the ground.
The breeze turns to gusts
and around me the ashes continue to fall...
The biting of the memories forces tears from my eyes.
It's all gone.
Who am I without this place?
I guess I'll find out...
Just one step. That's all it'll take.
One step.
Which way?
I look frantically around,
my head a mess of warring thoughts.
A flash of color in the grey.
The tears flow harder as I fall to my knees.
As they fall, the tears wash away the ash.
Beneath it, the splash of color blooms.
A flower.
The mark of new beginnings.
A sign of starting fresh.
The answer to my question, "Where do I begin?"
We're starting over.
Arielle Apr 14
I step up to the edge, the breeze blowing my hair.
I close my eyes and I can see it.
My feet leave the ground as my wings catch the wind.
I’m flying.
But, when I open my eyes, I’m not soaring
and my feet are still on solid ground.
What if I fall?
I can’t risk it, that pain.
I look around and see others fearlessly facing the plunge,
but I remain frozen in place.
All I can think is, “What if I fall? What if I fall?”
It’s then, in the midst of my frantic thoughts,
That I hear a still, small voice say,
“Yes, but what if you fly?”
Arielle Apr 8
A simple smile and my world shifts.
I never knew what love was until I found you.
One kiss and I’m disarmed.
I thought I knew passion, then I tasted you.
Who was I before you found me?
A broken piece in an unfinished puzzle…
Then, you completed me.
I loved myself, broken bits and all.
But, this me that I am with you?
It’s more than I ever could’ve hoped for.
More than I ever dared to dream.
You’re my fairy tale come to life.
My charming Prince, my shining Knight.
The love I never thought I’d find in this life...
I'm so happy that you're mine.
Arielle Mar 6
People call me crazy
because my nose is always in a book.
They tell me life is going to
pass me by if I don't stop to look.
But what if I'm not crazy
and the world I choose to see
is the world that this place
has always had the potential to be?
Arielle Feb 28
Deep inhale...
New air fills my lungs.
For the longest time,
I couldn't breath...
The weight,
the crushing presence;
the mask.
Too much to bear.
A weight no longer.
The mask removed.
Yet, as clear air caresses my skin,
the phantom weight remains...
trying to pull me d
A ghost of who I used to be
nagging at the back of my mind,
Can I get back there...
To who I used to be?
Or am I stuck between the thing I was
and the new being, forged through pain
and raised in fire?
It's not always easy to be set free from the things that have controlled us... Sometimes, even when the chains are physically removed, they still remain. And it's hard to discover who, or what, is left behind.
  Feb 20 Arielle
There isn't a day that goes by,
                 where I don't wonder about what could be.

Can't you see?
I am falling for you.
I am changing for you.
It's all for you.
      What will it take?
      What can I do to make you understand?
             I am NOT leaving!
             I am NOT her!
             I will NEVER be her!
*******   H E R

She broke you.
He broke me.
Talk to me.
    Help me help you.
She shattered you, and left me with the pieces.
He broke me, and left you with the shards.
Maybe, we can make NEW pieces.
Maybe, we can mend what they destroyed.
Help me, help you.
Let me in.
Lets build something new.
New begin broken mend shards letmein build help talk falling understand
Arielle Feb 19
The sun shines on the surface.
The light just out of reach.
I hear laughter full of joy,
but I've sunken down too deep.
The breath i took has left me
and the water rushes in.
My body says I'm drowning...
Have I always been?
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