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Arielle Nov 2020
Time flies by...
I reach out to catch a moment.
I touch it.
It slips through my grasp.
In an instant.
As if never really there.
Can you ever catch a moment?
Will you ever freeze time?
Chase the moments.
Race time.
Don't be afraid to miss.
When you fail and a moment gets away...
You've still made a memory.
Arielle Feb 2020
Do you want to know a secret?
I'm not who they think I am...
The girl behind the mask screams so loudly,
But no one hears a word.
Arielle Sep 2019
Who are you, when no one's looking?
The truth of who you are lies just below the surface.
Begging to break free.
Let it!
What do you have to lose?
The weight of the world's expectations?
Let them go.
The weight was never yours to carry...
Be free.
Be you; unapologetically!
The best you,
is the one who holds nothing back.
The one who chases the dreams,
dances in the rain
and jumps with arms spread wide;
ready to fly.
Arielle Aug 2019
Sometimes she looked at the world and saw all of its beauty. In the simple and the complex.
Sometimes the sun danced a little higher in the sky and the wind's kisses felt a little sweeter.
Other times the beauty was lost and the sun's light was burning. The wind's pull was harsh and life was demanding. Sometimes there was no beauty at all. On those days, she hurt a little more and loved a little less. Those days she held on to the memory of the beauty; the hope for tomorrow, and knew that the loneliness wasn't the end.
Arielle Jul 2019
How is it that you see me
but look right through me?
How can I be standing here
yet feel a million miles away?
The paradox of who I am
and who I want to be is killing me...
I am surrounded by people.
I have never felt more alone.
The expectation wars with reality
and I can't tell who will win.
Which voice will I listen to?
The one who tells me what I ought to be,
or the one that already knows who I am?
Arielle Jun 2019
The broken road.
The heart of stone.
A path that led me to you...
Arielle Jun 2019
Tears roll down your face
and I long to wipe them away.
To take your hand and tell you
everything will be ok.
But I can't.
Some things hurt harder.
Some people feel deeper.
And sometimes...
ok is just a dream.
But, through the tears, know this.
I see you; all of you.
Every single part of who you are.
And every broken, bleeding piece
Through the pain there is strength.
Through the tears will shine joy.
And, one day, ok will be
a dream come true.
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