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Jul 2018 · 182
Ismahanwrites Jul 2018
We sacrificed a lot and
yet no one appreciates us for it

- To be a woman
Jul 2018 · 1.4k
i am
Ismahanwrites Jul 2018
I  am  the witch that crushed hearts
and tore them open
I am the opportunist of a girl
That takes advantage of now
I am the idiot of a girl that grows
close to girls who dislike her girls
who wants what is best for them only
I am the boss of a girl that will close
these chapters and walk forward
and rest in arms of self love instead
of self harm
there will come a day where you have to choose yourself
Jul 2018 · 751
i am
Ismahanwrites Jul 2018
i am a work in progress
i am a work in progress
and i am owning every bit of this flawed
sentence because
i am her
it will take time to build yourself all over again so take your time and own it
Ismahanwrites Jul 2018
Tragedy is still caring for someone who wants the worse for you.
Stop caring about them
Jul 2017 · 325
Loving you Hurts
Ismahanwrites Jul 2017
Together we faced challenges
But with your absence
I was left defeated you gave
me no other choice
but to move on to a man
Who treats me better than you
ever did but some how I can't
love him back because
my heart is still attached to you.
Mar 2017 · 735
Your absences
Ismahanwrites Mar 2017
Your absences felt like
A gun pulled to my chest
Knowingly that she's sleeping
By your side
Naked while your two bodies collide
And exchange heat I remain untouched.
Mar 2017 · 523
Delusional love
Ismahanwrites Mar 2017
The only time he acknowledges her
Is after midnight
He says hey babe
I came to pick you up
She comes back the next day
Thinking he loves her
Now the avoiding begins
He sees her in public
And acts like he doesn't know her
This is why I call it delusional love
Cause this is not love
Love is not about satisfying someone's needs.
Feb 2017 · 256
Confused girl
Ismahanwrites Feb 2017
I try so hard to move on,
But then you appear in my dreams
Right where you belong
In my cerebrum.

  I try to stand strong,
But then Everybody that I know are telling me
               You Moved On

But then there you were standing tall in a fog trying to send me a message in my dreams
Shouting my name achingly For me to
                Come Back To You

But then
in reality you moved on
with the girl of your dreams.
The kind of girl that pampers herself
And has an ultimate addiction of  her looks.

Jan 2017 · 423
Let me be your parasite
Ismahanwrites Jan 2017
Swallow me in pieces
and Let me be
safe in your
Then let me
Slowly find
My way to
your Abdomen.

be the Parasite
that Showers you
with constant Butterflies.

Nov 2016 · 208
Ismahanwrites Nov 2016
we walked and talked together
at the sea .
but our hearts were too different
for each other.
Nov 2016 · 238
It was that kind of love
Ismahanwrites Nov 2016
His love was
The kind of love that sweeps you off your feet.
The kind of love that serenades you with Let Me Be Your Hero and lillies.

     It was that kind of love.
I miss you so much
That I wish sometimes I could go back and fix everything we had for each other
Nov 2016 · 278
Ismahanwrites Nov 2016
I fell in love with you
All the way to my bones
And it hurts to know that
I was just another one of your play toys.
Nov 2016 · 454
Thinking of you
Ismahanwrites Nov 2016
when the flowers blossom,
I will think of you.
And when the wind blows,
I will also think of you.
And when distance stand against Our love,
I will always think of you.
Oct 2016 · 263
World peace is needed
Ismahanwrites Oct 2016
We've learnt literature
To share our thoughts.

And We prayed each day
To end in peace
Kids running away from content
To the other
Hiding from terror
Wishing the night
Could end at ease.

Running away from their homes
Seeking nothing
Wanting nothing but a better
Life for their Own.  

Oct 2016 · 561
Ismahanwrites Oct 2016

You let me share my thoughts and exchange clues of what's next in our upcoming adventure
And you let me write and erase my pain
And re-write them all over again
Changing inks for my
Story to be complete
In a book that saves my secrets
And kept them sealed for years  
Gratitude to you for listening to What was once left muted.
Gratitude to you
dear poetry.

Sep 2016 · 390
A Hazard
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
You made feel that
Am the contagious One
for your living
You made me look poisonous
Through your eyes
A hazard that set
Me through flames.
Sep 2016 · 484
Shattered heart
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
i use to love looking at
the moon cause it use to
Remind me of your face
now the stars reflect on my
faults and my heart sheds
a tear
Asking myself what have I done?
Who did I have fallen  in love with?
I'd reach the shooting star of what I love
But, Now all I see is
darkness and a
shattered heart.

Sep 2016 · 213
Eternal love
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
If falling In love with him was a crime
Then the taste of his Flesh remained on my tongue.
He was forever mine.
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
i might not know
the first thing about

but what i do know is it speaks
within your soul and leaves no room for regrets
it brings out the other side of you
that hides between the sheets
and shouts out the pain
and brings out the ink

tatters around papers
cause nothing make sense
but the right piece of poetry
can make a difference.

Aspiring to no longer be inspiring
Sep 2016 · 205
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
she looked down
at what used to
be it once
she found nothing
but a body full
of scars.
Sep 2016 · 354
Rays of the sunlight
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
He felt the rays
of the sunlight
as He watched her
set foot in his life.

Sep 2016 · 239
She got High
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
she got high
with his warmth
his tenderness  
that melted her heart
He makes her want to
wander ceaselessly in his
Sep 2016 · 261
Summer ecstasy
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
Ecstasy was his
Lips on mine.
Now it's all
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
I predicted us
being one.
My mind didn't
Predict a plus two.
its funny how
One's imagination
can predict happy
Moments but not
the ruiners.

Sep 2016 · 178
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
I was not humble enough to know
the truth that in life
we cant wait for opportunities
to knock on the door
but to chase them with
full hope.
Sep 2016 · 170
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
His bones needed milk
as much as love
for him to survive
in this cruel world.
Sep 2016 · 198
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
I want to look
inside your
head and see
will I show up
as a saint
or a sinner?

Sep 2016 · 239
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
Was it the
scar on my
hip that made
you disappear
and slowly made
you ship
Or was your mind
stubborn enough
to understand that my
body was disowned
by another soul.
Sep 2016 · 227
Regrets, lies and love
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
confused between
a one sided lie
a fathers love
and a mothers happiness
collided by two miseries
and a hatred that brings
flames to ashes
of mothers love
and a fathers
regret  .
Sep 2016 · 287
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
the mind can't dig
  but the tongue can twist
lust into money.
Sep 2016 · 1.8k
No to violence
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
What are we doing?
but siding with the beast
kids crying out of fear
feared to shed a tear
mother's lying on floor
with their blood covering
the sea.

what are we doing?
kids stunned to death
whether to realize whats real
or not real.
fathers running away
with full speed.

kids feasting with there own
fear confused with this

A world
thats feasting with blood
and tears.

Sep 2016 · 389
Her shelter
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
she crossed the seven seas
encountered Waves that drowned
the unthinkable.
just to prove
that love has its sacrifices  
the moon became her shelter.

Sep 2016 · 224
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
He flew all around the world just to be away from her.
Little did he know
She cried all night just to be by her side again.
Sep 2016 · 304
Her flaws
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
she counted him
As one of her flaws.
Sep 2016 · 208
Ismahanwrites Sep 2016
I was all that she was once upon a time.
I was a bee who owned her beehive
I had a  home
and it was you.

Aug 2016 · 218
Ismahanwrites Aug 2016
Her reflection
Was his typewriter.

His volatile emotions
Was her story teller.
Aug 2016 · 213
Ismahanwrites Aug 2016
Her hysteria
Was a story teller.
             And Her Lover.
                    Was the Typewriter
Aug 2016 · 235
Ismahanwrites Aug 2016
She wiped her life
From the surface and endings
As she watched him
Start a new chapter
A new life
With her.
Aug 2016 · 435
Dear darling
Ismahanwrites Aug 2016
I've owned up
To my Unfading Scars
The ones that didn't forget
Your touch.
Aug 2016 · 303
Wounded soul
Ismahanwrites Aug 2016
Stuck in between.....
Do I call him
Do I not
Do I talk To my dad like any daughters would
Do I stay away and not let my mother words down
Shall I not take sides
When all along I was stuck in between
My happiness
And this hideous Un-forgetable scar
That's haunting me
Stuck inbetween my fathers love
And my mothers wounded heart.
Aug 2016 · 523
Crazy in love
Ismahanwrites Aug 2016
the tip of my tongue dyed
deliciously in between his
untied Scars.
Aug 2016 · 200
Ismahanwrites Aug 2016
Give me Your All
Was his everlasting

And I chose to gave him
Jul 2016 · 678
She just wanted
Ismahanwrites Jul 2016
She just wanted her Man
       To become a dreamer
  A dreamer of life and what's next.
There's nothing more attractive than a man who has ambition and who wants to do better with his life and live life to the fullest.
Jul 2016 · 379
Ismahanwrites Jul 2016
Sunday Morning two life's forever have changed
With one word

A Father Who's made his Ultimate decision
leaving us without a Persuasion  
leaving us without a Saying
Leaving us without Mother

A Mother
who made a Mistake of leaving Us
behind but regrets the Moment
she left Him and left Us behind

A Father who cant take Her pain anymore
Of leaving Him and leaving Us behind

A Father who's made His ultimate decision
His Life Changing Decision
A Father who cant be persuaded

A Mother who left us with confusion
That can't be left behind
Leaving Us without Hope
Rescuing their love

A Father
who's made his Ultimate decision
And One Word
Still stuck on his Mind
Jul 2016 · 249
A written masterpiece
Ismahanwrites Jul 2016
what if Everything
you've ever Touched
slowly Turned
into dust.

what if the only man
you've Ever
loved throws His life
In between your
Two hands.

Leaving you
To take care
Of a confused child.

what if your life
was a written poetry.
Jul 2016 · 243
Humanity Is.....
Ismahanwrites Jul 2016
Humanity is

The Human race; Human beings

in another words
being One
sharing the love Together
being supportive of One Another
Not going against each Other.
Loving one another
Jul 2016 · 243
Hilariously In love
Ismahanwrites Jul 2016
We've known each other
For two weeks
And we were Hilariously in Love.
Jul 2016 · 783
Violence is not the Answer
Ismahanwrites Jul 2016
People of color
Aren't we all Humans
Who are striving To do better
Who are harmless
Aren't we all Innocent
who are livings for there ever after
Aren't we all believers
Who are excited to bring newborns
In this WORLD

A World?

A world that is full of violence
A world that is so beautiful
Yet corrupted
In every way
In every direction.
Jul 2016 · 659
Dear Father
Ismahanwrites Jul 2016
Are we Brought to this World to be loved Equally Or to be Loved Unequally
Dear father,
Aren't we all one
Didn't we all come out from One Womb
From one soul
From one flesh
From one Phenomenal Women
Who went  through all the pain
All the Aches
All the broken bones
All the suffering
Dear father,
Aren't we all one
Didn't we all come out from one womb
From one Flesh
Aren't we all one.
It's horrible feeling to be a parents favorite
But that mothers love is one love that can't be explained in this world but a fathers love has to be earned.
But a mothers love is unconditional love she's gives and doesn't want anything in return she's a phenomenal women who loves her children equally and her love and trust comes peacefully.
Jul 2016 · 301
The Mind doesn't forget
Ismahanwrites Jul 2016
They say wounds Heal
but the Mind doesn't Forget
it recalls every Ounce of
Heartache that was once given
to an innocent soul.
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