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cut your hair in a bathroom with a pocket knife
put all chairs in your house upside down
pretend you always hate your life
paint your face to look like a clown

pay for your friends' groceries
draw on the walls with coloring pencils
paint using your fingertips
eat nothing but leaves and lentils

clean mud residue from underneath your shoes using metal nails and tissues
deadly lie stating you clearly don't have any mental issues

stick any words together and say it's a protest song
be alive right now since you're so convinced
you won't be alive for long
hypnopunk Jul 13
you have to

listen more than you speak
read more than you write
cook more than you eat
seek more than you find

act more than you sleep
practice more than you preach
sow more than you reap
stain more than you bleach
hypnopunk Jul 7
rolling around
in a warm patch
of my naked bed

birds peck the window
rats roam the floor
beetles on the ceiling
dragonflies on the wall

i'm being alive
with eyes turned away
soaked in hot tears

but the birds are here to stay
hypnopunk Jun 27
time is the ultimate currency
by existing we gamble
life expectancy

the globe glitches and moves
around the open sky
with a fruitless frequency

if living is preconceived
and it mirrors the chaos
then what shall i do with this knife?

the globe looks like glass to me
can no one else see
this algorithmic ******* life?

i can't look at my own
reflection for too long
or i start to look like my father

the globe is tiny and absurd
it could never make sense
so why do we all even bother?
hypnopunk Jun 25
people roll around in trash
in greasy wrappers
and tangerine peels
they mosh and jump
in an endless garbage mass
a shard of broken glass
in their ash-filled air-pump
but they never for a second
struggle to breathe

it's one big waste bin
cardboard boxes collapse
metal cuts through skin
plastic sticks to the wound
glass is cold and sharp
the people, seemingly doomed
exist and pass energy around
with a loud spirited sound

people roll around in dirt
and when they're done
they go, they come back home

with specks of wind
whirring in their ears
stirring the desires
of their blood-pumping vessels
silver string in their hair
turns out to be wire

sweaty, red foreheads
with earth smeared all over
clothes green from grass
and greener from clover

people roll around in trash
people roll around in dirt
and so do i, don't you see
the obvious stains on my shirt?
hypnopunk Jun 21
no pretence of acceptance
no rainbows sold in plastic bags
us with brick fists as weapons
in capes made of handsewn flags
pinned with silver safety pins
smashing corporate windows
quit marketing that love wins
i know you're just here for the party
hypnopunk Jun 13
damp hair - from the rain
with stray green vines
hanging down low
all over the eyes

and the shoulders - stiff
like an oak tree
softly whistling
in the darkest night

like found forest bones
of wolves or deer
that seem to shine
so dirtily clear

shameful, how the stones
will always stay
after bodies
all sweetly decay

i say: no more graves
let's become moss
eaten apart
tiny human loss

i say: let us wait
for the ill earth
to take us back
for what we are worth

grim sower planet
in green and blue
graveyard granite
gone without a clue

now we'll be statues
barely breathing
made to confuse
waiting for nothing

if this world ends
if it twists and turns
i will think of you
as it crashes
as morning dew
mixes with my own ashes
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