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yana Mar 2019
i said i wanted to write about you
but now i can't find my words
i'm angry and upset and lost
but i hope you're taking this harder than i am

you didn't do this for us
you did this for yourself
we could've made it work had you told me
i wasn't the only one thinking selfishly, so were you

i think i have a type
for people who find problems with me but tell me when it's too late to fix because they make reasons for problems that have yet to exist

i love you, i do
but i hope you're aching more right now
because you said everything like you were my whole world

you were

but that was for me to know and you to figure out yourself.
yana Nov 2018
your skin is the colour of yokohama honey

and you look at me with eyes as amber as liquid luck could be

your lips melt against mine like parfaits in santa monica summer

you look good

and i bet you taste just as good too
yana Nov 2018
if you will be my sea
i will be your sky

if you will be my black
i will be your white

i will paint you seasons and keep your tenderness close
if you will take me places, places only we know

if you will be my sunshine
i will be your night

you are my yin yang happening
and everything, for once, is alright
yana Oct 2018
dear love, from distant moons
from different days
from orange suns
wait for me
i'm taking my time
but i'm not wasting it
yana Sep 2018
the colours of your skin have faded
into a shade of pale, winter white
but i look into your sparkling eyes
and you become my hamartia all over again
yana Sep 2018
i am no longer afraid when the butterflies fly away because butterflies only fly to help flowers grow
yana Sep 2018
“ god, give me butterflies again ,,

i miss the nights
that i would spend
clutching my chest
because my heart was going to beat out of it

i miss the days
that i would wonder through
dazed, spell-binded, confused
because my mind replayed
visions of your love

i miss the afternoons
that i would long await
because it meant
that i would see you again
after seeing people who could never compare to you

and i feel guilty
my skin crawls with every letter
i feel afraid
that you feel this way too

so i pray to the higher powers

“ god, give me butterflies again ,,

— The End —