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Vivid hallucinations,
cause a severe depression.
Hearing the terrified screams,
in my head as I sit here in silence
What a internal sabotage.
I’m going to buckle.

That disgusting buckle,
with terrible hallucinations.
This is your sabotage,
you are my depression.
I’m done sitting in silence,
it’s my turn to scream.
"Do I HAVE to go?"
*The pain in the voice of the unheard.
It's oh, so powerful.
Everything that you put me through
You left me
When I needed you most
WHAT THE ****?!?!
Why would you do that to me?!
Do you understand that I'm in
LOVE with you?!
Why did you leave me
When I needed you most?
I thought I loved you. I hate myself for not being able to hate you.
Jesus Christ
You have such a pretty face.
I'll die all alone.

Jesus Christ
I'm alone again,
What did you do
When you were dead?

Jesus Christ
I'm not scared to die
I'm scared of whats after.

Jesus Christ
I'm scared I'll get scared
Of What's going to happen.
Inspired by Jesus Christ by Brand New
There's a feeling in the air.
A smell.
The smell of death of
Innocent people and children.
Of killers.
The blood on your hands.
I can't get it off.
this is to the paris attacks and the resent shooting in cali
I have told myself I'm okay for
Far too ******* long.
I want to disappear forever.
Go somewhere I won't be found.
Where people will give up on the search.
I'm not
Who people think I am.
I'll leave in the night,
When everyone is asleep.
Maybe not. I'm not sure.
"I'll be back later"
"Where are you going?"
"On a walk"
No one will think anything.
*I'll find an overpass,

Climb over it.

And *jump.

At just the right time.
Dear You,
Yes, you.
I'm sorry you
Had to find out
This way.

Goodbye alex. I'll see you soon. I love you.
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