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Henry Brooke May 2016
I unwrapped the present
it was a you and a little me
the always chatty
the never sad or boring
duo, I loved you
like no-one
and yet I met you on the Internet.
Now I still do
but I feel you're getting bored
you're getting away
do you know there are others
tell me how you feel
next time I ask.
If I ever do.
All time spend my time on computer games
is a bullet in my foot
I want to talk to you
yet my lip is caught in a hook
even this poem ***** but
it's more I need to talk .
I feel like I'm making you suffer
**** ****
last time I made you mad
I wanted to die
I felt like a maggot.
because it was really my fault.
So now it's unraveling again I feel.
You sent me messages tonight
I only got them later on,
you feel me drag away
I'm am no-one
the never gay
though I seemed to care
I sent the honest goodnight
but it wasn't the crazy
it was the same old
same old
and tomorrow I want to love you
like I feel I do
when my mind is focused
when I believe in you.
Henry Brooke Mar 2016
Another night on the tower
ten hours of my life to waste
A watchman to watch over the camp
but who to watch over me?

The light deserts god's empty work
till it's just this candle and me
In a trojan horse erected out
to liberate the free.

I watch the crescent moon go up,
its as if she's drawn the short straw too.
Never a companion, this cosmic block
is just there.

I think of the women of my life
feelings of loneliness in my room. wind blowing
Henry Brooke Feb 2016
easy she just said
easy and so she
pull out your heart to me
being alone
being a lord is
you break the
brand old TV.
loose the control
Crush it your hole
is gaping,
sailing on,
is Easy.
burn all the sticks to
make a fight
to forget
oh easy
burn all the
text to show
a light
go next.
lyrics. mixed a song I like.
Henry Brooke Feb 2016
no not like usual
this time it feels insane
feelings, heart and guts
inside safe and same

you are a gem
I threw
Henry Brooke Jan 2016
D on't
E ever
P retend
R eason
E xceeds
S olidarity;
S imply
I gnore
O ngoing
N egativities.
Henry Brooke Dec 2015
She could be there

Through the zipping window
Down and laid upon
Clouds of sunken sadness
You could walk along.

You imagine her
In a place she's not
That spot is the real
The un-forgot

In the romance
That seaside house
Fish smells, books
The forever new

A room with a view
A nest for two
A friend for you
Forever true

Yet the window keeps
whizzing and you remember
how much always
is a silly word
How perfect is the absurd

But you still imagine
The impossible
Because it's something
It's a photo a snapshot
And in essentia
Something that could be

And you fight those
morning sicknesses
Trying to make it happen
By believing in yourself

Because she/he is worth it
And it could mean the world
Henry Brooke Dec 2015
I wish we were together
Not world's apart like this
Not touching is one thing
But there's much more that i miss

I miss your face
Your words, and breath
The morning surprises
And midnight sets

I've never seen your face
North heard your voice
For you think you're ugly
That your voice is coarse

Show yourself honey
Well see how I feel about you
I can't take it anymore
Because you're beautiful inside.

What if you were a treasure
Hiding in disguise?
Same girl.
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