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 Jun 2017 fueledbysadness
 Jun 2017 fueledbysadness
My glow wouldn't last, throughout the night
As I face the coming of my dear end
Along out of your teary sight
A painful smoke, I shall leave behind

Candle, I am...
Yet I tear down to
But, my glow radiants the dark
And forever attains to comfort you

Every night, I listen to you in silence
Your stories of life and living
Then you embrace my gentleness
And give my silence a meaning

Candle, I am...
With a purpose to shine
Not only in the darkness
But within your soul, empowering a shrine...

My melancholy muse
break away from your
renegade romance,
sweep off the residue
of a fettered love affair.
Come rest in my abode -
i’ll sprinkle you with
moonlight dust,
adorn with flecks
of emerald plushes
and make you my birdsong
where your every blink
shall spawn idyllic themes,
your laugh
strum lyrics of exuberance,
and your touch -
an oasis in stratums
of drought.
g                 o
i                  n
v                 l
i                  h
t                  a
p                  s
r                   l
i                   o
h                  h
t                   y
a                  u
a                  g
y                  o
 Jun 2017 fueledbysadness
Breathe the bright moments in life
and hold them nearby.
Let them go gently as you would
release a butterfly.

Let love come to you
as a soft summer breeze.  
Let it find you in a quiet moment
under a shade of trees.

Love will return in perfect passion.
Grasp passion with both hands
and hold onto it
until you have wrung
all the heat from it
you can.

Then release it as a sigh
of contentment.
Savor the perfect moment in life
but dwell in every remnant.

Life, love, passion & contentment
come to us all, friend ...
but they stay with those
who appreciate them.
Idk... just appreciating life.
 Jun 2017 fueledbysadness
Just because I waved
to ocean , excitedly
it licked my toes
I was going to write serious haiku about the ocean but this one popped out , soz my humour is over taking me completely ,  I can't help it :)
shards of shimmering sunlight
sliced through the tree canopy
to lay a bed of bright beams
on the soft earth's ground
Some Kind Of Sadness

I seem to have a mark of sadness
I don’t see when writing.
But when read again,
Plain as the nose upon my face
I see it and I say:
Am I that doleful soul
Whose miles of smiles
Make each day,
An inner and an inner, inner
Spurned when I’m awake?
A Janus or an understand-er of existence,
Real both?  Real or both?
I know-eth not
And do not care.
I’m where I ought to be:
Here always.

Some Kind Of Sadness 6.25.2017
Pure Nakedness;
Arlene Corwin
the inner of the inner
 Jun 2017 fueledbysadness
Glow worms brighten, the
Moonless night, decorating
Itself on some trees
Like twinkling of million stars
Shedding pure eternal bliss

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
Mountains on mountains it's all uphill from here
I was afraid of heights but you never let anything limit me
Holding hands at the crack of dawn to sight see
Why is it so easy to fall
One slip up and we're gone
I value kinships across regions but I think the tectonic folding image of value is you on my mind
Never envisioned that our fun could be left behind
Drastic climate changes at this altitude leaves me to believe we're unprepared How strong is the feeling on this sensitive terrain
Maybe if I jump rather than fall we will have something to gain
#Love #Nostalgic #Dreaming
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