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Semihten5 15h
suspicious waves
at least as much as you
shore and I expect
until the storm breaks

who knows behind
maybe there is death
good things
wrong order
who was said

distorted faces
at all don't see
false mirrors
life transformed into legend
a touch on my heart
with your eyes
do you know
what is heart attack

(for sweet Deb Jones)
Semihten5 Apr 5
each dream is very different
like you
there is a moment
but others not important
Semihten5 Apr 5
very cold in hearts
if there is not a love
you will understand one day
Semihten5 Apr 4
sometimes empty dreams
human pursuit
never get tired of
Semihten5 Apr 3
colors are rich
eyes tired
languages are silent
haul in the hearts
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