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in the sky you can trust your wings
don't forget we are on earth
look for other reasons
for live here

in a place which strict rules
you need solide feet

only that
nights are unsatisfied
their bodies scramble with the fire of kisses
the secrets of hot beds remain inside us
jewels shine in the darkness
extend your hand and take someone

let's burn together with fire of the night
when the waters calm down, you come to the shore
if my footprints you are looking for, the sea destroyed them
like every time you chose wrong time
follow a line
like there is no other road
don't scream a lot
what you saw
like it happened to everything

fish that don't drown in the sea
as if everybody knew

like a story once time lived
Semihten5 Dec 2019
lastly Mr. Character
stop away from everything
those who make you like this
they do not admit guilt

they will not change
you change
they will ask why
smile at them
lastly Mr. Character
Semihten5 Nov 2019
I will lost in the dark cities
need to hear the sound of the bottom waves sometimes
the sea starts where the shore ends
always desolation here

in fact,on far away are the ones we feel close to
Semihten5 Nov 2019
I have abandoned ships
my ports are empty
my deserted bays

never ask
what happens tomorrow

if my love is on the shore
everyone will heard my ship whistle
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