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Semihten5 Feb 19
the wheather was cold until your eyes
I do not understand
One bird was frozen
I think my heart
Semihten5 Feb 5
the bells were ring
which road was misty
could you seen
sunset was far away
the screams was ready

the view was cold
Semihten5 Feb 1
everybody wait for a sun
if clouds  do not interfere
do not overshadow dreams

let us the expected come
Semihten5 Jan 30
you let  me for love
the roads closed
it does not  matter for love
Semihten5 Jan 29
everyone's voyage is different Captain
you see few shipsin the oceans
they fear deeply
you are free only in the vast
Semihten5 Jan 20
the grandfather was knew
like past was today
the humman
Semihten5 Jan 20
every fly was other than go
eyes were only witness
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