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I am in trouble
no  objection, I am waitng for you too
this is my invitation only to you

I am on a deserted road
I am walking next to your dream an longing
come, my invitation to our journey

I am in  a dark room
I want to see things countless
my invitation is to no one but you

I am in a cold climate
deep painful your absence
my invitation to your presence
not timeless storms
what you have collected so far

an arrow seeks its the target
you were target this time
Semihten5 Sep 8
What a pain to be an aye in poor light
sometimes success does not come by force
if what a need human
it does not know until nobody was gone
Semihten5 Sep 2
separation was sleep on a board with nails
death for those who  do not know the tecnique
Semihten5 Aug 29
your eyes were a sweet dream for me
now I swim in the sea
can I go back to shore

a question to you

(for Deb)
Semihten5 Aug 28
leave the most  important for later
let them think you forgot
sometimes the sun rises late
let them blame the clouds
Semihten5 Aug 25
stagnant rivers brought
you were always going fast
you did not expect
that is why you did not see

the story is just that
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