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Semihten5 Sep 29
maybe a light comes...
never afraid...
I am nearly...
Semihten5 Sep 28
the man was on top
fishes are in deep waters
both at the last point
no difference
Semihten5 Sep 27
I left the shovels
I convinced my heart
accepting the provision
what changed

draw my route
let me know my road
Semihten5 Sep 26
extinguished the last candle
room was dark
suddenly plunged into dreams
silent screams into own
bombs exploded
deaf ears did not hear

the only witness was the walls
mutes wouldn't tell a secret
Semihten5 Sep 26
waves of deep in the deepest no one sees
in our roads the pit danger ahead
end of page  short life on the text
finished fighting whistle of finish
hour-hand turns alone mimute hand stopped
Semihten5 Sep 25
do not forget this:
blows always different
first you must fear from your closest
because most
you don't take your guard against them

do not object me
you shouldn't trust yourself on this point
Semihten5 Sep 25
Every story will end one day
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