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catherine Apr 2018
Breathe into the nothingness
and the heavens open wide.
Dream about the obsidian night
and constellations glaze the sky.
Bask in the meadows of solace
and the soul nestles in warmth.
Dip your feet in cerulean waters
and ebbing grace spring forth.
Ignite like the forest fires
and from the ashes, rise anew.
Get drunk in the elixir of life
and take me with you.
catherine Nov 2017
The first time I laid eyes on you,
I caught a glimpse of the break of dawn -
a luminescence of  breathtaking events
flashed before my eyes
in fast forward.
As we started talking,
I saw the radiant glow of my
somber, brown eyes
reflecting on yours.
The moment our fingers
first touched,
i felt a sudden jolt
of electricity flowing
through the current
of our bodies.
We became two atoms fusing
to release massive energies
to fuel the sun’s rays.
The warmth became
our refuge - comforting, safe.
Seconds turned minutes,
minutes turned days;
I witnessed an everyday cycle
of day fading into dusk.
I have woven myself in
the soft beaming light
of your soul,
but deeper, I also immersed
into the abyss of  your darkness,
until we both suspended
into the nothingness.
One morning, I felt
warm, moist air
surrounding my atmosphere.
As the veil of pitch-dark clouds
approached, I enveloped in
anxious anticipation.
Is this the beginning of the end?
As the storm surges,
squalls of rain
and a heavy whirlwind
loom overhead -
it comes from a distance
but I can feel the destruction
happening within.
Slowly, i was consumed,
washed away - a mere casualty.
As soon as the skies cleared,
we were no longer.
I walked barefoot
in streets
of the aftermath.
Remnants of the storm
were scattered all over.
I was no longer whole,
but I did not need to be.
I waited until a glimmer
of light surfaced through
the horizon. It was stunning
after all - to be alive and
greeted with a speck of hope,
In the midst of a ravaging maelstrom scheme.
catherine Jul 2017
This cradle of sweet remembrance
is ours to recollect
under a myriad of unknown stars.
Your hazel eyes bore golden flecks,
your cheeks blushed crimson
above the scars.
Every bit of flesh in your body
speaks of our nostalgic yesteryear,
it mirrors the chasmic depths
of a love beyond celestial spheres.
catherine Jul 2017
When I hear your
soothing voice,
my consciousness
quickly suspends
in the ether.

The weight
of your words
fill me to the brim;
an overflowing madness
and chaos take over
my dilapidated mind  -
you have turned me
into a crazy lunatic.

as we walked together
you whispered in my ear,
"There's nothing like us
together through the storm."

And my heart
like fireworks
in the sky.
It spilled
all over the place
like wet paint
on a blank canvas.

Now, I am drifting
towards the seedbed
of our secret insanity,
nothing but the two of us
can ever fathom

Oh darling,
my clandestine love
is what you will
always be.
catherine Jun 2017
My melancholy muse
break away from your
renegade romance,
sweep off the residue
of a fettered love affair.
Come rest in my abode -
i’ll sprinkle you with
moonlight dust,
adorn with flecks
of emerald plushes
and make you my birdsong
where your every blink
shall spawn idyllic themes,
your laugh
strum lyrics of exuberance,
and your touch -
an oasis in stratums
of drought.
catherine Jun 2017
Our vessel sails across
tranquil seas and
subtle waves
no visible signs
of thunderstorms
no heavy winds
or pitch-dark clouds
in the harbor of safety
we lie untroubled
but not for long

the serenity of the
waters is not a
to the end
of the shore
when you’re stuck
in the doldrums
it’s stagnant melancholy
a torrent of calm
is deserting too

I'm in a voyage of love
where the anchor
is you
but the ship
is already sunken
to the deep trenches
and it pleads
to be saved
The doldrums (a region where there is inactivity in the water) would be a metaphor for a kind of love that is stagnant and boring because everything becomes routine.
catherine Jun 2017
Her glistening smile
only appears in the dying of light
the odes of imminent fervor
reverberating from within
unleash as she steals the spotlight
from her restless shadow
cast by the crescent moon
dripping silver hues,
but she envelops back
to a tight sheath in isolation
as early as the daybreak -
the crack of dawn
and if you only dwell
on the surface
you can never untangle
her unkempt secrets
nor unravel the effervescence
she manifests.
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