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She's suffering from depression
Leaving cuts and scars down her body
Having stories to tell
But secrets hidden
She tries to break out of it
But her inner self screams in pain
She knew that she'll never become new but just stay the same.
I think love and music are very alike.
When you first heard your favorite song
You fell in love with it, you played it over and over again.
Love is the same way.
You fall in love and it's great but then someone gets tired because it's all the same and then you search for a different melody.

You change the station.
..You find a new lover.
 Jun 2014 Francisco Ortiz
Tonight is the night.
When the girl and the sea can atlas become one.
Her flawless legs blending into the wet sand.
A thin waist, which is clouded in white, disappears into the frothy foam.
I watch her go, her blue bodice rolling away on a wave.

She doesn't look back at me standing on the shore. The sun cresting on the hills.
I will always miss her, and her mint green eyes swimming in tears of loneliness.

The lost-girl who vanished into the sea without me.
I haven't been writing lately. My computer took a dive and I'm waiting for the new peices to arrive to fix it. I dislike writing on my phone. (The typos drive me nuts and the autocorrects)

I've actually gotten back in to painting. I've been posting my work on SketchClub! It's an amazing site for artists to come together and share. My screen name on SketchClub is: Pandarra.

Come check my work out! <3
 Jun 2014 Francisco Ortiz
Let me cut your wrists and **** myself,
releasing you from this mental prison,
where you believe you cannot escape.
So I will climb into your head,
stab you until I am dead,
then I sneak away through the wounds gape.
As I try to run away,
out of sight and out of mind,
I will drown in your blood,
when my cure makes me blind.
 Jun 2014 Francisco Ortiz
Damnation of the Mind
In Society’s eyes, I commit a Crime.

Freedom mistook as a Sin
“For I’m always right”, says the Red Queen.

I scattered my scrappy writes
In this forest full of lies

I am as good as dead
For I am never needed
Naked to the bone
A far away star, I am alone.

“I am your salvation”, says the Holy King
I oblige for that’s what I think is right, Lamenting
Oh, Holy king, I can’t stop wondering
The man made crisis keeps on repeating
Driven by powerful Need
They hunger for what they don’t Need

I am in a brink of exhaustion
Many hides in the facade of beautiful illusion
Creation for an easy solution

Abundance is slowly fading
Our soulful purity is slowly dying.

*© Pax
 Jun 2014 Francisco Ortiz
Don't measure your self-worth by someone's opinions.

*© Pax
a quote, learned experienced. One of the things that I need to remind myself. You are worthy for your own good not for their own taste.
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