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Francisco Ortiz May 2016
Everything is a lie when it comes to me
I guess sometimes the truth is just hard to see
But really I'm just living my life in agony
Hoping things will get better when you're not around
But here I am banging my head on the ground
Trying to Crack the code
Francisco Ortiz Nov 2015
Words filled with lies crawl out of the swamp that is your ****** mouth.
Pouring out one after another
Following the instructions of your evil mind
We have all fallen prey to your wicked propaganda
It has filled our minds with lies hidden behind beautiful words that lure and entice our attention in order raise chaos within the system
Your words are sharp and edged with lies,
Lies that cut deep as I watch the vein bleed
For they have no meaning in a mind like mine
I am one
Of many words
But I am few
Of many lies
Francisco Ortiz Oct 2015
I'm going mad
No one belives it.
I'm always sad
Everyone sees it.
Although I am
The only one
Who feels
Pain surrounds me
I feel everything
But free.
I've held myself down
Oppressed my own mind.
I've tried fighting it
But the battle within only moves to hurt
Me and not you.
Francisco Ortiz Apr 2015
I am alone
we are alone
Alone in the world
alone in our minds
through withered spirits
And broken hearts
we are pushed away
forced to be alone
forced to die
as we live and breathe
We have no choice
we must suffer
but I
must suffer Alone
Francisco Ortiz Mar 2015
I never saw it coming
Everything was fine
I was kinda happy
could've been
A lot better
Then it all fell apart when
I was diagnosed with cancer
First I lost the ability to live a normal life
Then I lost my mind
Then I lost my feelings
Now I am lost in hope of finding myself.
I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in the beginning of the year.
Francisco Ortiz Sep 2014
Tonight I dream,
But tomorrow i awaken.
I lay dowm in hopes of seeing you, but I seem to forget the the pain you bring.
Is it I who has mistaken your kindness for affection.
Or you
Who has mistaken my affection for kindness.
Either way we are both stranded on the dangerous island of love.
We endure the conditions of it day in and day out.
Bright warm steamy days,
Dark lonesome nights filled with wanderlust and pain.
I only seek to know where you are
when my love is vein.
Francisco Ortiz Sep 2014
I feel cursed to be who i am,
Because no one seems to enjoy my presence.
I am utterly alone in this life.
I feel like I bother you and everyone I attempt to converse with.
I feel like the insignificant spec of dust, but not even the wind cares to ******* away.
I'm just cursed to rot here alone, where no living soul can hear my lonesome moan.

But as I begin to lose hope in my attempts to communicate, I find you.
A girl
Who has for so long trapped herself im my mind.
But you my dear seem to ignore me
The same way everyone else does.
Few understand my pain.
Few understand the lonsosme nights i spend begging for sleep.
The days become restless and the curse continues,
To tear me apart
And leave me stranded
With a shattered heart.
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