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Haiven Victoria Aug 2014
I'll do anything for you
Even if it's crazy things
Cause im crazy for you
Haiven Victoria Aug 2014
When I feel alone or scared at night I want you here with me holding me tight, telling me it will be okay while giving me a kiss goodnight

I want you here to tell me that you love me and you'll never leave me alone

I want you to lay beside me with your body against mine laying your arm around me letting our fingers intertwine

I want you to feel the love
That fills in my heart  
Baby ill love you forever till
death do us part

Haiven Victoria Aug 2014
Everytime I think about it my heart starts pounding and I begin to lose train of thought,
A little angel could be growing inside me for 9 months
Im scared but I know you'll be there right beside me
But im too young but I know ill be a good mommy
But hopefully im not pregnant cause i want my baby to have a good life and I dont want it to be an accident
Haiven Victoria Jul 2014
Alex....I try not to let you get to me
But thats impossible
I dont even talk to you anymore
But I remember when you talked to me
I remember the friendship we used to kinda have
You weren't such a ***** back then
But I try to forget you and hate you...
But it never seems to work
I cant hate you nor forget you
And im not saying this because I have a thing for you because all of that is gone...
I just wish you'd get out of my head
But look at all the damage you've done....
I don't blame you for everything but I blame you 50% I wish you'd just forget and I would forget because im tried of this game
Haiven Victoria Jul 2014
I think about you all the time
You're always on the back of my mind..
You're nothing but a guilty thought

But I can't help but want you to rot
You are only a memory that I regret.
You have been haunting me since the day we first met.

You make me feel disgusting
Much like a *****
I wish there was a way out to this misery but there's no door.
#trapt #stupid #disgusting #hate #kms
Haiven Victoria Jul 2014
I've been shot with an arrow
But not the arrow that kills
An arrow that makes me want to run through flowers and up hills.

I was shot by Cupid
And he made me love stupid
But this love only comes once in a life time.
Someone so perfect and sweet and the man to be.
The one I can tell my secrets too, and cherish beautiful memories with.
"Wingardium Leviosa!" that's your spell.
But it didn't work, I didn't float
I fell.
"Alohamora!" you said to my heart
and again "Accio!" to find its broken parts.
We can love each other forever and always
like Snape to Lily.
Be hysterical and weird
like Bellatrix crazy.
Let's run away and be free;
free as an elf like Dobby.
A sock makes him happy, little things count.
It's precious just like this love I found.
You know, you're not that different from Harry.
Without the scar, you're the boy who lived for me.
It's like the world vanishes when we're this close,
time feels both slow and fast,
our words echoes.
You're as keen as the Ravenclaw
seeing beauty hidden in every flaw.
Loveable like the mark of the badger,
got that trait of Slytherin clever.
I found what I was searching for.
You, my strong-heart lion of Gryffindor.
inspired from the Harry Potter Series by the queen, J.K. Rowling :D
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