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Ashley Etienne Mar 2017
If you take a moment
to turn off all of the sounds of the world
you can still hear her footsteps.
she walks like poetry.
she has a different meaning to everyone.
and whether its good or bad
she will make you feel something.
Ashley Etienne Jul 2016
did you hear them? did you hear what they said?
they said that you were gods gift to the world. that your words could break glass and shatter any feelings of numbness. they told me that you had tones like sedatives. addictive and the whole nine yards. you. you know just how to make someone stick around long enough to wonder what the world has In store.
your words
they are
so brimming with hope for a better mind
that you have the power to turn the darkest of skies into a glimmering array of celestial bodies
and quite frankly I like to take the time out of my day just to admire such divinity
so thank you for being Devine
Ashley Etienne May 2016
okay so think of yourself as a separate being. detached from the earth and its functions.

every speck of dust has its own meaning

i think about the world in ways that are too hard for even me to understand. every small speck of dust came from somewhere. The earth was created by the  pure desire of the celestial beings in outer space. They thought of us, so we were. And i may not believe in god but i do believe the world was meant to be here. I believe everything has an equal or opposite reaction and i believe we have a purpose. Not a purpose or a duty to the world or the universe but a duty to yourself. i think everyones one true duty is to find absolute happiness before the end of their days or die trying.

the atmosphere is filled with invisible beings and even every one of those has a meaning.
i came across this video the other night and this beautiful human was speaking about how we as humans are too scared of vulnerability. I think she is so right. we are living our lives day by day by day and we keep everything in for ourselves because we fear rejection and we feel like a burden to everyone we speak to and that is not how it should be. i thin we should go back to days where human emotion meant something to everyone. when it was valued. right now we are all so ******* in what everyone thinks of our tears that we forget to let them out. and tears a corrosive they will destroy you from the inside out if you don’t let them go in time and i just think its so vital to be in touch with yourself to remember to not destroy you r mind. we need to take care of ourselves. and i can see that, even as a person who doesn't take care of herself i know that there is value in us as people.

we live in a world of people who can do so much to change the world and make it a better place but we are so hell bent on keeping everything for ourselves that we are doing more damage.  
somehow i want to be someone to unite people for the better and eliminate all of the harmful forces in the world. it seems unrealistic but i am not looking for realistic i am looking for optimistic
Ashley Etienne Dec 2015
I welcome death as one would welcome the morning sun.
Sadness fills my heart where joy once took its place.
Life is for dying and dying alone.
Living is a punishment in its entirety .
I am really sorry
Ashley Etienne Nov 2015
proficiency is key
it is knowing that while we
merely live one lonely life
it should at least be lived with glee
so to say that you must leave
is to say that you must breathe
without the heavy burden
that society begs and pleads
for you to stay in place for it
and conform to its deadly needs
you must take the longer road
if you are willing to succeed
could someone give me some feedback and let me know what you think the meaning of this poem is. what emotion it gives you and whether it makes sense or not?
Ashley Etienne Nov 2015
do you know what it feels like to have all of the love leave your body?
it a slow numbing sensation in your chest. all of your memories of anything good or worth living for start to fade.
its a defense mechanism.
it releases its self from you grip when there is a risk of losing it forever
it finds shelter
preserves it's self for your better days
if there are any left.
im always in the middle of a heartbreaker
it gets tiring after a while
Ashley Etienne Oct 2015
It is so easy to think badly of yourself if you don't know why someone stopped loving you.
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