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Jun 2015 · 21.3k
Your soul
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
Your soul buoys up a body of mine,
leaving imperishable marks of an illusionary joy,
holding me through a lagoon of flowers,
embracing me in a verdant of sigh;
my soul becomes your captive while my body tells a lie.
Jun 2015 · 15.8k
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
Happiness bought off agonies
to prolong its life span just for a spur of moment,
agony's ear-deafening silence spoke,
prolong happiness is an ailment in its own way,
you'll die in happiness just by showing me a deceptive ray!
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
You're my quark who stride back and forth
to expect some gains from the proton of progress
neutron of ignorance.
Then when you progress towards a great deal of ignorance,
you slowly gather yourself up,
to create a minute a hadron of deep insight,
powered by a glory of gluon!
Jun 2015 · 527
Fizza Abbas Jun 2015
Stop inflicting your
pains on me,
I didn't ask you
to reside in my body
you did it yourself
so now just
get lost or do
whatever you want,
stop complaining that
I don't pay heed
to your worries; I do
because, I'm
utterly sensitive.
You've induced me
to throw away my
stuff toys as u wanted
me to grow up,
I fed your cravings
all the time, but
you provoked me
more to ****
the child out of me
and I did so,
now please, let
me live.
I want to live
just one more
May 2015 · 547
Aviary of Thoughts
Fizza Abbas May 2015
If you have to choose
between an aviary
of my thoughts
or an abattoir
of my emotions,
please do choose me
so that you can get
the whole of
May 2015 · 526
Fizza Abbas May 2015
My mind is awash with
the thoughts of you
so that when doubt
my love for you,
they become
a powerful proof
of my love
for you!
May 2015 · 598
Awry Skin
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Do you know why my
skin is awry?
Because it is unable
to cope with the
purity of my
soul which calls
your name all
the time to
enhance its
May 2015 · 471
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Isn't it axiomatic that
my mind craves for my
seeks pleasure
in roaming around
it, and in the end
says that,
heart is my foe!
May 2015 · 773
Average out!
Fizza Abbas May 2015
My heart's fuel
averaged out
at ten agonies
a week!
May 2015 · 446
Allude To
Fizza Abbas May 2015
I want my brain
to allude to all
those moments
which make him
which enhances his
But wait, mind
doesn't feel anything
then how does it send
signals to
If it feels then what is the
role of my heart?
Well, that's a paradox;
Brain feels but with the
eyes of mind,
Heart is basically a
sub-ordinate to my
mind and,
brain is its transparent
May 2015 · 503
Azure of Gloom
Fizza Abbas May 2015
I was enjoying a
ride in an emotional
roller coaster that
I heard two tear drops
fighting with
each other,
I let my eyes chide
them but they
A teal eye drop
falling from a right
eye navigated
through a conundrum
of verdant and punched
an azure of eye drop
falling from a left
eye defending a
skyline of yearnings
and desires, I merged
both of the tears and
created you.
Now, don't ask why
tears fall from my eyes
in your presence!
May 2015 · 603
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Stop inflicting your
pains on me,
I didn't ask you
to reside in my body
you did it yourself
so now just
get lost or do
whatever you want,
stop complaining that
I don't pay heed
to your worries; I do
because, I'm
utterly sensitive.
You've induced me
to throw away my
stuff toys as u wanted
me to grow up,
I fed your cravings
all the time, but
you provoked me
more to ****
the child out of me
and I did so,
now please, let
me live.
I want to live
just one more
May 2015 · 372
You and me
Fizza Abbas May 2015
You and me are
linked to each other
in a bond of affinity,
let me tell you
how, once, I was draped
in a raiment of blood
and I had no one to
ask for help,
I simply closed my
eyes and imagined
you, I saw a silhouette
of your body against
me, I raised my ******
hand towards you
to hold yours and lock
our fingers, I could feel
the sensation of life
alighting on my hands,
flickering a spirit of
life in my ****** chest,
I looked at you, you
smiled and shut your
eyes leaving me
Since then, I'm
living you!
May 2015 · 479
Beautiful Drapes
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Life is beyond
the beautiful drapes
of caprices.
It is basically
a friendly thorn
which doesn't plummet
deep inside your soul
to wound you but,
to give you strength
so that you combat
the other non-friendly thorns.
May 2015 · 748
Strings of Love
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Rope of love
has connected
me to you
with the strings of
lonesome prairie
I love being linked
with you in such
a way that,
my whole body shivers
when I silently
pronounce your
name or
just think of you
with passion;
I just love being
a soul whose
name has been
etched on the
hearts of yours
since long!
May 2015 · 492
No, thank you
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Yearning to give you
a hefty shove
to make you realize
that I'm not broken
albeit you tried
to push me in a
dungeon but
in reality,
you didn't push but,
May 2015 · 1.2k
From a mirror of future
Fizza Abbas May 2015
I was lying on my bed, deeply absorbed in the thoughts of my future. I was all clueless, no idea, no direction. I was angrily frustrated at the question, 'What next'? Because, I had no answer. I thought to grab some nootropics just to have some sips of a vivacious life. After taking them, I had 'my what next'. I held that thought. I strove very hard to achieve what I longed for. I got so elated and attributed my success to nootropics. I couldn't ever figure out that it was only a 'hope' which it granted me.
-Future Me-me, Me-me Future (I.A)
May 2015 · 2.7k
Joyous Agony
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Let me upthrust you
in an ocean of
crumbled ruins,
where sabotages of
my wailing heart
lies so that you
can get the
pleasure from a
joyous agony
that I still crave
for you!
May 2015 · 842
Illegible Scribbles
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Illegible Scribbles are not
shattered,but scattered
just to speak of the
freedom of choices.
May 2015 · 436
Wafted through
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Wafted through a breeze of imagination,
I become an enigmatic tide drifting slowly
to mingle with the other tides,
so that the uniqueness of my
unfathomable entity
turn into a smoldering ash!
May 2015 · 973
Shroud of self-hood
Fizza Abbas May 2015
I plummet deep
inside the castle of
your self-hood
under the scorching
rays of the sun,
so that its brightness
become a witness
by forcing me to peer
at the infra canopy of yours!
May 2015 · 2.3k
Drift Velocity of Emotions
Fizza Abbas May 2015
In a desert,
when my imaginative thoughts
drifted away,
a confused kaleidoscope
obstructed my path
and asked the reason of
my persistence in her life
I slowly moved away
pointing towards the
May 2015 · 877
Wailing Heart
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Sitting in a corner
with a wailing heart
in an illusion,
Wails of solitude
will embark upon
a journey of
with swift moves!
May 2015 · 371
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Your ****** gestures
invite me to peer at
them through a
transom which is a two-way
thought transmitter!
May 2015 · 501
Abattoir of Emotions
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Butchery of emotions
through a lancet of
cost a lot; promise me
that you'll never
pay the cost!
May 2015 · 473
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Life's dependent upon the
petals of pure incentives,
But, unable to collect those
petals together to
make a complete flora!
May 2015 · 6.0k
Stardust Roughly
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Sprinkling stardust on me,
I need to survive and
justify my existence,
Elation has become an only
Allow me for once to get vigilant
and wise!
May 2015 · 521
Firmament of Desires
Fizza Abbas May 2015
Thunder storm hurting the firmament;
Ruining the horizon of ideas,
and devastating the non-monotonous
thoughts of gloom!
May 2015 · 1.7k
My liege
Fizza Abbas May 2015
In a frenzy
of exultation,
I found my submissive
prostrating before your
considering you a master
entwining under the spirals
of your manliness.
I feel that I should
sing the psalms of
your manhood
to dangle my soul
to your body and
your soul to mine
prairie of captivity
welcoming me via
an orifice of your
May 2015 · 559
Fizza Abbas May 2015
I want you to stop
abasing my demons
which do nothing, but
wear a supercilious attire
to meet you at
Greenwich of dreams,
where lands produce timbres
and soul tries to linger!
May 2015 · 965
Taken Aback
Fizza Abbas May 2015
She held my hand,
so that I can turn on
the romantic oscillations;
Amplify them via
kissing her;
Taken aback by
her vigorous desire
I did as directed!
May 2015 · 499
Degenerative Rufflings
Fizza Abbas May 2015
The spoilt demons coil out the merriment which I feel inside my heart to rid off their vibes which lead them towards insecurities. They just want their needs to be served and cravings to be fulfilled. They have a virtual dissent from my claim that I own them. They think they are inherently independent and will always remain. Their coherent behavior has made me remember the words of those royalties which used to persuade me about the existence of these demons and I used to seize those remarks and then try so hard to make them slip away like a gushing sand so I could make an excuse that they were non-existent. Those royalties were brimmed with a longitude of wisdom and a latitude of experience. I still feel the vibes of those affliction which these demons send towards my way so I might get mutilated through them. But, they fail each time. After collapsing from a great height of my courage, they just enclose themselves in a prairie of desolation. I abduct them in the cage of my valor and ask them about their endeavors which they have channelized to make me their captive. I ask them about the further strategies of crushing me down. Their weak laughter spills out everything whatever they yearn to utter but then those utterance is roped by the pull of tongue and these ****** black holes become silent and remain in an unanswered state forever. I plunged deep into my perplexities and found my answers myself. Those answers didn't dazzle because I guess my introspection triumphed this time. Those answers came up with a ****** of agonies and a drummer of torments. The only thing which was in scarce was the tumultuous droughts of wisdom which nulls out the ferocious waves of experience. I couldn't do anything except closing my eyes and going with the flow. Alas! I could destroy those ****** dark holes forever. They still can transform into various ways because they are 'independent' demons. Let counterattack their modes of transmission so they can get dependent on me. But, wait, what if I invited them myself through my vengeance and rage..Then, they will have a right to maintain an usurp ******* on me and I would be devastated. Lets just go with the flow and enjoy the perks of Dementia ——forgetfulness.
May 2015 · 1.8k
Blood is not Bloody
Fizza Abbas May 2015
I'm staining your raiment with blood while rolling my tongue to create a sputum so that I can wipe off that blood from your raiment. But, you know what I don't want you to clean your shroud because it is a paradigm of our potential—blood. This blood is so potent that it will remind you of me because it is our dark side where we encapsulate. It is something which makes us distinct in our privy shell. Smears of this blood can create revolutions. You know how? Its redness denotes the umlauts of our love and its states depends upon the crests and troughs of our relationship. When we are reaching the crests, it gets brimmed with oxygen and give rise to a new life but the best part is that our troughs don't boost up the mortality rate, instead bring us back to the life. See, how such a small drop of red liquid is so significant for the two of us. It's because it's not a drop of 'liquid' but life. Blood is life, life is blood. We are blood, blood ARE us!
May 2015 · 485
Fizza Abbas May 2015
My pica makes me grab all the treasures which have been embedded under the layers of sand. When I lick off the sand, those hidden gems introduce me to their fellow gems. I feel so overwhelmed by their response that I let mi pica overcome me.
May 2015 · 577
Gloomy Spirits
Fizza Abbas May 2015
My low spirits welcome me mostly at night because they're proud nocturnal too. They love their state of insomnia to an extent where they start harnessing the hyperbole of nightly enthusiasm. They enjoy the perks of insomnia too much. They don't even allow me to peek through the orifice of their so-called exuberance. They don't want me to interfere in their matters so they just kick me out. They just want my body to dangle so they can play with my soul but I don't let them dangle so they yell, yell, yell and yell. When I ask them the reason of their worthless yelling, they yell more. :I
May 2015 · 6.1k
Unsaid Desires
Fizza Abbas May 2015
I can feel that a rivulet of my unsaid desires has pleased my inner demons...
May 2015 · 869
Peace and Terror
Fizza Abbas May 2015
When the terror shrouds itself with an agonizing peace, I walk towards the terror and order it to come out of that shroud and face me, look into my eyes and provide answer to my only question that, what deviates you towards the path of peace? and it would reply, “I seriously want to engulf myself into the point of termination for once at least”.
May 2015 · 509
i need YOU, Mom
Fizza Abbas May 2015
When she was nudging in her mom's womb as a lil nymph, her mother used to feel her. When her nymph escaped from the pellucid zone, she began luring her via worldly objects. When she became a toddler, her mother grasped her hands and stood by her. When she became an adult, her mom left her thinking that she is mature enough to take decisions. At that time, she experienced such traumas which she couldn't solve on her own. She longed for the arms of her mom to borrow some strength from them. She craved for the face of her mom to extract some of their beauty to beautify her life. She desired for the eyes of her mom to enhance her vision. But, she didn't desire for the feet of her mom because there lies a paradise according to all.She wanted the love and warmth of her love; the whole mom to the infinitude of soul and a finitude of a body. But but, mom came forward and offered her feet so she could press them and move towards paradise. She was shattered...
Apr 2015 · 2.0k
Fizza Abbas Apr 2015
I want to learn everything; everything comprises of everything,
be it the knowledge of the nature or the horizons of the cosmos
I want to canvas over the universe, multiverses;
to paint my reality with a brush of joy.
But, it's tough for me, because I'm dementic
If I decline it while inclining towards a book
Dyslexia obliterates my desires and hurt me badly
If I ignore all this, ADHD comes forward to poke me
with a stick of astounds and pains of eventide
If I cut down the roots of ADHD, S.A.D greets me
and enter to my dark world and enhance its darkness
I'm confused, shattered; directionless in a myopic way
Highly myopic, no direction, but I do have vision
I want to crisscross my myopia to an extent
where it diminishes.
Meningitis, shut up, you *******,
Please have mercy on me, I don't deserve U at least,
But do I really need someone to have mercy on me?
I guess no, I can build my own world where
Dementia strengthens my spirits by saying,
Why just Embryology, what secrets do you want to find
Ova is not dependent on a ****** *****,
it is a complete YOU.
Apr 2015 · 4.4k
Moments spent in captivity
Fizza Abbas Apr 2015
My musings always pun me through a wide range of vividly exulted grimaces. I think like an ***, act like an ***, assassan-ing a conjugal of my mind and soul. 'Why', my only friendly foe stares at me, giving out a roar of laughter as if I'm his slave. He seeks pleasures by caging me in his castle where beauty meets an imperfection, heart rejoices with brain, and imagination treats a trick. When I peek through the orifice, the wreckage of my wrong decisions welcome me gleefully. My devilish side gets overwhelmed by such a warm welcome. It asks for more cutting out the pinions of my angelic side.

Ah! Clipped wings-------No wings!

Soon, devilish side overthrows my angelic side usurping a ******* over me. It collapses my self-esteem, laying entwined in the arms of my ego. Ahh! I combat, show the feats of courage but, a mistake became a lifetime regret. I put off my veil of courage for a second to pacify myself. Now, I'm all naked from head to toe. In the mean time, my opponent injure me by an arrow of self-pity. I, I AM destroyeDD. No shelter. No armor. No cloak. I'm NOMore. I try to find a lost-me but lose a remaining part of me. I try more, I lose a part again. The more I try, the more I lose. Now, I'm physically a non-existent but my soul still wanders. My soul still pursues the answers. My soul is in desolation. My soul tries to comfort himself but stops as someone whispers,

'Great things never come from comfort zones'
(An unconcerned-illusionary-truth fooled my soul, Badass soul!)

Now, my soul wants to re-surrect in a way that he get his body again. My soul imagines the days when his gestures were heard by the body terming as ****** gestures. My soul enlivens his morale, wears a smile but, still seems incomplete. Once, my soul finds a body but can't find a place in it. It is preoccupied by another soul. When my soul asks for a companionship, it denies. My soul is not even in a state where it can make sly innuendos. He still feels those oblique marks, disparaging comments, shadowing hîs path. Those feels still make him sweating out bullets. My soul finds a body whose soul is longing to depart. My soul rejoices thinking that this is something what he wants. Soon, my soul houses in a ****** paradigm of a lady. My soul gives a new life to the lady. Her spirits are high, and confidence is a multiple of her spirits. My soul elates, leaving an olive branch. My soul befriends her body. She is a merry-go-lucky lady but her melancholy changed her. Her bewitching beauty is a plus to her nature. My soul remembers my ugly face and but still send positive vibes my way. After sometime, my soul gets busy with the lady and forgets me. I try to send him signals but he doesn't respond. I try more, still nudges from his side. I forget my soul too. When I feel lonely in my grave, I wander here and there. I try to befriend the people resting in other graves, I fail. All graves are scented with the perfumes of love, which their beloved spray on them.They are brimmed with the gags of laughter, murmurs of joys, and clicks of wonders. My heart still throbs for my soul, and I. over and over again.
Apr 2015 · 3.1k
From Abert to Einstein
Fizza Abbas Apr 2015
Your forked soul and tasseled persona,
Penetrated through the orifice of anomaly;
Intelligible; Marked by an insane cognition,
Quadrangle of engrossment preceded by revolutions.
Apr 2015 · 581
Lovely Smooches
Fizza Abbas Apr 2015
He reached me
through my
soul entwining
my heart
under his lips
kissing my
necrotic heart,
replacing my
heartbeats with
his lovely
smooches to
reincarnate my
heart so that
it can copulate
my soul!
Apr 2015 · 445
A Sanctus of Optimism
Fizza Abbas Apr 2015
Oppose the nefarious moves of life with a force of compassion. Let your life know that your activated energies can counter its all blitz. Let your heart sanguine with joy and dance with courage. Let your mind co-ordinate with your heart completely to lower down the urges of a wicked amygdala. .Let your hands shine being an epitome of brilliance and vitality. Strive to change the composition of your body to wipe out the swaggers of your pain. Whisper the songs of plentiful delight. Let yourself create an influence on the forces of nature so that cool breezes can add sensational pleasures to your prairie. The fragrance of Rosaceae and the beauty of Tulips can engulf you completely. Allow springs to serve the autumns so their inferiority complex can be reduced. Persuade summers to envy winters so they can at least learn the art of kindness. Let verdant attribute all its efficacy to deserts to know their worth. Provoke it to thank the uninhabited lands for its effectiveness. As a gesture of appreciation, kiss the nebulae, let it shower blithe and kindness upon you. Scintillas of aurora are narrating a new tale; help them complete their narration.
Fizza Abbas Apr 2015
Taken aback by
his sudden gazes,
his blushing cheeks,
his glowing eyes,
his shivering body,
forcing me to hesitate
with joy,
albeit it was
the paradox
of my own

— The End —