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fear the unknown Sep 2022
beginning like spring you defrosted and delicately painted sweet colours

swiftly turning to summer overflowing with light and warmth

quickly you turned to autumn, bringing a brisk chill of amber


ending it your winter stripped bare your blistering cold freezing

and now I wait

patiently for next spring
fear the unknown Sep 2022
Connecting you with stars in the sky
Was my worse decision
Like my personal constellation
That will always be there
I will gaze upon you against my will
But come the rain in September
I won't be afraid to look up
fear the unknown Sep 2022
Liquid sand can create liquid despair
That distilled poison seeps through
Stinging my skin when you touch
My eyes swell, disappointment or fear
fear the unknown Sep 2022
One ***** cocktail and
Two games of pool
Taking treasured walks
our hands entwined
Sharing our precious time

Stealing glances in your sapphire eyes
You stared into my fire
Plant your protection onto me
Waiting for our souls to entwine
Our bodies fill with adoration

For we deserve and desire

To always remember
We are destined to be
A night we spent you and me
On a crescent moon
Forever, and for eternity
Written for someone who no longer exists
fear the unknown Sep 2022
Float far out in the almost dead sea
Twisted bones pull deep
Mirrored reflection distort
Clawing viciously upon crashing waves
Is the shore really that far away
fear the unknown Aug 2015
The best thing is, that when I look deep into your beautiful eyes, you're mine.

The best thing is, when I feel your touch, it's on my skin.

The best thing is, when I kiss your lips, I taste you.

The best thing is, when I call for you, you're there.
The worst thing is, when I look into your eyes, or feel your touch, or kiss your lips, I know you're not forever. When I call for you, when will you stop coming?
fear the unknown Mar 2015
I'm sorry to say, but you need to be locked away
        you're way too fragile, always getting hurt,
              on my sleeve, you're too exposed,
                 you're a lot safer inside my rib cage
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