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Tom Nov 2019
lay those bricks on the ground
protect what you hold dear
drown in the sound
so quiet you cannot hear

city birds they run free
from cages of metal and rising smoke
but my brothers next to me
take a breath only to choke

there is nothing we can do
but we can only try
say it over again till it rings true
'this city will never die'
My girl is currently stuck in HK and I am counting the days until she is with me again.
Connor Dec 2018
Once mingled,
free-floating piano tunes
sun-harshed highway
could be a match.
The Light Rail
took its time on the causeway,
I am a passenger,
safely guarded from the
unapologetic summerness
like tourists from the safari park.
I am a outrageous punk,
perching onto handrails
lost in his romantic dream of an
impossible summer. Romeo and Juliet in my hand.
Vehicle garages rusting
along palm trees lined
This is Yuen Long. This is the outskirts
with gated dogs with feral barks,
this is a compromise between bungalows and nature.
Piano symphonies morphed into
eighties tunes
in the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack album,
and the eighties synths
draws the archived mystics,
out from avenues
that leads to villas similar to those I have sojourned.
And the world as I see it, it is beautiful.
Inside the concre walls,
Adults work around the clock,
Students study and learning hard,
For what they are chasing for?

Catching up with the fast pace of people.
Or you will be left behind.
Fishes are forced to climb the trees.
And forget what they've already got.

Studying and playing.
Waiting for time to pass.
How can I survive.
By doing the boring and ordinary things throughout my life

There's always hope I guess.
What you should do is to focus on study they said.
What's the meaning of my life?
If I don't open my eyes and leave the concrete walls behind.
What's you goal in life?
GfS Jun 2015
I walked through airport halls
walked through the smokey streets
Talked to unfamiliar people
with an unfamiliar language
and never have seen such wonder
all around. You should have
seen how the world is.
At this edge of the world, where city
lights shine brighter than the stars and
buildings rise higher than mountains,
you'd wonder at the foundations of
humanity. For their world revolved on
clocks and trains and life without slumber.

You'd wonder at them for their unfamiliar
language, and they laugh with you for
the mutual misunderstanding. They bring
excitement and mystery, for you
both are tested for your communicational prowess. If you are lucky enough to not look like one of them, they may try to speak a common language.

So when you travel to the land of HK, don't forget to have fun.. and let them
surprise you.
I'd thought about writing about traveling...
Avery Glows Jul 2014
It's not
like the movies, or shows
the books and the novels.
hollywood's way of
cheesy gimmicks.
It's not
like the Hunger Games!
Where people are injected
with sweet venom of
credulous lies.
Where 2 tributes disappears.
Every year.
right now, right here,
we have more.

It is 2053.
Promises long gone.
Contracts expired and
conspiracy failed.
Lied to.
Hands over heads.
We, at the mercy of
the Red Dragon.
His highness roams.
We, losing our grasps,

I dreamed a home of peace,
safe, with freedom.
But it crumpled into
a million pieces.
No more teases.
When they had won.

Some people fled.
Unbearable of
the roads, tainted red.
They got lucky.
But I'm just a fuming middle aged
worthless powerless whatshername.
Talk about pity.

"I'm young!"
But you'll grow old.
And I tell you of this.
I warn you of this!
Because I see it
so clearly,
so vividly,
in your eyes.
I see no future of us.
Just our minds twisted.
Blood and gore mixed
with all that we witnessed.
Just healthy looking robots.
Patriotic robots.
Who has forgotten
Hong Kong. And all people there trying to defend it.
It's hard, I know. It's a struggle, with no end. It's getting messier, day by day. But this is our place, our land, our home. And we defend it.
Stay strong hkgers.

— The End —