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Fallert May 2018
His hand clamped around her wrist,
Held firm beneath the tree.
He inhaled the fresh and warm air,
Smelled the lilac and the sea.

She glanced at him so slyly,
Warm lips curled into a grin.
If only she could tell him,
If only she could win.

When he found her in the corner
She warned him of her sin.
He pulled her from the ground then,
Her once full frame now so thin.

She told him he must leave now,
She pushed, a gentle shove.
His red lips met her chapped ones,
"I'll never leave, my only love."

But just then, two weeks later,
He placed a lily on her grave.
A tear rolled down his dry cheek,
The only one he couldn't save.

Still he sits, beneath the tree now,
Smells the lilacs and the sea.
She's just a whisper in the wind now,
"But the only whisper that's for me."
Fallert May 2018
She smiled and she grinned.
  So happy, so free.
  Unbothered by the worries,
  Not one could plainly see.

  But far beneath the smiles,
  She screamed, a soundless cry.
  She wept in deafening silence,
  Underneath the lie.

  He smiled, he laughed.
  Such a friendly young man.
  Bared one daughter, but no sons.
  He walked every day, never ran.

  But far beneath his chuckles,
  Were rules set to comply.
  With the daughter that he’d beaten,
  Underneath the lie.

  The evening of the funeral,
  She’d mourned for their third part.
  The mother she’d held dearly,
  Heart spiked over the feeble chart.
  Family gathered around him,
  Said they’re sorry for his loss.
  Wife and daughter gone,
  He prayed under the wooden cross.
  But far beneath his sorrow,
  His heinous grin reached the sky.
  For he cried tears of satisfaction,
  Underneath the lie.
Fallert May 2018
Every time I look up,
The clouds will block my sight.
Every time I raise my arms,
Shackles hold me tight.
They keep me to the ground,
With a fierce and gruesome might.
And as I glance at my surroundings,
I know this isn’t right.

They say that hope will help you,
Save you from drowning in the sea.
But still the arms will wrap me up,
Laugh as they listen to my plea.
I’ll have freedom in my palm,
Then trip and drop the key.
And as I try to escape myself,
I know no one’s saving me.

As I sit at the desk I’m writing,
With the blood from my own veins.
My hands will remain shackled,
Still weighed down by the chains.
But I’m fighting, and I’m trying,
Whistles blowing from the trains.
I’m not screaming, I’m not crying,
Run away from all the pains.

While sitting in the corner,
Lifting up my aching hand,
I think about the people,
Standing outside, as they planned.
This is my new place now,
Suppose this my home land,
I can still see liberty,
But I’m sinking in the sand,
Stuck inside my own mind,
They’ll never understand.
Fallert May 2018
While crying in the moonlight,
The tears of icy cold.
Snow fallen lies surround me,
Trading rice for dirtied gold.

They know I have a weakness,
Achilles’ tendons found.
Fighting in my own Antietam,
Ignore the bloodied ground.

As one things ends another comes,
Start as I end another shift.
Feel so small in your surroundings,
Mammoths in the continental drift.

Buried in the secrets,
Not everybody knows.
Climbing Mount Everest in the winter,
Snow shoots back just as it goes.

Grasping hands I always miss,
Warming fingers turning blue.
True, I could not help me,
But I won’t make the same mistake with you.
Fallert May 2018
When there's a stormy night,
When winds howl with fright,
When I lose all my sight,
I walk.
When the sun burns the sky,
When the dark gives a cry,
When the moon tells a lie,
I walk.
When the bombs blow the streets,
When the trusted finally cheats,
When the unknown defeats,
I walk.
When the forest loses air,
When the steel breaks a tear,
When men cry in despair,
I walk.
When the flag falls from the tops,
When the farmers stop growing crops,
When the unstoppable stops,
I walk.
When everything seems clear,
When the room's filled with cheer,
When there's no longer any fear,
I walk.
Fallert May 2018
The pen I clutch is speaking,
With words that are not mine.
The paper beneath is echoing,
Laughs as fear shoots up my spine.

The window I see taunts me,
With visions I cannot see.
The tree branch grasps me tightly,
Watches my still attempts to flee.

It whizzes by so quickly,
You'll miss it in a blink.
They do not yet know me,
My ships not one to sink.
For though I do not say it,
I'm closer than they think.
Fallert May 2018
Though I’m not here, I’m always here.
For I am never truly gone.
I am more than ever before,
I am like a brand new dawn.
I am the leaves that fall from trees,
I am the winter’s summer breeze,
I am the diamonds on the snow,
I am the sun's first daily glow.
And when the sun shall start to set,
I am the streams last trickled wet,
I am the last winds in the air,
I am the answer to a prayer.
I am the last waves of the sea,
For that’s what you were, to me.
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