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Sep 2018 · 292
A Beautiful Face
Dhaara T Sep 2018
That’s all you are
I scratch the surface
To find something I can indulge myself in
Something more
Deeper, something meaningful
I scratch
I scratch
I scratch
That beautiful face
It’s beautiful no more
Mar 2018 · 475
3ziz A
Dhaara T Mar 2018
The sun is out
but the butterflies have all died
The blooming, the blossoming
the rustling greens have dried

The cold, humid, passionate
nights have all gone
Where once there was love
new love has been born

I do not despise you
I never could
I respect, and adore you
Wish you the best, I always would
Just a little birthday present for a former love.
If you're reading this, don't you ever think that anyone who's seen you from so close, could ever dislike you. You're a wonderful soul, and you'll find a way, even if you don't see it yet. Happy, is the hero here. Happy's got to be.
Bon anniversaire, A! :)
Nov 2017 · 242
Bad Match
Dhaara T Nov 2017
I was
Too boring for him

He was
Too frivolous for me
Sep 2017 · 293
Fluttering Feeling
Dhaara T Sep 2017
In my stomach
Would go berserk
Each time
You said something
Each time
You did something
As also
Each time
You didn't
Thinking of an old love and how he once made me feel. Isn't it amazing how love can turn our hearts into mere puppets?
Sep 2017 · 445
Meanwhile in India
Dhaara T Sep 2017
Cow dung
She hung
Between her legs

Dry leaves
She'd weave
Into disposable wear

Even second hand sanitization
Was considered better condition
So she ducked into the safety of unknown risks

Absorb, if it could
Wear it she would
No space for concerns, no choice

On one hand they say
Empowered today, we women, stay
On the other, stands she, in rural patches of ignorance
It's sad to know that even today, as what not happens in the name of "feminism", there are still women in my country who cannot even afford sanitary napkins, let alone clothes. As a result, many rural women use substitutes, but it's heartbreaking to see the extent they would bend to, only because they cannot afford anything more.

Yet, I feel just as proud as I am angered by the story of such people (vs the wasteful lives of the 'haves'...a gap that huge is unfair!) -
proud because of people like Anshu Gupta (founder of Goonj, a not-for-profit organisation), who, along with his team is working towards changing this scenario with the distribution of biodegradable and affordable sanitary napkins, amongst other commendable initiatives.

This is not a collaboration or anything of that sort, neither am I associated with them in any way (other than supporting their causes), I am genuinely touched by their efforts and naturally, feel like spreading the word about their work. It would be great if you too could have a look at their website (, and if you're convinced, monetarily or non-monetarily, support their cause?
Sep 2017 · 438
Dhaara T Sep 2017
Thunder [x10]
I was caught
In the middle of my dream
I looked round
Hit with fear and excitement, I did scream
My mind raced
As I sat up in my room
And I knew
Tonight, our egoes come to a doom
Sound of the drums
Beating in the clouds
Oh thunder, what fun
It gave me a start
I've been

Building buildings and highways
Tainting jungles, moulding towns
We think, urbanisation'll fix us, yeah fix us,
and it would be fun
We set big goals
"Re"claimed land to build architectural marvels so fine
Broke all the rules
But weren't we the fools?
No no we, we, we didn't use our minds
And they were shaking all the trees
Witnessing this, I was pleased
Irate nature is feisty, not kind
I've been

And they were shaking all the trees
Witnessing this, I was pleased

Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
It's alright, we're doin' fine
It's alright, we're doin' fine, fine, fine
Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah
Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck, may we be, may we be
Thunderstruck, I've been Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
I've been Thunderstruck
I've used the term thunderstruck here, to mean more like 'lovestruck', as I am often mesmerised with and in love with how nature intervenes every now and then, to reclaim the power that truely belongs to her.

Last night, I was woken from my sleep, by her, as she boasted in full glory, of her power. There was lightning, there was thunder, and it all seemed so threatening. Trees fell and windshields smashed. Oh, it was such a high to see her rub it in, showing who the boss here is. If only, we humans stopped messing with her...
Sep 2017 · 319
Love is...dancing
Dhaara T Sep 2017
It wasn't
that he was
the waltz
and I,

All that
in the
was that
our hearts


each other's rhythm
Sep 2017 · 237
Dhaara T Sep 2017
Not every tree
has the deepest of roots
Not every leaf
belongs on the shoots
Not every petal
unfurls to reveal the truth
Not every flowering plant
will bear the same fruit

Not every bud
will necessarily bloom

And that's the harsh truth of life
In one of my discussions with a friend, I was reminded of this theory that says everything in life is by default designed for doom. I cannot recollect the name of that theory...anyone?
Aug 2017 · 319
Surpassing (12w)
Dhaara T Aug 2017
In healing ourselves
We end up
Making ourselves stronger
Than before
I've been ill for a week now and today, as I was practising singing, I realized that my voice had in fact opened/cleared up more than ever before - all because I have been using all sorts of home remedies to cure a bad throat.

I realize that this is actually true even for something as serious as depression. Having experienced it first hand, it's easy today, for me to say that fighting depression only makes you stronger than ever! Of course, if you don't give up. If you're reading this, and resonate with even one word here, please don't give up on a good fight. It may seem impossible from where you stand but even if for a moment, you could believe this, know that light does exist and it is waiting as eagerly to be found by you as you are to discover it.

Good wishes and energy,
A fellow human
Aug 2017 · 493
Masi's Angel
Dhaara T Aug 2017
My bubble gum
Little plum
Fountain of joy

She's down
With flu and a frown
And a hesitant smile

It's really hard
Breaks my heart
To see a little cub cry

To endure suffering
Crying, not lying but tossing
In sheets of discomfort

But her fervent eyes show
She'll regain her glow
Such a tiger, she is, at heart

I adore souls like hers
Loving, innocent, but terse
Every hindrance she'd outsmart
My little tornado is subtle these days and that's not a nice thing. I miss the brat taking the house down! Kids don't deserve to fall ill at all. But then again, maybe it's nature's way of making them stronger...of helping them toughen up. My niece is an inspiration how she manages a smile even when she's really exhausted with the meds. She's a stunner with how she disallows anything to come in the way of her enjoying her childhood!

I wish her and every child currently on a break from relishing their childhood, a speedy recovery and lots of joy in their lives ahead.

I also wish for the child in us adults, to show thyself and shine in full glory!
Aug 2017 · 292
Cacophonic Realizations
Dhaara T Aug 2017
"I'm hurt and crumbling
Little by little
Each day"

"YOU are not hurt
Your expectations are
Your emotions are
Your tender little heart is
But YOU...are more than that"

"People hurt me
Especially the ones I like
Especially the ones I open my heart to"

"Because YOU let them. Love them, but remain detached"

"How do I connect if I remain detached?"

isn't disconnection, my child
It isn't holding a flower
and your nose
It is
escaping in the beauty of its fragrance
yet remaining grounded
knowing the fragrance is real
only because of perception
If you perceived it to be foul
It would be foul smell
but you perceive it as aromatic
So, so it is
Detachment is being aware
of perception
and reality
and the illusion of it all
It isn't disengaging
it is knowing
and of it
and without"
Aug 2017 · 196
Dhaara T Aug 2017
also a part
of life
Aug 2017 · 367
Dhaara T Aug 2017
You come back
Saying you are a changed man
No matter how many times
You change your land
No matter how deep
You feel, you say you can

You cannot
Match the rhythm
Of my aching heart
You cannot stop
And start
You're mosaic
And I'm basic
And hues
Of grey

You think pruning
Makes a pretty garden
But I foresee thorns
Growing beneath
The perfectly perfect surface

We had a canvas each
You and I
Half and half
We could've painted
But you chose to taint it
And now you hope
That we could add
A layer or two
Fix what's broken
Between me and you
You don't realize, emotions take time
Even if I tried
It could take me a lifetime or two
To fall in love with you
Aug 2017 · 188
Dhaara T Aug 2017
I love you
So much
I dream
Of saving you
From drowning.

I despise you
So much
I dream
Of drowning you
To death.

Every day.
Aug 2017 · 469
Duality of Joy (Haiku #18)
Dhaara T Aug 2017
I never believed
Till I experienced joy
It is depressing
Dhaara T Aug 2017
What is this game
Of hide and seek
That you play
With a heart you otherwise love?
You seem to like
To watch it bleed
The more it oozes out its life
For you
The closer you get
To **** on it
But what when I bleed?
Suddenly my stains
Are ugly
My mind is scary
But my heart is shaky
And chocolates
And flowers
Don't heal me
A warm hug
A caressed forehead
Some loving words
But you'd never know
Unless in another life
You take birth as a woman
And experience
Every single day
And only the colour of love
Overflowing disgust
On 'those' days
I hate how this has, poetically, turned out. But I really wanted to get the point across. I've had a million girlfriends complain about how they just want to be treated right when they're on their period. That same boyfriend who otherwise showers his girl with love and attention, does so only over the phone when she's menstruating. Why? Just because she's sensitive, a little bloated and sometimes staining the sheets? It's sad that despite having a boyfriend, she feels alone on those days when she could really use some pampering, and her girls have to make up for his absence (they'd gladly come make her day)...but it's heartbreaking to see a friend be left like that by her 'love' on a day she needs a little more love.

If you love her, love her. Period. Even when she's on her period.
Dhaara T Aug 2017
Even lust falls
In the knees
Enters the room
Aug 2017 · 323
Girl with Curls
Dhaara T Aug 2017
I've always appreciated you
On the outside

Eye lashes that flutter
Acting like a wand
Soft brown eyes
So humble and warm
Curls so beautiful
They sing their own song

Until, slowly, I started to notice
The world of wonder you carry around

A mind, a melting *** of creativity
Always overflowing

A heart, like that of a mother's
Always so caring

A soul, a galaxy of energies
Always showing...
For a friend.
Jul 2017 · 595
Rain & Earth (Haiku #17)
Dhaara T Jul 2017
She waited for months
He was shy, but when he poured
He drenched her in love
Don't fall for the frivolous, my dear. It is worth not diving in too soon. Love may take its time to knock on your doors again, let will be worth the wait. Just like rain to the earth. <3
Jul 2017 · 380
Eureka (Haiku #16)
Dhaara T Jul 2017
My heart learnt today
It can now beat for ever
Not for a reason
Jul 2017 · 307
Alone with you (20w)
Dhaara T Jul 2017
The rain pours
As we sit
In my car
I occupy
The driver's seat
my heart and head
Jun 2017 · 386
Dhaara T Jun 2017
From my inner passions
I'll let that fire ignite
Once again

Let my head be held high
Let my heart run wild
Once again

I'll close my eyes
And make the tides rise
Once again

Run with the wolves in dense lanes
When the moon shines
Once again

Nobody's fool, not a nomad
I'll be the only queen...mine
Once again
Another one that feels more fit for a song. Unsure about the title, help please?
Jun 2017 · 265
Sharks in my mind
Dhaara T Jun 2017
I'm struggling to stay afloat
Not in view a single boat

As fins of darkness approach and threaten
And hungry thoughts, their grip, fasten

I bleed my life into infinite waters
Sinking an inch a second, hope getting shorter
May 2017 · 461
Half Hello
Dhaara T May 2017

And unwilling
to fall again

We'll keep touching
each other's hearts


Not to cause more cracks
Or to expose our own wounds

Because diving freely
In another
Could mean the risk
Of drowning

And isn't it better to be alone?
Than to be together only to feel alone

So I'll gift you a full smile
Shed some light on your aching heart
Water your gardens
Until you bask in the bloom of shining light


I'll be another traveller
On your journey, and join you
When you're scared

To take the plunge
To discover broken pieces
Of your soul

I'll help you unpuzzle
If I am able to keep up

I'll treat you with my whole heart
but only half a hello.
Feels more fit for a song than a poem, to me.
May 2017 · 331
Dhaara T May 2017
Consume what comes your way
Bask in the light of day
So easy
On everyone around
From cracks, through, you make your way
Your tendrils embellish, enliven
The monotony of concrete walls
Your blooming songs
Attract buzzing and chirping bones
So silently, slowly, you encroach
But barely conquer
You rule the heart of this blooming world
I am in awe of greens...I particularly love how creepers grow just about anywhere, how plants and trees take up space so silently, around us, yet when it comes to how they contribute to our planet - nothing silent or small about that.
May 2017 · 302
Love & Movies
Dhaara T May 2017
Eyes meet, hearts kindle
One step...

Petals unfurl, minds unravel
Two steps...

Strings entwine, souls bind
Three steps...

Inhibitions shed, vibes align
Four steps...

Halos crack, fangs emerge
Five steps...

Curiosity begins to surge...

    -----  Intermission -----
May 2017 · 977
I killed your lover
Dhaara T May 2017
I know how you feel
On knowing it was I who killed her
But she kept on begging
From the other side of the mirror
May 2017 · 366
Try (Haiku #15)
Dhaara T May 2017
Oh, and if you called
And opened your arms, I would
Run back into them
May 2017 · 424
Truth (10w)
Dhaara T May 2017
Every single time

You lie
You die

A little death
May 2017 · 531
Dhaara T May 2017
You shed your skin
And showed me how
Our scars are different
But we both have them
We both wear them with pride

You stepped into my waters
Now they are forever changed
They flow through many banks
Falling off a few cliffs
Diving into a plunge pool
Swirling a whirlwind
In my head, it's dizzying

And every fortnight, the world
Hits the brakes and inertia jerks my world
Into this mess of 'what happened's
And 'what went wrong's

And when the pendulum
Reaches for me, I reach out too
But even when I have a grasp of it
I'm only a **** away from falling
Into infinite insignificant space
May 2017 · 752
Dhaara T May 2017
The bluest of oceans
In your beautiful eyes
Your gaze speaks eons
Of your hermit heart
Yet not one speck, I sense
Of lonesomeness
In your life
All I can pick
Is your joyful vibe
Your horsepower mind
Intrigues me
How you solve mysteries
That bind you in a world
Smaller than your universe
How you escape, lost in an expanse
Where you feel more at home
How with the darkening of the sky
As the snow reflects moonlight
Your energies rise in unison with the tide
How your howl feels more like a hymn to meditate on
What are you, wise soul?
Such beauty wrapped in mush and fur
May 2017 · 454
Today (10w)
Dhaara T May 2017
Everyone is talking
About love

Very few
May 2017 · 437
I've been told
Dhaara T May 2017
I am beautiful
Inside and out
With the most enigmatic eyes
And a heart of gold
                                      How do you know?
I've been told

I am a mouse
I cannot opine
Because I have no opinions of my own
I can never be bold
                                      How do you know?
I've been told

I am a ******
A semi-psychotic person
Who is warm, one moment
And another, unpredictably cold
                                      How do you know?
I've been told

I am coy, too shy
Too straightforward
For this twisted world
I'm from an era too old
                                      How do you know?
I've been told

I am bold, too bold
In my sexuality
I am losing character
Of which, I need to get a hold
                                      How do you know?
I've been told

I am not a woman, or even human
No really, I'm an armchair
I am not who I perceive myself to be
My identity belongs to them, me - they mould
                                      How do you know?
Do I have to be told?
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
To Self
Dhaara T Apr 2017
I told you
You did not
Listen to that voice
That is me
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
Dhaara T Apr 2017
It comes often
As a surprise
Wrapped in a warm,
Fuzzy, mint blanket
Of love,
Concern and care
And falls like rain
Causing the flowers
In our garden
To dance in full bloom
Apr 2017 · 436
On Dreams (20w)
Dhaara T Apr 2017
A lot of our hearts
Would have remained
Should we have treated
Our dreams
Like we did
Our lovers
Apr 2017 · 356
Mon Arbre (15w)
Dhaara T Apr 2017
You may fail
To bear fruit
But you're there
To give shade

To my sorrows
Apr 2017 · 771
My Precious
Dhaara T Apr 2017
"Give it back to me"

"But what will you do with it?"

"I will mend it, tend to it,
and when it's beating like a drum
pumping blood, pounding love,
I'll give it to him
who inspires new life into it"

"Hmm...then I'm not giving it back
I can't see your heart beat for another"

"Okay then, keep my dying half
You're killing it anyway
The half you've left me with
is enough for me
and him"
Funny how, so naturally, I wanted to name this poem so, which also reminds me of Gollum (any LOTR fans here?), who would never part with his precious ring, or heart if that was as precious to him, so easily.
Apr 2017 · 449
On Healing (Haiku #14)
Dhaara T Apr 2017
What? You need healing?
You are the kind of person
Who can heal herself!
Apr 2017 · 338
Dhaara T Apr 2017
Stop paying heed
To that cacophony
Of tainted intention
And misinformed opinion
Listen to that voice
It speaks softly
But tells you everything loud and clear
The voice that you think comes from within
That is me
On the outside, looking in on you
Trying desperately, to reach you
From another dimension
As you live
The life
I already have
In the past
Apr 2017 · 847
To Goose
Dhaara T Apr 2017
I used to be a madman
Zipping through the silent skies
At the brink of dawn
When the blue barely got eaten by the mango sun
I used to feed on thrill
I used to charge into "danger zone"
Our Tomcat cutting through dense ether
I used to rule the aerosphere, but not alone
You were always behind my back
Always by my side
Always, my best friend, my brother
I miss you my wing man
I wish you were here
To see how we've finally melted
The icy cold heart of a man
His vengeance has now been
Taken over by much respect
We teamed up to strike down
Four MiGs, when called
To tackle crisis situation
And while I escaped what you did not
I'm sorry for you, for my loss
You could have been here
It could have been us
Lighting up the air
With our jet wash
Rev up, throttle, dodge, maneuver
Target, lock, missile, eject
A chase in our F-14 will never be the same
Not again, not without you
Between you and I, my friend
I was the bad example
So I'll return to school
To indoctrinate more like you
Thanks to my brother, I've grown up watching some of the best movies.

I think it's pretty obvious if you've watched this one; I'm curious if you can, guess which movie?
Apr 2017 · 647
Shattered (Haiku #13)
Dhaara T Apr 2017
I woke up to peace
Our planet was filled with love
But then, I woke up
Apr 2017 · 353
Dhaara T Apr 2017
I am so sorry, my dear
I really, truely love you
I just don't show it
I cannot, not always
Sometimes I do little things
For you
Sometimes, I stop
I wonder if my efforts help
Do they matter?
Do they fix anything at all?
I wonder, and so I hesitate
And as you twirl in your own trance
From dusk to dawn
My hopes follow the rising sun,
And I try
To do something
However little
Even if it makes
A speckle bloom
I'll be glad
Apr 2017 · 389
To Love (Haiku #12)
Dhaara T Apr 2017
You showed me some things
About my heart; it could melt
But it could break too
Apr 2017 · 649
To Every WoMan
Dhaara T Apr 2017
Let no one tell you, what you can do
Only your voice, let your head and heart listen to
Vacate your mind of conditioning, every single day
Ease your soul of that big heap of dismay
You alone, can make or break your life
Out of nothing, you can make everything; now give up the strife
Urge yourself, pick yourself up; be your own hero
Raise the bar, don't settle; aspire and you will grow
Seek what you desire, c'mon now, get aggressive
Else you'll be stuck with a life others will make you live
Love yourself, don't you? Don't let them ****** your soul
Fight for your right to be yourself, to turn you from half to whole
A lot of Indian girls (I'm not sure if this happens in your country too, I'm guessing it would in a primarily conservative society) often have to grow up hearing things like, "We'll get you married, and then you can do what you want", when we express the want to do something that is "not allowed" in our family. This does not restrict to life's bigger decisions like having kids of our own or adopting kids, or even bringing home a pet, but also to the smaller ones like, getting a tattoo or buying and riding a bike of your own, or even painting your room. There is a general lack of respect for individuality and in the process, a lot of us (actually, this one sentence includes our men too) are living a life that we cannot truly call our own. We aren't being ourselves. We are living a lie. Most of us (women), get married only because it's a passport to our freedom, without upsetting our parents. I wish Indian parents stopped looking for happiness in seeing their children "settled", because "settling" with (for) someone is the most unsettling thing one can do to themselves and to that person. Of course, for those who marry for love, I'm the happiest for them! Those who choose not to marry, I'm happy for them too. At least you people aren't doing anything under a compulsion. That's awesome! :) Those who feel like surrendering, it may seem like the easy road to take, but don't take it unless YOU want to, please, for your own sake.
Dhaara T
Apr 2017 · 546
Dhaara T Apr 2017
Thing               all      

Apr 2017 · 596
The Guitarist (Haiku #11)
Dhaara T Apr 2017
I knew from the start
Sweet melodies would follow
His fingers plucked hearts
Apr 2017 · 942
Sun & Moon (Haiku #10)
Dhaara T Apr 2017
He thinks she shines bright
But all she does is reflect
the light he exudes
Apr 2017 · 1.0k
Dhaara T Apr 2017
You came
You conquered
You stayed

Even as you left
Apr 2017 · 416
Dhaara T Apr 2017
I don't speak for or against
Except that I do speak
For humanity, against violence
If you...pick up that blob of attack
Smother it with vengeance
and throw; then run...and run as fast as you can
Because it will come back
As a bigger, nastier blob
Run, but a hiding place you won't find
How can you run from hatred?
When it has sunk into your very bones
Do you see it in the mirror each day?
It is eating up your soul
How can you live in peace?
With so much ugliness creepily creeping up
How low can you stoop? Another hit will tell
Why can't you control the bad
If it is really so, through good?
What's the difference then, between you and them?
You **** innocents in the process too
Then you too, must be a terrorist, dear government, isn't that true?
I wish we all could just I-hate-you-but-let's-just-chill. Where are you, Utopia? :(
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