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 May 2017 Dechanteur
Ryan Holden
Dark clouds,
Pollution fills air with dust,
Melted paintwork,
Cars rust,
The world is cold,
Hearts, brains and souls,
Full of mould.

Innocent animals die,
Innocent children cry,
The peaceful natural world
We once lived in,
Is full of death,
Heart break and sin.

I struggle to find a kind person,
The more I try and help
The more it seems to worsen,
If you're in doubt
About the life you live
Put on a smile,
Ask more and give.

For the world a bitter place,
So pick yourself up
An exception to the human race,
When you wake up grin
Share the laughter,
Eventually you'll wish
You did after.

If you feel times are tough,
Go explore, see the world,
You haven't seen enough,
Meet new people, meet new friends,
And fall in love,
Before your soul is caught
In a star from above.

Small children in poor countries,
Don't have healthy water,
But families go out and buy
A new car for their daughter.

With the world always spinning
Throughout the years,
All you're doing is sat
Shedding tears,
Just sit for a moment
Open your eyes and ears
It's not all bad,
When you've got family,
Friends and beers.
My final version of this, one of my originals but thought I'd go back and finish it :D
I walk alone, out in the vastness
of space, heavens vaults, darkness
leavened by the brilliance of
unknown galaxies, and the far off
light of distant stars.

I am alone. lost in this eternal
field, of dark and light, black
and white, and all between,
shining, eternal light, to shine
forever, and bathe heaven, radiant,
in its undying light.

I wander, lost. Am I a spirit,
to wander so, sad and lonely,
cut off from the roiling, chaotic,
masses of humanity, and set to
wander, adrift in a brilliant sea,
vivid colors clashing always,
with the ever present void of

But why, if I am here, are not others?
Where are they? Is space so vast, am
I to wander endlessly, lost in the void of
eternity, to be at last at peace, but to have
none others to share it with, none to join me
in my wanderings, none to acompany me
in my eternal journey, none to make it "our"

And what of Katerina? What of her? Is she here
wandering also, lost and alone even as I am,
enduring the silence of space, alone unto eternity
and beyond?

Or is she some other place, doomed to
eternal pain, locked away, to scream
unheard, save by her tormentor, some
thing of darkness, created from
the blackness of infinity, immortal,
set to guard the way to heavens bliss
the angels dying, falling?

Or is this all, this vast infinity, souls
doomed to wander forever, never
meeting, never crossing, alone
in solitude, forever and for all
the infinite centuries of eternity,

I wander here, lost for countless
years, stars vanish in heat and
light, whilst I wander, spirit
cast off, set adrift to wander,
centuries come and go,
while I stop to listen for
some imagined sound,
some human voice,
heard but unheard,
the darkness eats my mind,
while light replaces it,
with thoughts of
eternity, solitude and
bliss, together forever,
I and eternity, set to tread
alone through space, from now
until the end of Time.

I am alone, and I wonder,
perhaps, I am not
alone, perhaps I do not wander,
but instead set my feet to the path
appointed me. For perhaps those
stars were not always stars,
those nebulae not always so,
gaseous and vast, but instead were
souls like me, journeying only
to meet their ends as light and
gas and rocky spheres?

Perhaps, I shall know,
perhaps I shall see,
later amidst eternity.
I felt very small as I wrote this,
the vastness of space intimidated me and enthralled me,
as a man might feel when sighting God, and so becoming
lost in the infinite wonder of he.
 Nov 2014 Dechanteur
louis rams
The word bipolar can put fear in your heart
Because you’ll never know when it will start.
Also known as manic depression and it can become
A lifelong obsession.
Wondering when the next bout of fear will enter you
And if you know just what to do.
It is like the devil trying to take your soul
And it becomes a battle of control.
Most times in order for you to live
You must take the meds that they give.
If your child is bipolar or autistic, will you love them any less?
I don’t think so is my guess!
The LORD puts a child where he / she belongs
With a person he knows is strong.
The strength of the parents helps them to cope
With the problems old and new, and that is
Something that they do.
Let us be a little realistic, not many crimes
Are committed by bipolar or autistic
So how can they use words like crazy, retarted or handicapped
When against us the cards are stacked,
When this becomes a challenge close to home
Remember that you’re not alone.
 Oct 2014 Dechanteur
I woke up extra early
To pick wildflowers from the meadow
I gathered goldenrods and roses
And picked some baby's breath
I watched the dewdrops scattered
Across the blades of grass
I watched the colors of gold
And lavender infuse the morning sky
I took a piece of baby blue ribbon
And tied it around my flowers
To hold your special bouquet in place
For this is your last bouquet here
And this is your special day

Sad day today....I feel sorry because
My mom is trying to help our sick cat, Fluffy
Who hasn't been feeling well for a while!!!! ~~~~~<3
We fear he may be slipping away (dying)....
I don't know, though...
So I wrote this for him and my mom...
Especially to comfort my mom!!! ~~~~~<3
I hope y'all enjoy this!!! ~~~~<3
My fingers have learned
how it feels
to get burned.
When your every
“I’m Sorry”, left a scar,
deep and unearned.

The words on your lips
whispered the truth
while you slept.
Leaving me no longer wondering
why you smiled
as I wept.

My heart finds itself smiling
into the numbness
of your vacancy.
Your memory’s grown silent
and is now dead
to me.
**Copyright @2014 - Neva Flores Smith - Changefulstorm**
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