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Dechanteur Aug 2019
The ending began as how the beginning end,
Similar to how the leaves leave the peculiar branch,
Lines curled in, circles straightened up,
Words being swallowed, truth voices out.

How did the pine turn into juniper,
When honey refuse to ripe into gold,
Would he welcome her, though miss distrust mister,
Like how many wish We become One, One becomes All.

Daffodil blew the dance, scattered the pollen away,
Learn its grace, articulate manner in gentle lay,
Breath, as the forest begins to bloom,
Exhale, as the feeling euphorically doom.
Dechanteur Apr 2017
Antara dua jalan buntu
Penentuan hati dan minda sekeras batu
Ku menerka ini hanya mainan perasaan
Persis jiwa-jiwa yang hiba kekosongan

Larilah wahai nafsu
Carilah serangkap wahyu
Cantaslah pucuk cemburu
Kerna manusia semakin layu
Lenturnya segenggam iman
Toksik meracuni setiap teman
Doalah waktu masih memberi ruang
Mewarnai tiap hitam putih perjalanan

Telan segala perit mencari abdi
Tiada yang kekal apatah lagi kendiri
Senyuman kekal menjadi sedekah amalan
Tuhan Maha Pengampun, manusia dahagakan amalan.
Dechanteur Apr 2017
Middle of nowhere, I am still standing
Layers of faded mountains, across the withering cloud-gazing
Tell myself I was wrong, the light sky almost gone
Blocks of buildings, relinquish all the shades
North, South, East, West; tell them it was haul fate.

If creeks sound as scary, it would rings no more fury
Let the memories knock on your magnetic parietal door
Speak of colors of vividness, occasional emptiness
Cherry-blossoms feeling gone, yellow Autumn looks as fine.

Every light, turn on the fight
People jump over the stepping river by the mountainside
Greet, kindness will never ceased.

26th September 2016 - Kyoto, Japan
Amiera Sh.
Dechanteur Jun 2016
It was utterly vague and vast

How the sky mesmerize the night

Dim light of words and suffice 

She unsure of anything to sacrifice.

It was the only star shining brightly
Whom to tell when she cried vividly
The smile is worthless yet uncanny

It still a mysterious spotlight hidden under the canopy.

Call for the all it is worth of every lullaby

Sing to her the song of another mid-July

All the roads she could partake in

All the loves she had lost and found from within.

Holding the root through the palm

Not the tree but withhold with her arm

Say that she couldn’t be loved

That because she flawed in every curves.

Aloof is not a worthless feeling

Another paradox from isolation of fitting in.
Dechanteur May 2016
There is an eunoia state of the mind, I will always dream of being. A peaceful soul within myself, who would stop questioning everything that ever happened, the why and how. But it was a long time ago. A long time before everything seems less complicated. I realized, it is okay to be melancholic once in a while. It is fine for the people or yourself to be an overly sanguine. Live for the moment. If you see anyone who would get angry over things you are done, accept it for your better self, the things that we want to convey but it would be hard for letting ignorant engulfed you. Sorry is the minimal word to be given to anyone who might want or not wanting to hear it. A deep conscience, connecting all of our neurons trying to understand the every minute of life, since we were born pure out of the mother’s womb to the growing bones and flawed skin we carry within. I still hope, the eternal exist. Eternally living, the dreams you ever thought of.
Dechanteur Sep 2015
I plucked a yellow thought, unintentionally bloomed out of my mind and molded into a congealing paper crane. A single thought to believe that it would ethereal fly, for that was just a sanguine moment, it couldn't last even in swift while. Impossible, yes, but I'm possible.
Dechanteur Jul 2015
There there, little soul
Blaze with fire, harvest the cold
Under the shade of canopy
Shadowing overgrown trees.

Dandelion smiles
Roses flies
Daffodil cries
Peony arrives

A billion conscience neurons
Meandered through the sulci and gyri
A brilliant universe of all
The vast freedom of human mind.
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