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 Jun 2019 dani
Kora Sani
it is ok
if i can't let you go
all at once

little by little
i will
misplace your pieces

until all that remains
is the stencil
of where you used to lie
 Jun 2019 dani
Edmund black
In Japan there is an art form
called kintsukuroi which means
to repair with gold
When a ceramic *** or bowls
would break the artisan would
put the pieces together again
using gold or silver lacquer
to create something stronger
forevermore beautiful than before
The breaking is never something
to hide
It doesn’t mean that the work of the art
is ruined or without value because
it is different than what anticipated
Kintsukuroi is a way of living that
embraces every flaw and imperfections
Every crack is part of the  history of
the object and it becomes forevermore
precisely because it has been
I’ve told this story to tell you this
People are the same way
Being hurt or heart broken
or feeling broken generally
is not who you are
It is something that happens to you
Rise up stand proud and move forward
Stop looking about what the world says
about you and who you are
The value of your worth is more
than you can ever conceive
and when you trust
in your heart you’ll understand
the Power you house within
Cracks and all your true value
can never be lost in translation
Know the value of your worth, you worth more than gold... made to an exact specification!
 Jun 2019 dani
 Jun 2019 dani
The weirdest dream
I ever had
was you
not being in it
 May 2019 dani
eva-mae coffey
you were toffee to my teeth
initially tasted so sweet
soon sickly, twisted and knotted
to my soul you
stuck and rotted
 May 2019 dani
Luna Wrenn
 May 2019 dani
Luna Wrenn
You taught me a lesson, and that was to never trust again.
 May 2019 dani
 May 2019 dani
I'm stronger than you think, you know.

I will bloom despite the snow.
 May 2019 dani
Ashly Kocher
 May 2019 dani
Ashly Kocher
At the end of the day
You are the heart of it all
 May 2019 dani
i never intended
to take apart
all the pieces
you glued back
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