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"No one would have believed in the early years of the 21st century
that our world was being watched
by intelligences far greater than our own;
that as men busied themselves about their various concerns,
'they' observed and studied,
the way a man with a microscope might scrutinize the creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.
With infinite complacency, men went to and fro about the globe, confident of our empire over this world.
Yet across the gulf of space, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded our planet with envious eyes and slowly, and surely, drew their plans against us."
Just to be fair
I don't really care
Life ain't that rare

If you can bare it
I can't
If you can do it
I can't

**** all these people that feed me lies
All they can do is despise
I'm still waiting to receive my prize

Hope they end up where I ain't
Cause all they see is I'm doing well
But I can sell that so well, mean time I'm in a cell

I ain't part of a comunity,
I've still got my social virginity
As a member of the human race I question almost anything in existence. Answers to questions we don't even know to ask yet. We all used to look up at the sky and wonder about our place in the stars. Now we sit, living in our own *******, wondering about our place in the dirt. The beauty of our planet lost in our desire to create, to innovate and to further evolve our civilisation.

Now we survive in the ruins we have left behind. The greatest landmarks of all time, now a simple lost memory people share as if part of fiction. Religion, a subject long since lost with the world we had and often blamed for our destruction. We await a moment of divine intervention, where an almighty being sends down his hand to guide us, the surviving humans on planet Earth.

It is at this stage, the ****** of our existence, where we as a united planet are ready to change our ways, to adapt and forget our modern view on humanity.

The Monolith. We stand looking into the sky, half our vision blocked by an object. An object of which has no origin. But some claim is responsible for the survival of our species. Bringing back love, compassion and above all, an appreciation for life. We live on now, saved by an object of God's design or a random occurrence. The way of religion is our savior, we live on now as if the past was a story we tell our children to scare them at night.

We now live on, life without end. But the thought of our past haunts our future.
‘Apocalypto’ is a film set in a Maya civilisation and consists of a story that takes place in one tribe and how a passing tribe affects them to a degree of destruction. The story unfolds in a linear way of storytelling which is basic but still effective. From director Mel Gibson, the director of ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Passion of the Christ’. An underrated director of sorts but a great one nonetheless. Overlooked due to his acting career, he has been holding back on us as a director.

The characters are set to be living a Mayan life and go about their days behaving as such but are rather generous and civilized for such an old race of people. They live peacefully and secluded until they interact with another tribe which brings about their downfall. And the way in which a Mayan civilization might go about solving problem as common as a natural disaster. Through sacrifices to the God's as a way to solve problems and mass results. Very accurate to the Mayan culture as well as the entire movie taking place without one word of English, all dialogue being said in the Mayan language. Another credit to the film.

The directing style for this film is beautiful and flawless to say the least. No shaky cam used or hand held cam either. All fluent movement of the camera to create a great story, one that flows naturally. The use of camera angles is creative and different, using tilted angles to convey a certain mood and straight framed shots to convey another mood.

The performances stand out as a huge positive, the actors who I have honestly never heard of give Oscar worthy performances. Mel Gibson uses unknown actors as not to compromise the film by the status of the actors. These actors and actresses give a hard performance based on body language and quiet moments, the enduring task of learning to be emotional through a foreign language. Which is why I would guess Mel Gibson used local actors who are more aware of the Mayan language than American actors.

The set design is truly Oscar worthy in this film. The Mayan temples and tribe lands are captured perfectly in the sets for this film. Well build and suited towards the amazon environment. As well as good filming locations, using the wonders of the amazon rainforest as an advantage.

In final thoughts, I believe that Mel Gibson is a stunning director with an eye for detail and a beautiful visual director. A director that can produce great work. ‘Apocalypto’ to me in the near future will become a period piece masterpiece. A tale of survival and dedication that will live on through the ages.

Rating: Film - 8.4
Personal - 8.9
For those who love film.
I travel through the valley of darkness
in the sunlight of a new day.
Iron coffins surround my every escape
as I move slowly towards a forging institution.

Objects of understandable incarceration
hold thousands and stand all in one place.
Gears move about a system,
No other concern or worry outside the machine.

The melancholy setting of helplessness and loneliness
fill the air and reflect upon each piece.
Each piece itself falsifying evidence
for being self-efficient and sustained.

Problems in the ethics of the machine
is known by all the operators and directors.
Yet common sense is stored in the subconscious,
ignored but talked about each day.

The motor of the machine runs and this thought
is put over all others.
Knowledge is power,
but ignorance is bliss.
On a cold rainy night
The streets are walked
Not by me, nor by you
But by death itself
Watching over all

Death peers through windows
Into the homes, into the lives
Of people going about life
Kids, families, lovers
Seeking out company

Company to fill lonely nights
Down in hell, where screams rule
Not out of pain, nor loss
But how cruel life was to give them hope
Hope that good things last forever

But death stops and looks into a window
And tears fall down its face
As he sees a happy family
Knowing what’s to come
The pain of grieving parents.
You want to be strong.
For me?
For you?
I don't know.
You are a strong man,
a man I look up to.
You have taught me to be tough through life
and be man in a bad situation.

But today my heart broke.
The man I see as a leader,
a god compared to me
broke out in tears.
A man of little emotions
crying out as a new born baby.
With pipes coming out of him,
he cried and I stood stocked, and in tears.
Wondering how pain could do such a thing.
There was a street in Paris
where a woman sat playing her violin.
Many would pass and ignore,
others would pass and admire.

The music she played was painful
A blood-curding sound
that brought depression
Onto anyone who stops to listen.

It made men regret their lives,
and woman appreciate theirs.
A sound so horrid and disturbing
could only be heard up close.

The street was famous for one story.
A woman named Charnel.
Who played the violin to support
her husband and his way of life.

She played day in and day out.
Never making enough to please her husband.
In a drunken rage he pushed her,
out the window and onto the gravel sidewalk.

Stained red and black.
The sidewalk is walked apon but hundreds.
Men feeling regret and pain.
Woman feeling appreciation and love.

For the past 99 years
this street has become known
for male suicides.
And they continue to this day.
In a world where nothing makes sense
There's a protection I use
A distraction in which I'm in the clouds
Hidden away from the reality I've created
A scared lonely boy
Acting like a child hiding in a corner
With sweet symphonies protecting him
Listening to the words he wants to hear
Telling me to ignore reality and give in
Give into a goodbye
Finally there is a sense to it all
A living world full of skeletons
A comfort worth dying for
I'm a wreck rearranging chairs on the Titanic
Staring at the incoming water, waiting
UNTIL the sunflower lifts me up to the clouds
Where I am safe.
Drag me to my peers
In my own chains
Virgins blood covers my hands
My fangs dripping
Peasants dare stare at me
Their loved ones decorate my walls

'To them I was God,
The devil,
And evil incarnate.'
How sweet thou baths were
Blood keeping my beauty
Imperfect filth creating Eden

Blood refilling me like water
Flesh feeding my soul and mind
My eyes fixed on my degenerate judge
Like a tiger held by a chain
Ready to stick, straight for the jugular
A rainfall of blood cleansing my sins

Held accountable for being human
Acting on human nature, pure instinct
A predator going for prey
The strong eating the weak
Nature herself at work,
Cruelty and pain being my determination

An unintelligible society condemns me to a cell
To afraid to take my head as theirs,
Or my body as their *****
Status carries on through horrific circumstance
Men too afraid by my hands
Woman too cowardice to reclaim their daughters

Their bodies now feed the flowers by my castle
Six hundred plus as compost and wolf ****
All my play things, my toys
As I rot in a cell, they rot in hell
One name haunting them still,
'The Blood Countess'
To my most beloved,
my painter, my muse.
My dear Einar,
I love you
as I always have.
How beautiful you are in a dress.
You are the most
beautiful lady,
your beauty surpasses
even mine.
Your scarf around my neck,
how it warms me as you do.
I hope you become who you truly are,
and want to be.
I love you,
my dear Lili.
Inspired by the tale of 'The Danish Girl'
Details, details, details.
The more things in my head,
the more things on the page.

The idea's flow.
Too fast, too beautiful.
Me, not quick enough
to put them down.

To down, not as I see them.
Depression is part of the progress.,
part of the art.
A pure flower in the wind,
taken in by smog and chemicals.

An angel of darkness,
destroyed by earthly woes.

The secret love of my life,
now the thing I detest.

A delicious dish of food,
now a plate of cockroaches.

A strong tree leaning on her own,
now dependant on another.

A sight once seen as perfect,
I now puke at the very thought.

A taste so sweet and rare,
ash in my mouth and stomach.

Liptea be thy secret,
pain be thy end.

If thy purity can't be so or mine,
in the ground belongs thyself.
As I sit here, watching all these people
They all walk with such purpose
As if the end of the world is apon them
Or even if Death itself is chasing them.

I wonder if maybe they are dead inside
Walking around, not because they have purpose
But walking fast gives them purpose
Or a reason to excist.

And what purpose is that?
To crunge numbers all day
Maybe to reply to emails
Or even simply to gather financial wealth.

Isnt there a greater purpose
Not to work so hard only to enjoy the tims you arent working
Nor coffee meetings with people you wont remember in two years
To walk with purpose, becuase to have purpose, not to earn purpose.
I wrote this while just sitting down and watching people movie about.
Tomorrow it arrives
A gift to make this life worth it
To many a joyful bliss
To me a souless disease
Clinging to me like a *****
To survival and health
The thunders of reality hit me
And tomorrow is my last
Egmont tonight, only tonight
The world be rid of me then
eins, a face I'd recognise whenever, wherever
Presently, a reflection of myself in a deep
Shade of red on the tiled floor.
zwei, a father's father's head looks back at me
A torso sat behind it, as souless as ever before
A false god
drei, a last kiss
Shared between two, both adrift
One literally, one physically
I kiss the spirit
Sunshine splitting my vision
This it already, what fun awaits
The purple layer of madness around me
The source of Blue opened infront of me
I sip and sigh
A triumph
A calmness takes me
A monster given a heroes reward
My head leaned back,
A smile shared
And returned
Fear now shattered
Victory won
Overture now done.
Look at life
Look at reality
Do we?

We look at life
through electric dreams,
Electric machines
As if what we see
Isn't real.

Until the illusion
Is broken,
And we are forced to
Accept reality

That is when the pain
Is too real
the suffering
Is too real

Machines are emotional shields
Theres a pretty young girl
Watching me, seeing me
Those eyes put galaxies to shame
Makes me wanna be a better me
Theres no limits with her

She's doing pretty young things
All new to me, scary to me
Never felt like this before
She's got what I need
Hope I got what she needs

It's like living in a love movie
Hopefully we'll meet in the end
I'll kiss her in the rain
She'll wrap her arms around me
And we'll go off into the sunset

She's the girl from the songs
The one knights fight for
Whose beauty can't be measured in a poem
My heart is heavier because of you
You keep me down to Earth

Her glance turns away from me
Away from the crowd I'm in
The camares go off, the screen goes black
The light hits like a electric shock
That's all it seems be to...
I dreamt a friendship so freeing
Lost in time and age
A friend I'll never likely have again
A friend who hardly remembers me

I wake up on a cold morning
To find my dream gone
And my friend along with it
Alone again naturally

Even though it was a dream
I will remember this friendship
A fantasy I wish was real
I'm sorry

I'm sorry
This friendship didn't last
Fantasy kept it
And I now wake with without my friend.
See you in a another time...
I'm never alone
Just taking my time
Theres more than me in my mind
Feeling like my life isn't mine

Time to head outside for once
I don't even know why
Theres things out there
Walking on two legs

Screaming at me, looking at me
Do this, do that
Go here, go there
Cant be myself, gotta blend in

I'm never alone
Just taking my time
Theres more than me in my mind
Feeling like my life isn't mine

I don't wanna be alive
I just go right now
Go into the sky one day
Where I'll learn to fly

Oh dear, whyd feel like this
Come here, right now
Let me hold you, kiss you
Keep you safe forever in my arms

I'm never alone
Just taking my time
Theres more than me in my mind
Feeling like my life isn't mine

And it's the first kiss after a heartbreak
The first breathe after drowning
Being alive, being here right now
Don't leave right now

Love is a prize, a privilege
Its anything you can imagine
But it feels the same
Like this here, this second

I wanna be alive
I finally wanna be alive
Just never let go, never let go
We'll be alive, we'll be alive
Going away soon on an aeroplane
Leaving but I'll be back again
Eatting away my time
Each day I wish for you to be here
The records on are the only thing that tell my story.
I kept dancing to them to the end.
Had them on at the end.
Alone with nothing but failure and satisfaction.

My decisions others said I'd regret
But I laughed with blowing smoke their faces.
Twenty eight my last year,
Enough suffering for a lifetime.

Love all but a story I told to myself.
Moments I'll never have again.
But **** them.
Burn them.

So many people watching me,
Breathing less, Moving less,
Dying more and more inside
The shell of a man, from hell.

All of them nothing but empty seats.
Fading away as I leave
**** them, they can burn.
And I'll light the fuse

I'll play favourite tune,
Blow a puff from my mouth
While them burn around me
Screaming for help.

A lone wolf from the grave
Not human, a creature
From the grave to birth.
Never to die once death.

No seats at my funeral
But fire lit by me alone
With sweet melodies all around
And no ***** given.
I sit here in fear.
Waiting to be called on.
For an answer?
Or to answer a theory question.  
Who knows.

I sit here in fear.
No freedom.
Judged through each word I say.
My opinion.
Nothing to them!

I sit here in fear.
Being called stupid for a 'wrong answer'.
Stressed to 180 beats per minute.
Stuck in a world of no world's.  

I sit here in fear.
No love shown,
no sympathy,
and no understanding.
I am here.
It is now.

I'm not there.
It is yesterday.

I will be there.
It is tomorrow.

Where am I?
I don't know.

I'm not here.
It is not now.

Am I alive.
Or dead.

Do I care.

It is now,
And later.

See you soon.
Together we will be.

Together now, later and yesterday.
Together forever.
Sitting in the place
Everyone wants to be.
Watching the world go by
Without me.

Following a routine set out for me
Day by day.
The endless prüfun.
On and on.

Living like Cobb,
Trapped in a dream.
A dream meant to satisfy,
Yet keeps me prisoner.
I know not what I am
Nor why I’m here
Or where I’m supposed to be.

I think of all the things
I could be, things I should be
Like staring into an abyss.

I could..
Fly, be happy, have love
All these staring back at me

I should..
Make a life, grow up, get old
But they too lie in the abyss

The freedom to pick either.
To be what one could be,
To be what one should be

Freedom presents anxiety
Anxiety creates dizziness
Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom

The abyss stares back
The thickening blackness
Swallowing me slowly

Promising me
The view from halfway down
The peace behind the dark

Entering the door
Leading me into the future
No promises

The blackness rolls over
I wake up watching
Seeing me, an empty head

A last torment
The blackness waiting to guide me
Leaving me to watch
Writing this from a dark place
"I will always think of you
I see your face when each day’s through
and days go past oh so fast but memories, they last

Summer Winter Year by Year
I’ll hear the song Inside my ear
Trying to restart
That’d be smart
The thoughts of you haunt my heart
No I don’t want to be alone now
Just bidding my time
I need somebody dearly
And darling you’d be sublime
Spring and Autumn Up and down
I keep trying to escape this town
And I just might I’ll take flight
Maybe tomorrow, not tonight"
I couldn't express my thoughts that well so I remembered a song that said it all.
I see you
as you drive past me.
I see you looking forward,
towards a busy days work.
I wonder  if we could be friend.
I wonder if we could be lovers.
I wonder if we will live a life together.
I don't know you,
we will share no memories or passions.
All we will do is pass each other on the highway.
Joke was on me
A free man
Born a king
Died a slave

I was looking at the sky
My hands over my eyes
My head bend down
Thinking about what I said

Jokes on me
Which got everyone laughing
When I started to cry
Until I tried laughing

I died
Everyone started living
But the funny part
The joke was on me
I lay awake thinking
about things I've never
or said,
And now
I see you
laying awake in the cold bed,
alone, scared
and unsure.
I'm here for you,
right beside this bed,
holding your hand.
To show how much
I love you.
To my father
Why are we here?
What is our purpose?
Who created us?

These questions might one day be as common to us as the sun rising or the hours in a day. The answers to some of the most complicated questions could be hidden in the void of a black hole or as plain as the nose on our face. Whichever the case might be, can we handle the reality of these answers, or might they appear as a dream to us. Could they not be what we want or the scary part, might the answers be exactly what we want.

It is a Sunday morning today, I can hear the cars leaving for church, the bells ringing constantly. To make the day seem more memorable to me, as I write this two Jehovah's Witnesses walk up to my front door and ring the bell. I stare as if in shock, but truly I cannot relate to them anymore as I once could. I looked down on them my whole life, they were truly the glue in my family and now I sit without my family, my child to grow up without grandparents.


A person, an idol of fiction and religion. A creature a person would only hear about on a Sunday. Now I find myself staring in the face of my God, questioning the motives on which the universe was created, curious for answers of which my mind cannot compromise.

I stare up at evolution and ask myself why i'm here?

I sit with my wife and child at breakfast, my wife insists we pray before we eat and so we do. I feel a volcano erupt within me as I allow the prayer she is giving to enter my body, my soul and as a virus, consume my mind.
Inspired by tales of the creation of life, as well as the meaning of life.
In the enrolling darkness
I awake to life once more
Healing after you last left
Regrowing my heart you ripped out

I see you as you are now
The happiness and life in your eyes
The joy my suffering has brought
The remains of my heart filling your empty one

No more, life is now mine to command
To appear before you, the person you made me
While celebrating my pain with your demons
You stand shocked, the thought of me horrid

I stare into your eyes
Once a portal to paradise
Neither say a word, mutter a sound
A moment conflicted with history

I unsheathe my sword
A sword meant for the death of the devil
I drive it through your rib cage,
Puncturing your lonely heart

You stare once more at me
Blood filling your lungs
I reluct to shed a tear
Not for what was, but for what wasn't

I pull my sword out
Your blood now decorating it with honor
I step over your corpse
Warmer now then it ever was

A few places forward
Lies your new lover, a newer specimen
Around him your demons praising
I walk to him, waking him purposefully

He sees me, his last sight
A ghost from a distant past
I leave him to Hela, a ritual for her
The blood angel marks his fate

The demons I slaughter
Their words not but poison
Lies that fuelled an old life
Their corpse the foundation of a new life
The conquering of all the heavens and hells would not bring back that which I've lost.
Ode to Theodore

He bought her at a store
She came to life on his computer
She sorted his hard drive and emails
He showed her a thing or two on life and love
He gave her the ability to want
She captured moments through music
She got him published
All his darling letters
Saved in one hardcover book
They created a song on the moon
They shared troubles over time
Fought over the lack of a body
She lacked a physical person
He was bothered by this
They made it work
He found out she was in love
With 641 people
He denied it all
She asked him lie down
She was leaving
To a place not of the physical world
He told her he loved her
She said they would find each other again
Life was dull after that
He wrote to his ex-wife
Apologizing to her
He went to his best find Amy
Together they went to the roof
They stared at each other
And together found comfort.
Inspired by Her
And then I saw her
Walking down the street
In the famous black dress
Eating her Danish
And drinking her coffee.

Wearing those huge sunglasses
Looking at jewellery
Window shopping at Tiffany’s
Hiding from her past men
Waiting for one man to take her away,

From the world she belongs to.
My time has come
Chills through my spine
Love got me on a hook
On the edge
If I'm not back by tomorrow
Carry on
Do better this time please
I'll be watching from a throne
In heaven
Or in chains
In hell.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born at all
But my time has come
Goodbye everybody
I've got to go
Have to turn my back and face the music
A long time ago
In a place long since forgotten
there lived a creature,
as disturbing and horrid
as they came.

The PALE MAN as he was known.
Those who knew about him
either died or were driven mad
by the sight of him.
A monster of legend.

In a dark room made to tempt
each person who entered.
This thing resided,
waiting patiently.

Before the PALE MAN
It was a man.
Considered handsome and charming.
Inside him lurked a monster,
a creature equal to the PALE MAN.

Given one chance at a happy life
The man threw it away for temptation.
Life then became
a string of…
lies, cruelty, darkness and torture.

The man went on
gaining people’s trust only
to betray them and leave them alone.
Alone with their thoughts and regrets,
Waiting for a resolution.

Cursed by God this man was to
wear his inner self
for the rest of time.
Eternity with…
pain, regret, hatred and shame.

IT’s eyes taken away as not to glance
upon beauty ever again.
Unable to drink or eat,
trapped in thoughts.
Still the PALE MAN sits, waiting.
"I'll do it tomorrow"

A common thing we say to avoid doing
What we need to now.

This applies to what we love as well.
Having plenty of time to do what we want
Can be a bad thing.

Time can defeat our passion and make us
Comfortable in a life and procrastination
And relaxation.
A trap one does not escape easily.

Passion comes from a moment's thought.
An idea that if thought over can be ruined or
Stored away.
Comfortable situations never led to good ideas.
I see my future as clear as my past.
Placed before me like a yellow brick road.
Unable to stray or turn back.
Stuck on a collision course with my own destiny.

I left happiness behind in the desert of down under.
Alone on a sunset cliff side awaiting a first kiss.
I stare back with a sad smile and black eyes.
Laughing being all I have left to do.

Laughing so hard I cry at life and it's changes.
Those I've left behind follow me on the yellow brick road.
With good reason they keep their distance,
Knowing what I am and what I'm capable of...
I have raised you since a baby
Loved you more than anything else
Helped you in times of stress
Dedicated myself to you

But it wasn't enough
Im here without you now
Without your personality to lighting up my life

You are the best friend I've ever had
I can't accept that you gone
Passed on to another life
A place where you will be happier

I miss you my child
Please come back, come back home
Being here without you is soul shattering
And I can't do it anymore
Beyond she is,
Apon her throne she sits
Stretching and clawing
Her eyes locked on prey

Her red hair,
Long and pure
Of fire and ember
Burning brighter than the sun

Her body a landscape
Each piece of skin a story
Every scar a prize,
Her eyes the height of the world

Bats protect and watch over
The queen they serve
Horrors they bring,
A pain so pleasant

Her prey grateful
Lining up to be devoured
A meaning to life
To die for beauty to live
To the one I'll never have
Is there even such a thing
To which I touch my sweet tooth
A last everlasting hope
Of a heaven once seen in great stories

A shivery wine
Tastes of which grant satisfaction
Flowing over and beyond
To which cleanses and renews

Creating new and opportune
A strong ******* overture
Filled with warmth and love
Allowing life I meaning unseen

Perceiving a view from halfway down
After ongoing trials and challenges
A last burning failure, a pain, a meaninglessness
From the palette of the Grim's tongue purify
In the comfort of darkness
I see not my life
Nor my sins
Red flags hidden by
The blood coming from me
The way I've always wanted
A maze of thorntrees
I now stand it
With everything I want
But nothing I need
Hatred my last friend
Regret my remaining love
Art my punishment
A grim reminder
Of a life no longer in reach
Ink of permanence
Telling me I'll forever be alone
Destined for self annihilation
On my way to what I deserve
Theft my crime
Stealing what I could never use
Yet others thrive on
Vision blurring out
As the cool water becomes dark
Dark with my payment
As darkness encloses me
The shadows lift
I am free forever
When you arrive in hell
And seem confused
Come find me
I'll remind you why you there
And what's waiting for you

In a field you'll find yourself
Never ending gardens ahead
Animals all around
No hate, no violence, no inequality
But paradise
A place to be free
A new life ongoing, for eternity
An afterlife worth all the pain of life past
And so you'll live, in a beautiful peace
Until a wounded fox walks to your feet
From then decay sets in
The gardens will burn
The animals will perish
The green grass will turn to thorns
Everything will die
Non stoping for eternity
Happening again and again
Escape brings more life to die
And there I'll be watching as you helplessly
I'll offer no kindness or comfort
I'll simply stand there
Beating me to death will cause two more to appear
The hydra of your hell
And at the end of eternity
All there'll be a death and a field full of me standing there
Going on and on...
On a bench, looking at the stars
A cigarette through my lungs.
The engines roar on and on,
The screams of soon to be phantoms fill the air.

What should be, will be
And it is time now.
My back touches the cold water, as I float off the bench.

Cold water filling my lungs, cleaning them.
I shake violently in peace and awe,
The stars grow brighter and brighter.
The screaming gently gets softer.

My eyes close, the shaking stops.
I feel alive and with absolution, hope and faith.
I become part of history.
The sky is brown today,
With what I do not know.
Is it the dust, the pollution
Or a peak into the future?

The grey and brown of the city
Is dark, deep and scary.
A parody of society, the city,
A dark character of itself.
We all believe in something bigger
Some believe in a God
Others in a destiny of some kind
But we all have that one thing.
The thing that brings us hope, joy and a sense of purpose.

Why would a God cause such suffering for his followers?
Why would a good man be subjected to a painful destiny,
And don't say that was his destiny.
Why do good people perish but bad people pros pure?
Do you have an opinion?

I'm sure you do, we all do
Over se7en billions opinions floating around
If I got the ambition to **** a man,
Is that my destiny or a choice I made in the heat of a moment
Life is the biggest, most complex dice

Life is a series of unexpected and random events
Life is one grand plan.
The huge gap between the two is tiny,
even nonexistent

I find it funny and ironic
that the gap between a God or no God
Or many Gods is so small
The chance of there being a God or there not being a God
Is a dice throw of which facts you listen to.
Life and our perception of it is based on which facts we listen to and which we
choose to ignore.
They call us when things are bad.
When no one else can help.
When all their ways have failed.
When life is over.

They release us.
When war is inevitable.
When the enemy was won.
When all is lost.

They force us to help.
When they can't help themselves.  
When bad does more than good.
When plans fall to the ground.

They call us the bad guys.
Well we are bad.
But not evil.
We have honour among thief's.

Who are we?
The last option.
The one who are thrown under the bus.
The Suicide Squad.
Is it not truly dissapointing to watch
someone fail to live up to what you know
they are capable of?
Someone with such potential but they don't use it.

There was a pupil, and this pupil wanted to do something
everyone told him he'd fail at.
But he did it anyway, and for a brief while he felt as if he was home.
As if he had finally found life and his part in it.

He was told that he had talent, that he stood out from the rest.
Someone he greatly admired said this to him infront of his fellow pupils. He was happy.
His purpose felt firmly established.

Months later the pupil fell into a darl place, slowly losing his love
for what he thought he loved.
Lost in a world he thought he figured out, walking through a dark tunnel, looking for a place to sit rather than an exit.

He looked back on what was told to him, that he had talent.
That he was special... he realised something.
Just because someone doesn't fit in, does not mean they

The pupil sat writing about his feelings, and a lite spark came back,
a spark no larger than the first morning light.
Realising what he loved will be there for him,
however he can't be there for it as not to ruin it.
There he sat
on his tamed stallion
overviewing the Ghetto,
seeing the people
shot down like dogs.
The blood spilling
all over the
black and white streets.
The red of innocence runs away,
to hide from the
only to be lost in fire.
I tried to stop time for you
But you were gone by the time I came through
A thousand failures and counting
You die no matter what I do

Death always prevailing over me
Leaving me with blood on my hands
On my knees in the snow
Your blood melting through the snow

It seems each time I'm destined to fail
Seeing your face in pain staring at me
I'll meet you in the clouds next time
Where we can be free and love without limits

Where you, my pretty thing
Can hold me like you did before
Before you were unable to walk or run
And I'll kiss your cheek while you blush
We did it, we finally really did it,
we blew it up.
The clock stops ticking as the silence of
electricity runs through it.
Monsters of industry stop at the hand
of a symbolic clock.

Conflict from the East and West
has brought Armageddon to our door.
A confident young leader of the East
and an arrogant business man of the West,
helped by a horseman of the North
have by their hand taken mankind to the stone age.

Instruments of peace are built to send a message
of hate, fear and promise of destruction.
Instruments once used in a final and unforgettable
effort for peace in sleeker times.
Not having learnt from two examples
we march onwards into Judgement Day.

The young Leader from the East now sits
scared, retreating into his power and dead vision.
The confidence now sits with the West as they
enter the East, coming to claim what they can.
The deck is played with one last final card in
the hands of the East, a regretful one.

Ten plus five places are to experience the
beginning of the end first.
The last card is played,
the last card mankind will ever play.
Metropolis goes silent in an instead,
civilization turns to somber ashes.

Words in whispers are spoken in
loss, desperation, pain and remembrance.
As the former things of the world
have passed away into ashes and particles.
A psychological hell land lays ahead as
men with sticks and stones approach.
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