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 Mar 8
The spider above my bed
Catches dreams in her web.

She weaves them into blankets
While I sleep at night,

Spinning the vaguest of threads
Into vivid sunsets
Of orange, yellow and red;

Weaving the wildest daydreams
Into the gentlest streams
Of blue, purple, and green.

Wrapped in this funeral shroud of dreaming,
Consciousness inverts,

And all the while,
She is weaving, weaving,

Until at dawn these dreams
To dust return.
The spider is actually under my bed...
If I could change the world
What would the world
Be like.
No violence
No greed
No illness
No hate
No tears
No brokenness

But hang on.
Someone did change history
That someone
Was God's son
A gift to humanity.
But why.? did they not accept him.
Because they were afraid of what the world might do.

We can't change, people
But God can.
By accepting his son Jesus Christ.
He paid the penalty
For our hate
Our selfishness.
Our brokenness
Our illness
Our violence
Even our greed
Then ask yourself.
What kind of Love was this.
 Feb 27
Through clusters of thoughts of you..
Star memories roll on shadow plains true..
Your light waves link to my very essence..
As I am connected in soul network to your presence..

Into the expanse of thoughts of you..
Endless moments of smiles and virtues..
Constellations inside of your eyes..
Moments of forever written in the sky..

You glance to me in streak of light..
Passing by my stars in this dream lit night..
My eyes absorb every bit of your shine..
Under this heavens vault dream sky of mine..
She passed on by in the sky....
 Feb 25
Johnny Noiπ
Humankind sat around a burning fire in the dark until
millennial times sees humankind staring into the light.
 Feb 1
Manan sheel
When heart melts,
mind is bewildered.

This is the time,
when the flowers blossom.

This is the time,
when love sends melodies,
to you and to everyone.

These are the moments,
when you have to sing,
and take care that the
song, and melody
inside you doesn't get old,
and not take rust.

Please sing with happiness
then, for the universe looks
at you then, with eager eyes,
and waits for your song...

© Manan sheel.
Silence is what we need
And words
are simply
the sound of the universe
 Jan 29
RH 78
Flooded lungs.
Last breath taken.

Crushed heart.
Laboured pump.

Aching body.
Lie still. Rest now.

Dry eyes thin mottled skin.
Lids closed.

1 last memorial laid for a Husband, Dad, Grandad, friend.

R.I.P. M
Death comes to all bar none. Father in law passed. R.I.P. M
 Dec 2018
South by Southwest
When stars rise
on occasions

When my heart
turns gentle in

When the cold
night's air

Embraces my
golden heart

of love's gone

I turn to memories
of you

When I raise my hand
to touch

your face I paw
at the air

Then I sigh
and realize

It was just
a dream

Then my golden heart

More from the emptiness
than pain

Golden heart so cold

Golden heart so old

How I wish

I had no heart

at all
 Dec 2018
Girard Tournesol
Eternity combs my hair with stars
For those I've loved this long life
Oh starry, starry, starry night
Part me on that painted dawn
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