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something empty
in my life
feels less empty
when i write
 May 1
Jia-Rong Tsao
After hiding behind that fake smile
and pretending for so long
I want to take my mask off
and just let the tears run down my cheeks

I don't want to be strong anymore
I don't want to be an actor anymore
I don't want to say the same old lie again
I can't say that I'm ok anymore

All I want to Do is Cry now
to be weak for once
All I want to do is to let the river flow
and let my emotions show
to be myself truly
not hiding or bottling up
the storm that is inside me
just for once
I want to let the raindrops fall from my eyes
to let all my demons out and cleanse my soul
to finally let myself heal

I have been cut down too many times
I had to hide the red lines
that has been driven in my soul and in my arms

But why won't anyone let me cry for once
Day 30 of the month long poetry prompt challenge. It has been a great month of writing poetry. Although I had to catch up occasionally and it was kind of tedious, I still enjoyed it. See you next year, month long poetry prompt challenge.
 Apr 22
Jia-Rong Tsao
From the car
to walking in the hallways

from waking up before the sun
to going to sleep at night

that same song
playing in my head
on repeat

the song that will be there forever
the song of us

the chords of laughter
the notes of tears
the lines of pain
the lyrics that tell our story

Our instruments now destroyed
we haven't sung for days
the music we enjoyed
all lay in waste

though our vocal chords are severed
our song forever stays
in my head forever
endlessly playing for days
Day 21 of the month long poetry prompt challenge
 Apr 22
Jia-Rong Tsao
As I am getting ready
for the day you leave

I put my pen on paper
words flowing out of the pen
letters, sentences, paragraphs

the precious words with a piece of my soul
the words that you will never know
how much worth they hold

to you, they may just seem as though
they are empty sentences
even if I poured my heart out
they will mean nothing to you
Letters: a personal message to a loved one
Day 20 of the month long poetry prompt challenge
 Apr 18
Jia-Rong Tsao
I know that it breaks you
when you see those cuts on my arms
I know it hurts you when
I tell you how
I want to **** myself

I stared at the mirror
At my tear stained face
At the red lines on my arm

pieces of me
slide down my cheeks
my heart aches
and I am drowning
every night in my own feelings

I'm sorry that I'm broken
I'm apologize for being this way
I'm sorry that I'm here
and if anything happens...
I'm sorry that I broke you a little
with those painful texts

I'm sorry....that I am so broken
Day 17 of the month long poetry prompt challenge
 Apr 12
Jia-Rong Tsao
Right now we are 21.4 miles away
That is at least a 30 minute drive

But soon you will be 445.3 miles away
That is at least a 7 hour drive


You will be 2,751.3 miles away
That is at least two days of traveling

You are so close to me now
But soon you will be far away...

I am willing to drive across the world for you
Sail across all the oceans just to be in your arms
I would fly across a galaxy to hear your voice again

But would you do the same for me?

Please come back home
Take away the pain and the distance
Bring back the joy
And close the distance between us

I miss you...
I wish I had wings so I can fly to you
I wish I had the strength to swim across the sea
so that I can be with you
I wish there was a bridge
that I can walk on so that I can reach you

At least,
When I am looking at the moon
I know that you are looking at the same moon too
Distance: the space between to people that prevents love from happening
Day 10 of the month long poetry prompt challenge. This poem is about my crush who is going to college and is probably never going to come back...I hope that he decides to come home one day...
 Apr 12
Jia-Rong Tsao
It's funny isn't it?

One moment, you are so excited to be with them
to feel their presence
to hear their voice,
their laughter

And then,
in a whirring blur...
it all becomes a memory

A tattoo on my mind
A treasure that I can only savor
by remembering

A moment that I cannot relive
A moment I cannot go back to
An echo of what it was

I can still hear it
your laughter,
and the feeling of pain in my stomach
from laughing too hard with you
Your voice,
soft yet powerful
A song that I can listen to forever
Each word you say I treasure

I can still feel it,
your arms embracing me,
your hand on my shoulder
The lightest brush of your hand
Your skin, to my skin
Your head on my shoulder,
my head on yours

I can still smell it,
The hair gel that you use

I still see you,
Your glasses
Your short, black hair
You...4'11" tall
You...your beautiful self...

I wish time didn't have to do this
Taking him away from me with its wings
Time does not only fly...
it takes...

and only leaves you with a memory
to torture you
Memories: remembrance, reminder, an echo, a moment that you can never return to
Day 11 of the month long poetry prompt challenge.
 Apr 12
Jia-Rong Tsao
As the storm of anger went away
You saw
what you have done

Broken pieces of our friendship
Scattered all around the floor

Pieces in our beloved places
to remind you
of what we were
of what we did
of how we felt
of how we trusted
Ghosts of the past in those places,
movie theaters, where we fell into a world
not our own
the forest, where we ran away together
from everyone else
the library full of books,
where we would read to each other

Broken pieces of our trust
can be mended
but it will never, be the same
just like a glass
you can glue it back together
but there will still be cracks

Though trust can be mended
our friendship cannot

it will forever be
Broken: Smashed, crushed, destroyed
Day 12 of the month long poetry prompt challenge
 Apr 10
Until we find a way without a goodbye.
 Apr 9
‘are you lonely?’
my reflection asks,
her fingertips touching mine.
‘no,’ i smile

‘i have you.’
maybe my own company isn’t so bad after all.
 Apr 8
And there she was
Through all the hurt
 Apr 7
Ivan Brooks Sr
We are all here today
Courtesy of yesterday.
So fear not tomorrow,
It's a gift from God to borrow.

Take a look at everything,
Do you miss anything?
Everything, everyone here today,
Began their journies yesterday.
Fear not what tomorrow brings,
It could be some good or bad things.
Things allowed by yesterday
Just to manifest themselves today.

Yesterday is the same as today,
It's just a day that has passed away.
Though it takes a part of us with it,
Tomorrow is what we all await.

Fear not yesterday, its a broken arrow.
 Apr 5
A tear
Weights thousand woe
On the verge
Hanging by a thread
Swinging, singing her sorrows
And let go
At the sight of You
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