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 Jul 2017
when the shadows chase
the sunlight away,
i am wide awake,
listening to the clock
imitate the every beat
of my pounding heart.

every tick, every tock
my heartbeat becomes
fainter and fainter
then it stops.
at that second i know,
our time is up.
 Jul 2017
perhaps i'm still here
to make sense of what isn't,
of what we aren't
and leave the truth behind.

i know you're leaving
but i'm looking at the other way.
 Jul 2017
if you ask me if i'm fine,
i won't lie and i'd say no,
i am not.

if you ask me if i've found someone else
i'd smile and i'd say no,
it's still you.

if you ask me if i still feel the same way,
i'd smile and i'd say yes,
it never changed.

if you ask me a question,
i'd always have an answer that
i've always had stuck in the back of my mind,
and that answer is you.

so please ask me,
because i won't.

ask me please,
ask me if i still love you.

if you would,
i'd say i do.

but even if you won't,
i'd still do.
this is something i've written a really long time ago.

it's crazy how feelings change, no matter how strong they were.

not all question should be answered but if i were asked, i'd say—yes, no and, i won't—the answer is no longer you.
 Jun 2017
in the world of make-
believe, you're the illusion
and i'm the dreamer.
i need to stop writing about you.
 May 2017
you and i are two different souls,
living on two separate worlds
that collided once
just to be parted
and never meet again.
 May 2017
my ink-stained fingers
are starting to itch for your touch
these lanky arms miss
encircling your plump waist
my heart no longer feels home
at my own chest

it's strange that i long for
those i've never known
 May 2017
my cheeks may be stained by tears,
my heart may be filled with scars,
and my head may still be spinning with the thoughts of you
but i'll continue to stand on my feet
unless you choose to destroy me completely.
i won't let you.
 May 2017
isn't it fun to
believe in things that aren't
real? fate. soulmates. you.
 May 2017
you are still tearing
me apart and yet, you are
not aware of it.
 May 2017
when my heart bleeds ink,
and when my pen sheds blood, please
know it's about you.
 May 2017
here i am again,
trying to fill the crevices you've left
not on my heart alone,
but on every piece of my being.
 May 2017
if only my unreciprocated love
would cause me to throw up flowers,
you'd wake up to a garden and
see the beauty of the pain you've caused.

— The End —