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Jul 2017
if you ask me if i'm fine,
i won't lie and i'd say no,
i am not.

if you ask me if i've found someone else
i'd smile and i'd say no,
it's still you.

if you ask me if i still feel the same way,
i'd smile and i'd say yes,
it never changed.

if you ask me a question,
i'd always have an answer that
i've always had stuck in the back of my mind,
and that answer is you.

so please ask me,
because i won't.

ask me please,
ask me if i still love you.

if you would,
i'd say i do.

but even if you won't,
i'd still do.
this is something i've written a really long time ago.

it's crazy how feelings change, no matter how strong they were.

not all question should be answered but if i were asked, i'd sayβ€”yes, no and, i won'tβ€”the answer is no longer you.
Written by
sancus  wandering.
         Pacheco, Arrow, Megan Spicer, Paul Jones, blue mercury and 38 others
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