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 Apr 14
Arlo Disarray
i want
to be
that sends

i’m alive

bite into me
a piece

taste me

let my
down your
and tell me
sweet i am


send me
to the moon

make me see stars

make me
a moment
that my
is on fire

show you
what’s inside
if you
not to
or cry
or run
or fight

i want
to be
for what
i truly
in the light

let your
set me
and we’ll
in a new way
first time
His reply poem:

I want to see you too

I want you to see
How I see you
To taste your face
And your drippings too
To slide between
Your layers
Lubricate your dreams
Birth them
Into reality

Your shattered
Bone fragments
And boil them
To a broth
To heal our

Fill your voids
Before you are
By the deep
To join the

Into your deep
Make them
With *******
While embraced
In amplexus
Of a life only
Dreamed of

Let me
Scoop out
Your tired eyes
Live in a cloud
And do crimes
And rain down
From warm skies
To melt the
Icy confines
Of a past
That doesn't
Make sense

To move into
A future
Make even
Less sense
But feel
If only
For a minute
 Feb 7
Rob Rutledge
You can rest now,
Sooner than you think.
For your legs are tired
Mind is mired
By past events.

It has not all gone your way
Nor has it gone too far astray

You may walk that corridor
Past haunted portraits
Hung skewed upon the wall.
Each one faded,
Canvas scratched
By the history of memories attached.

It took years to build these walls
From the remnant of a childhoods fall
The first and last line of defence
To halt invasions and consequence.

You can rest now,
Sooner than you thought
You fought the battle,
You lost the war.
 Apr 2023
Edmund black
Baby , Please forgive me
For my clumsiness  
   For the overflowed
      Cup of heart
          For the fresh
             picked flowers
                With all the thorne
                  still attached
For the never ending
     Love letters ,
          For the breakfast
             In bed,
The foot massage
  To get your morning started.
                    Baby,  Please forgive me
           For the overwhelming,
             Phone messages to just
                Say I love you.
please forgive me
   For all the
      selfless things I do
         the sleepless nights
              Because I cannot rid
                    Not even for a brief
                            The good thoughts of you
                         Please forgive me
                     For my clumsiness
                 Because baby ,
It’s not that I’m a clumsy man
         It’s Just that I’ve never
     Been in love before

I’m in love with you
 Mar 2023
Last night I was hurting
I felt six years old, again
No matter how loud the music plays
How hard I cover my ears
I cannot change
The way my mothers voice sounds
It echoes from the inside

I do not remember you
You are a strange man
A nightmare
When you crawl into my bed
Your touch all too familiar
I am a mute
To your headless horseman
We are both ghosts
You, passing through my body
Haunting, screaming, possessing
And I, a detached soul
Slipping from a warm body

I ask myself
Maybe my father never knew love
That is why he cannot show it
I turn to look at my youngest brother
I never knew love either
But to him
I cannot help but show it

Run me back
To the house on the hill
To where the trees grow thicker
Perhaps that is where I get my skin from
Today, it will not hold my rage
Still, I feel contained
 Jun 2022
Hadrian Veska
To many trying to teach
When they don't understand the lesson
Too many trying to preach
When they don't know the truth
Everyone is so sure
Convinced and convicted
But anyone that can reason
Can only say they are learning
And what they know today
Is less than they knew yesterday
But sometimes less is more
 May 2022
Hadrian Veska
What is death
Do you think you know?
When light falls away
And shadows grow
The crown of flowers
Atop your head
After color fades
And all is dead
Do you believe you are
More than mere flesh
When this age has passed
And life refreshed?
Our ancestors went
To their fathers great halls
The thief on the cross
Within Paradise's walls
Therefore,  no my friend
We shall not fear death
Breathe easy and full
Of your last breath
Behind that curtain
That ever thin veil
Lies the true life we live
that life without fail
For there is one who stands
And in death did lie
Yet was raised again
That death might die
Weep not for the body
But rejoice for the soul
For the body may die
Yet again be made whole
Rest then in peace  
With your garland crown
And awake once more
Where life does abound
 Apr 2022
Hadrian Veska
Every star that dies becomes a moon
A vigil guardian of the night
A nearer yet more distant light
To watch over hours of rest
Once brilliant sun now elder guide
Inevitably to outlive below
Those that watch and those that grow
Beneath it's gentle rays
Guardian moon watch ore the night
Until that time when all things sleep
The moon doth reign and dreams do keep
Until all things pass away
 Mar 2022
Thomas P Owens Sr
i sense the walls of sanity cracking
trying to hide in the foundation
trying to escape
but there is nowhere to run
the clues begin to reveal themselves
we drive silent into the country
my Father and i rarely spoke
revealed our fears
our doubts
but today i saw a frightened man
a man dealing with an enemy he couldn't control
'I worked hard my whole life. This is not fair'
he fought back tears
but i could not
my father passed away from the debilitating effects of alzheimer's
 Jan 2022
Hadrian Veska
Lust learns not
What patience will
One in the hand
Is worth twice the thrill
A steady comfort
Upholds the soul
While endless searching
Soon takes it's toll
To know is to admit
One knows not much
And all things we feel
Can melt with a touch
All learning without love
Is twisted and dark
The desire to do good
Always missing it's mark
Forget for a time
The things that you know
Seek to show true love
And be loved truly so
 Jul 2021
Chelsea Rae
I twist the black smoky quartz crystal between my fingers,

Staring into the void of the darkness in it's shimmer,

Remembering how the stars predicted

That I would be, and am destructive.

I used to be the angelic who thought they could do no wrong.

Never fathoming dancing with the Devil.

Oh but not I, no longer.

Satan himself sees me at the ball and bows.

He knows to kiss my rings

Cause what a privilege it'd be to waltz with me.

Lilith my Mother, the one who will never bow.

I glide my tongue across my canine's

Only imagining the fangs of a lion.

I am a fallen angel, who painted her wings black.

I stare with blank deranged eyes, knowing I could disconnect

From whatever little soul I have left at a moment's notice

If it means ripping out throats to get what I want.

There is a fire roaring in my charcoal heart

And all I want is pure power.

More power, ferocious all consuming power.

But nay, not over the everyday people,

Only those who dare cut their eyes at me the wrong way,

the ones who question what I am capable of,

The ones who try to steal freedom,

and most importantly,

The ultimate power over myself completely.  

I stare at the crystal and throw my head back in a deep maniacal laugh, reverberating through my throat.

They have no idea who I am to become,

and really neither do I but one thing I do know is,

No one will be able to match my fire.
Muahahahaha! I will become better, stronger, and free.
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