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If consciousness dies
is that all there is
or does some higher state
reimagine what was

When consciousness dies
will birth reoccur
no longer indentured
to time and its spurs

If consciousness dies
do rainbows of light
take over our essence
transcending our sight

When consciousness dies
is confusion bereft
as reference get buried
—and prescience resets

(The New Room: March, 2023)
 Mar 25
I read your writings
You said “God was a woman,
But she was not mine.”
And when they say; “my God”
I did not know we were speaking
Of property
Of ownership
Are they truly a God
If they belong

Will you not tell me
Of your longing instead
Not of your wishes
For her to open her pearly gates
I know you tasted heaven once
I know you licked golden honey
From the fountain of life

It seems you will always thirst
For the juice, of forbidden fruit
 Mar 2022
You better get the fact checkers
this doesn’t make no sense…
I feel the wild wind whipping
tearing through the fence…
Soon the walls will tumble
in a trembling blink of eye..
I know there’s an eternity
on each and every side!!
 Jul 2021
The nature of earth
is the balance of power
I’ll never come back
from smelling the flowers!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
 Jul 2021
Chelsea Rae
I twist the black smoky quartz crystal between my fingers,

Staring into the void of the darkness in it's shimmer,

Remembering how the stars predicted

That I would be, and am destructive.

I used to be the angelic who thought they could do no wrong.

Never fathoming dancing with the Devil.

Oh but not I, no longer.

Satan himself sees me at the ball and bows.

He knows to kiss my rings

Cause what a privilege it'd be to waltz with me.

Lilith my Mother, the one who will never bow.

I glide my tongue across my canine's

Only imagining the fangs of a lion.

I am a fallen angel, who painted her wings black.

I stare with blank deranged eyes, knowing I could disconnect

From whatever little soul I have left at a moment's notice

If it means ripping out throats to get what I want.

There is a fire roaring in my charcoal heart

And all I want is pure power.

More power, ferocious all consuming power.

But nay, not over the everyday people,

Only those who dare cut their eyes at me the wrong way,

the ones who question what I am capable of,

The ones who try to steal freedom,

and most importantly,

The ultimate power over myself completely.  

I stare at the crystal and throw my head back in a deep maniacal laugh, reverberating through my throat.

They have no idea who I am to become,

and really neither do I but one thing I do know is,

No one will be able to match my fire.
Muahahahaha! I will become better, stronger, and free.
 Jul 2021
There is beauty
in these depths.

But you’d have
to drown
to see it.
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