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 Apr 21
We're all in an ant farm
Ants doing what ants do
They March around
and feed king queen
They March around on cue
There those who March
to different drummer
But they are very few
They're ladybugs
Under the rugs
Living in a zoo.

The Ant Farm lives!
The ant farm lives!
They are everywhere!
The Ant Farm lives!
The ant farm lives!
They live without a care
Ladybugs are ruled by thugs
They live in despair.

Folks, you'd better listen
Listen to this rant!
If you want to live
(If you don't fit in you can't)
Ants wear armbands...
The UN wears the pants.
There's a pretty boy
Who does just as he wants
If you want to live
You'd better be an ANT!!

Chorus 2X
 Apr 20
Francie Lynch
I've been shot,
Yet dodged the bullet.

Thanx anti-vaxers
For reducing my
Time in line.

Lest We Forget!
Got my Pfizer yesterday, about 25% quicker than anticipated thanks to the fools who refuse to get the dose.
 Apr 19
Francie Lynch
The Little King,
Who ruled here for thirteen years,
Now reigns in the undiscovered country.
Restrictions keep him in the freezer,
Where he's
Lying in steak.
RIP with a little levity.
Kyan, the toy poodle, translates to "little king."
The "undiscovered country" is what Hamlet refers to as death.
 Apr 9
Francie Lynch
Me and mine had our fill of HIS ****** royal Lip,
And racist, sexist philandering entitlement.
"We don't come to Canada for our health. We can think of other ways of enjoying ourselves."
"I don't think a ******* is more moral than a wife, but they are doing the same thing."
"When a man opens a door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife."
 Mar 23
Francie Lynch
If you're an agricultural enthusiast,
Or gifted tower dwelling urbanite,
I know a priest who’ll bless your cockerel, favorite cow,
pig, sheep (with a predilection for lambs), tractor and
two-seater outhouse,
(I once saw a priest bless Farmer Paul’s load of manure).
He’ll lift a hand over
dog, cat, gerbil, cockatoo,
Foster children, adoptees, naturals and the unnatural.

They will bless people in love;
they will bless their love;
But not the union born from their love.

All love, he will say,
Is Divine.

God does not bless sin, said Papa.

Tsk, tsk... it's only a blessing, for Christ's sake.
Shame on the RC Church.
 Feb 2
Francie Lynch
Cult lickers are exclusive.
They're not black or brown,
But Greene with envy, marginalized at every turn.
They paid up for a briny Cruz, but came away infected.
They don't shut-up Gaetz, so the sheeple meekly escape.
They claim to be God-fearin', but they'll never cross the Jordan.
Like Graham crackers, they are dry, spineless wankers.
And if you're randy Paul, you've finally found an anchor.
 Dec 2020
Francie Lynch
Strange guests appear on Christmas Eve,
Entities, more real than seems;
And POTUS soon will get three visits,
From three well-known, transparent spirits,
That call as an unholy host.
Stormy, his first ghastly ghost,
Then Moscow Mitch to **** his boast;
But the ghost of Christmases to come,
Is New York's Vance; there's scary fun.
 Dec 2020
Francie Lynch
There will be two epiphanies
On January 6th.
Christians around the globe will celebrate
Little Christmas, The Epiphany,
The Word Made Flesh,
The arrival of the three wise men, The Magi,
And they reveal to the world
The Savior has come.
The same will happen on the Senate Floor (sans three wise men)
When the President-Savior
Is presented to the world,
And his detractors will bray, cackle and neigh
As he is adorned.
Saviors don't build walls,
They raze them.
Is it just a coincidence that the Senate meets on the Epiphany to make the final announcement of Joe Biden's election.
 Dec 2020
Francie Lynch
I heard there's a shot today.
Kudos to Science. Namaste.
 Dec 2020
Francie Lynch
It was forty years ago today,
In New York where he longed to stay;
At the doors to his apartment rise,
With devil's envy rising in his eyes;
He imagined his confusion wasn't wrong;
Then the curtain in the tower tore,
The Cavern shook beneath its floor,
And the needle scratched across our songs.

I want to let him rest in peace,
Still waiting at the end of his road.

The assassin doesn't seek release,
And it doesn't really matter Bro.
For John is dead, and
And we're a bit lonelier now.
John Winston Ono Lennon: 1940-1980. (December 8th)
I refuse to mention his assassin's name. That's what he wanted whenever someone spoke about John Lennon.
Sgt. Pepper helped inspire this one.
 Nov 2020
Francie Lynch
"Mr. Biden, tear down this wall," pled Juan.
Tear it down before the Republican lunatics make it a monument, or worse, a shrine to their messianic buffoon.
 Nov 2020
Francie Lynch
Many of the world's greatest Leaders throughout our tumultuous history have;
Many of  the insightful Revolutionaries in stink hole and glory hole countries have;
Many of the oppressed, disenfranchised and cheated also have.
Look to Lenin, Mandela, Gandi, Nehru, Havel, Bhutto, Ceausescu, Charles I, Papadopoulos, Lady Jane Grey, Louis XVI, Marcos, Milosevic, a pile of Mohameds, Mussolini, Nicholas II, Pinochet, Saddam, Marie Antoinette, Pope Clement V, Selassie, Baghdadi, Duvalier, and, let's not forget the author of Mien Kampf, Adolph the Tenderizer.
And what do they all have in common?
Some, before they became boldly notorious, and others, after they became criminally notorious.
Some, looked out their window and saw platforms being erected.
Others witnessed gallows, guillotines. posts and walls.
They all got some time in:
You get the idea.
His time will come.
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