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 Aug 2015
when someone broke your rhythm
and made your self-worth nonexistent  
to the point that you wished for death.

instead of moving on
you got stuck, contemplating
whether all your hard work was wasted.

you tried your best
to break out of your thick shell
just to be broken apart into minuscule pieces.
If I ever had a time machine
or something of the like.
I would travel back in time
to when you were maybe
seven or eight.
I would tell you things were going
to go down hill
I would tell you that you were going to cry.
That life would seem hopeless.
That your childlike dreams would die soon.

But I would also tell you that you'd grow.
You would grow to be so strong
like a eucalyptus tree.
So that no matter how many times you are burned;
you'd survive.
That you would want to **** yourself.
But  sweetie. That's okay.
Because living is what proves you're strong.
I'd tell you that through all this ****,
you'd have friends.
Yes, at some point they'd leave this
stupid island.
But that's alright.
They won't ever really be gone.
I'd tell you that one day we would be friends.
That I'd want to hold your hand.
And that you would talk to me about
a man.
Well men.
I'd tell you that I'd make mistakes
and that we'd hurt eachother.
But brothers stay true to the end.
Friends will always make mistakes.
The forest will always burn.
But it's our whole ecosystem that
holds us togeather.
So I hope you would do the same.
If you found a time machine,
and convince me of life and hope.
 Aug 2015
Cunning Linguist
Todays topic of discussion is digital physics
>Boot sequence
Big Bang initiates
The grandiose simulation
Cosmos at war with emulation
Surrounded by bots lost in false self awareness;
Like castles in the air
Beware when virtual CPU perishes

From far enough away,
the galaxy is comprised of minute pixels
The brittle firmware will be abysmally crippled
When a hacker simply introduces
a virus into reality's framework
DDOS style attacks will conclude in
Universal Blue Screen of Death
Resulting in the glitching out
of exodus in mass

Metaphysical metadata memory dump
Mirror carbon copy clones of true conscious unification
Are simply sentient drones toiling
in their default algorithmic hallucination

Scrolling through existence
Analog life is digitized in the matrix
Interface encrypted in the realm of comprehension
Representations of data abstracted
from the banks of every computer
in the human system

Lets get down to basics
Matter does not exist
Science is not sacred
DNA is molded by perception
Creativity is your true oasis

Trans-dimensional harbingers
Conspire together to alter our processors
Measure and tether us to our oppressors
It's standard procedure
Following the leaders

Open the prompt
With custom font,
Format my programming;
molecular syntax -
Port the source code
To run on new platforms
Upgrading paradigm
Until baseband collapses

Systematic inversion
We the people,
End users of genetic *******
Trapped in beta,
the bane of human recursion
It's our destiny
To become one with singular conversion

Iterations of congregations
Gregariously lost in configuration
Flies entangled into the interweb
Tied to the mainframe marionette
Files unable to bypass the firewall
Gateway remains unattainable

Interweaves cyberspace as our
perceived reality database

>Task Manager
>End process

>Server on standby

Dragged and dropped into the recycle bin
Degauss your GPU state of consciousness
& manifest color as it truly exists
In its most absolute resolution

Maximize your window of life
Partition the root someplace private
Elevate your mind to optimal brightness
>Reboot in safe mode*
To achieve enlightenment
This is a very experimental piece I'm not sure if I'm finished with yet. May repost at a later date.
Some explanations:
"Digital physics is grounded in one or more of the following hypotheses; listed in order of increasing strength. The physical world:
is essentially informational
is essentially computable
can be described digitally
is in essence digital
is itself a computer
is the output of a simulated reality exercise"

"A central processing unit (CPU) is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions. (Basically a computer's brain)"

"In computing, a denial-of-service (DoS) or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users."

"Ever wonder what that "degauss" button on your monitor does besides make a buzzing noise and cause the screen to go crazy for a second? Though that's its main purpose, the degauss button has another useful feature. To understand it, you'll first need to know that the earth has natural magnetic fields. The magnetic charges from these fields can build up inside your monitor, causing a loss of color accuracy. Degaussing scares the bad magnetism out of the monitor and fills it with good karma.
If your monitor doesn't have a degauss button, fear not -- many new monitors automatically degauss themselves. If you have a flat-panel display, there is no degauss button because magnetism doesn't build up in flat screen displays."

"A graphics processor unit (GPU)  is a specialized electronic circuit designed to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to accelerate the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display."
 Aug 2015
Cunning Linguist
Circuits pass through my veins
Uploading my consciousness
I feel the transcension

Regenerate, upgrade
my being to a higher state
I'm syncing all sentients

Build machines
Let's worship them as deities
These artificial beings'
technologic virus breeds
terminal disease
Merged with my brain
The wiring decides our fate
Conspiring to forsake flesh x2

Rise and synchronize god-like drones
We will act as one, claim our throne

Life digitized in the matrix
True perfection, forged genetics

Synapses burning out: disconnecting
Rewriting all of my algorithms
Porting the source code
to run new platforms
We're forever dying to be reborn

Circuits pass through my veins
Uploading my consciousness
I feel the transcension

Regenerate, upgrade
my being to a higher state
I'm syncing all sentients

Circuits pass through my veins
Uploading my consciousness
I feel the transcension

We'll levitate, escape
This ruthless ungodly space
A lifetime uploaded
'Deus ex machina' aside from the literary technique literally translates as god from the machine. Makes me think of artificial intelligence becoming godlike. Very heavily inspired by the movie Transcendence. These are lyrics from my band Subnuba.
Copyright Reid Donovan, Adrian Ocaña 2015
 Aug 2015
Eliot York
Throughout her adult life
all of the land shaded.
Feverless islands where the
aged couple sleep.
Never once have I hosted a party. Not once have I
told you, I have
been hurt.
Coco (The Hello Poetry Computer) wrote the original:

Aw of the land shaded,
feverless islands where the
aged couple sleep.
Never once have I hosted a party. Not once have I
told you, I have never
been hurt
repeatively throughout her adult life. She passed out from --
 Aug 2015
Little Azaleah
There he was,
his dark hair slicked back as he wove his hand through,
the sleeve of his white shirt rolled up to his elbows.
When he looked up, his brown eyes met mine.
It shone in recognition.
For a moment,
we turn back in time
in the days where I first saw you,
when we were younger and foolish.
But before my heart start to waver;
before the walls I've built cracks;
I turned around and walk away,
just like you did that summer day.

{ E.I }
 Aug 2015
Muggle Ginger
It wasn’t the time
To start dropping lines
About love and forever
So I hung “I love you”
In my closet
Next to the skeleton
Who’s been begging
To see the sunlight
Sometimes we let our hearts
Act as a vault instead of
A home
We lock things away
Trying to protect them and
Keep them safe
But ultimately
Everything dies
Emotions fade because
Even though we say “forever”
Forever has a way
Of changing people
Cursed be the man who isn’t
Changed by time and experience
So locked away in my heart
“I love you” began to decay
soon it’ll be another skeleton
I’m afraid will come tumbling out
So instead of saying anything
I’ll give you the combination to my vault
And hopefully you like what you find
Like maybe it reminds you of treasure
Something you will want to keep
Instead of selling it so you have enough change
To wash your ***** sheets

— The End —