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dan Jan 2016
it's tomorrow
my date of death
the end of my pain
end of this suffering.

cowardly, it may seem
but that does make things perfect
and the end.
dan Jan 2016
it's fun
when everyone gives up on you,
and you give up on them.

im the one carrying the burden
of leaving everyone.
everyone who "cared"

yeah, you cared,
but there's one thing
that can't change

you can't do a thing
i can't do anything
to help me

so what i will do
is save myself
save me
dan Jan 2016
i know how it feels
to be broken in pieces.
millions of pieces.
dan Dec 2015
don't say otherwise
because most of you wouldn't want it.
to be friends with a person
who doesn't shut up about suicide.
i for one, is the most pathetic kind.
for years, I've been thinking about it.
months ago, I started planning.
turned it into a social experiment,
even though i knew how it's going to end.
I may still be alive,
but death is slowly creeping.
I'm still alive but I'm rotting inside.
favorite words eating me alive,
inside out.
Pathetic, disgusting,
coward, liar.
just a few of those words i know,
what you just want to scream
right at my ear.
i may still be alive,
but everyone's killing me
dan Dec 2015
i want to answer that question
with the biggest "yes" i could fine.
shove that word down their throats
and watch them choke all at once.
i doubt it that you know how it's like
seeing yourself in the mirror and hate what you see
despite what everyone's saying
i'd still rather drown myself in the sea
Yes, i am dead.
dead inside, all thanks to you all.
dan Dec 2015
the one question i've been hearing the most lately
which doesn't really surprise me

labeled suicidal,
my whole existence.

everyone's a villain.
i'm all alone in this resistance.
dan Nov 2015
in the morning when I wake up
I whisper four words
to motivate me.

when I feel troubled,
or out of place,
I whisper those words
to keep me company.

as everything slowly breaks down
and I'm down on my knees
unable to stand let alone move
I can only whisper those words

those four words,
"I wish I'm dead"
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