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 May 2021
JK Cabresos
my legs are heavy
before i even realize
that i'm awake,
words are floating
in my veins
trying to escape
the endless
stream of thought,
beyond the walls
of my mind—
i failed
to pen mysteries
in a blank canvas
 Apr 2021
JK Cabresos
my eyes betrayed
me again,
unshed tears
on my face
with pain
and longing,
i've missed you
 Apr 2020
Third Eye Candy
I saw a little Peace of me
in the War. slept through Grad-School
like a mad Fool on an Honest Quest.
speaking to the cheap seats of our Honest
I’d rather the Moon Mints
of an average Average…
slum ****** sick
with a Beautiful Algorithm
that No One can hammy galump
when the fade spark
is Actual.
 Apr 2020
JK Cabresos
and sunset
are waiting
for you
to forgive

have bloomed
in spring

but still
the smoke
of cigarette
that lingers
in your breath
and half-empty
glass of whiskey

you're hiding
a ton of pain
Copyright ©️ 2020
 Mar 2020
Third Eye Candy
Stoking quill fires in my oyster magnetron
is all the rage, all the white page -
at its bully pulprint. Gavels singing in the maelstrom
of our misbegotten promenades.
Joking as daffodils pollenate my grief’s migration.
enthrall of a Pagan blot on Night’s plague
as If silly wisdom Drifts!
With Hammers ringing in tandem
to pause at a place that propagates.
A Dead Lift.
Perhaps too brightly.
with Harlequins?  

And navel-gazing.

too U
and Knot
 Mar 2020
JK Cabresos
A beautiful victim
of poisonous greed,
hurt, *****, abused
but was known to be
a monstrous villain.
Copyright ©️ 2020
 Mar 2020
JK Cabresos
I kissed you.

I ran my fingers
through your lips,
and smelled
the frangrance
of your hair.

I kissed you again.

"This is all we
could ever be",
I whispered.
I heard silence,
you slowly laid
your head
on my chest,
and tears fell
from your eyes.

I kissed you even more.
Copyright ©️ 2020
 Dec 2019
Jacqueline Anne
I’m not one to harvest
a grudge, but you planted
an insidious seed
and called it love. Your heart
was an aggressive ****
and you’ve reaped what you’ve sown.
 Jan 2019
JK Cabresos
The remnants of memories
can be so addictive
like the moon waning the tides,
and you, alone in dark places
with painful stories,
longing to walk by the shore,
to feel the warm embrace
of the breeze,
to listen the melancholic sound
of the waves
until the dawning light
appears before your eyes,
to find an escape
for you are caught in the middle
of the ocean and the sky.
Copyright © 2019
 Jan 2019
I wish I could believe in miracles
Like I did before
When I used to pray every night

Now I am just living on the edge
One step wrong
And it all falls down

It is hard to not feel overwhelmed
By all these feelings
Especially now when the loneliness is eating me up
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